Sustainability In Tire Development

Green Tire Development

Climate change has been the most discussed and crucial topic of 2023, and as people become aware of its effects, preventive measures and actions have been taken worldwide to sustain the world.  The tire has been a high contributing factor in climate change. Hence, sustainability in tire development, usage, and disposal is necessary to achieve …

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Aging Tires And Defective Tires Legal Liabilities

Aging Tires Liability

There is nothing worthier than the life of a human, and putting your life in danger due to aging tires could compromise your happiness in life. At any step of life, a person would agree to pay all the money he has earned to get some of the basic organs that we are already gifted …

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Weather Impact On Tires | How To Prepare Tires 

weather impact on tires

The passage of time, the transition from sun to moon, the movement of the world, and the change of the seasons are some of the constant things that happen in this world. No matter what happens, these things have kept going and will keep going till the world exists.  And with the changing season, its …

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Tire Air Pressure Guide – Keep It Under Control

low tire air pressure

There are hundreds of different types of rubber tires and one thing is common among them is that they require air to perform their tasks. The tire air pressure is the only reason why rubber tires have become so popular and they are in use with almost all kinds of vehicles to this date  The …

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Tire Alignment And Balancing | Safeguard Your Ride 

Tire alignment and balancing

Have you heard the term “tire alignment” especially when you are at a mechanic or in a tire professional shop? If not then you might have some underlying issues with your vehicles that you might not know. Tire alignment and balancing are parts of vehicle maintenance and very important ones as well. It is the …

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Tire Wheels Guide| Are They Important?

tire wheels

The concept of tire wheels has existed for a long time since the first moving vehicle was introduced. Because back in the day, when carts and other manual moving vehicles were driven, instead of rubber tires, only wheels were used.  First, the introduction of wooden wheels made a name with moving horse carts and other …

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Tire Axle Guide | How To Take Care Of Them?

car tire axle

There are thousands of parts attached to your vehicles, that you might not be familiar with, but they are significant for a safe drive, and the tire axle is one of them.  There might be a few drivers who have no idea about tire axles, what they do, and where are they in a car. …

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Which Tire Sizes Are Interchangeable? A Complete Guide.

tire sizes interchangeable

Tires, just like cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles are different in shape, size, and quality, and just like other parts of the vehicle can not fit with any other kind of vehicle similarly different tire sizes can not fit with every other car.  Keeping a closer look at tires is very important because once you …

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Journey To Radial Tires From Steel Tires

tire journey

Nowadays what you drive with your car is a radial tire but it was never the same. There have been many changes and advancements made just to reach this level.  It was never the same, in around 1700-1800 people drove their vehicles on wooden and steel tires. On the wooden wheel, the round steel was …

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Low Tire Tread, What Tread Level Is Too Low

10/32 tread depth tire

Rubber, unlike plastic or metal, changes its form due to the elasticity and flexibility it possesses. As the external area of the tire is purely made with rubber, it also changes its form after a few years of drive.  The most important part of the tire is its tread, as the car moves the tire …

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