About Us

Who are we

Tire Depth is a team of professionals who have years of experience in the cars and automotive industry. With our experience; we are determined to give the finest content with rich information about tires and their accessories; that will help our readers in making decisions. It is our first priority to deliver quality content with true intent so that users can trust our words and give importance to our remarks. We at TireDepth always prioritize solving the reader’s queries and provide the solution best in our approach.

how do we collect information?

Our procedure for collecting tire information is not constant; different tires are reviewed on the basis of different information collection procedures. Tires that are easily approachable are tested by our professionals, and based on that, we write a review about it. Other expensive tires that are not available in our region are reviewed on the basis of customer feedback and tire dealers’ experience. We avoid writing a review on tires that we can not collect total information about; we try to avoid the spread of any wrong information and plan to deliver the information that is authentic and help the readers.

future plans for tire depth

TireDepth as a company is very entitled to grow in the future due to a very hard-working team of professionals. Our secondary objective is to write informative and relatable articles that reader likes and visit our website again. However, the primary objective of our company is to become an entity that people trusts and ask for guidance and trust in our words. For that, we have plans to execute in the future which will absolutely help our users and our company as well.

Our Team

Hadie Erfan

Hadie Erfan

Hadie has been working as a tire professional in the automobile industry for over 5+ years. His experience helps him identify the right tire and how it will perform with different vehicles. When he is not working, he likes to drive sports cars on tracks to feel the fresh blow of air after stressful nights of work or play car racing video games.