Ultimate Guide to Tire Plug and Patch Repair

Tire Plug and Patch Repair

In the US, where around 7 tires puncture every second, keeping a tire repair tool kit is your savior. It eliminates the need to call AAA or wait for a mechanic to come and fix the fault. However, vehicle owners may get confused when choosing between a tire plug and patch, as both methods are …

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How to Use Tire Patches | Step-by-step Guide 

tire patches step by step process

“Sometimes a tiny object is enough to ruin your day.” That’s what you may be thinking right now, seeing the sharp stone or nail in your tire tread. However, thanks to Louis Rustin (who first introduced the tire patches) and this comprehensive guide, repairing punctured tires will not take your whole day. Our expert guide …

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How To Use Tire Plug Kit (Quick Method)

How To Use Tire Plug Kit

Tires are one of the most troublesome problems of the car after that kid who draws dick and balls on car windows. Unlike other significant parts of the vehicle, like the engine, axles, paints, and sensors, tires are the ones that usually require continuous maintenance and are still destroyed after 2 to 3 years.  A …

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Continental ContiProContact Review| How About In 2024

Continental ContiProContact Review

Tire type  Grand Touring Tire Price range $96-$364 Tread Warranty 80K (S, T) 60K (H) 40K (W, V)  Run-flat  Yes Vehicles type Sedans and Coupes Driving conditions Dry, Wet, and Snow Continental ContiProContact is a tire that is known to almost every driver; the reason for that is that it comes with most new cars, …

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Tire Disposal Fees| State To State Regulations

tire disposal fees in states

When you buy new tires and leave old ones behind, you will have to pay some tire disposal fees and recycling fees.  In some states, government regularities define the terms of fees, and in other states, retailers have their own terms for charging those fees.  The fees are utilized for different purposes, including payment to …

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Tire Ply Explain| How To Choose Tires By Ply Rating

Tire Ply Explain Steel Belts Fabric Ply Internal Structure

According to many drivers, tire ply is still the deciding factor of the tire’s weight-carrying capability. This is not the case since radial tires have taken over bias ply tires. Bias ply tire construction is different. Multiple fabric plys are laid at alternating angles (usually 30-45 degrees), and the more plys are there, the more …

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Cooper Evolution Winter Review| Is It Still The Best In 2024?

Cooper Evolution Winter review

Launched back in 2017, the Cooper Evolution Winter in 2024 is still the most prominent and exceptional winter terrain-performing tire. The tire is renowned among SUV and sedan drivers as the most aggressive tire for the harshest winter terrain rides.  Based on my examination, this Cooper Evolution Winter tire is designed to handle extreme weather …

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Tire Bulge Explain| Are They Really Dangerous? 

tire bulge explains

Proper tires are a sign of safe and sound driving, but things like tire bulges constrain that. Tire bulges or bubbles look like if you use a thickening photo filter on some part of your tire. You can also call it a pimple on your tire. It may sound and look funny; hope that it …

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Airless Tires Guide| Should You Buy Them in 2024?

Airless tires guide

The myth of airless tires has been around since 2005, when Michelin first revolutionized the idea of non-pneumatic tires. However, due to the challenges and constraints, the idea has yet to be executed into a viable product.  In theory, the idea of an air-free tire seems evolutionary; just like run-flat tires, airless tires can also …

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Michelin Defender LTX Platinum Review & Comparison 2024

Michelin Defender LTX Platinum Review

Tire type  Highway Touring  Tire Price range $361-$513 Tread Warranty 70,000 Run-flat  No Vehicles type Heavy-duty light trucks Driving conditions Dry, Wet, and Snow Michelin has been consistent with their advancement and innovation in manufacturing new tires. And this Michelin Defender LTX Platinum is a perfect example of that.  The new Defender LTX Platinum is …

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