Best Tires For Toyota Corolla 2024 (All New Tires)

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best tires for Toyota Corolla

Finding the best tires for the Toyota Corolla is not very hard if you know the driving conditions and the type of ride you desire from your tires. Because there are only a few tire manufacturers that have good tires in each category, so once you have knowledge about the preferred ride, you can easily choose the best tires for the Toyota Corolla based on your driving style. 

Corolla is one of the most popular subcompact cars available in 2024; people buy this car due to its durability and comfortable suspension. Also, this car is known to have an average fuel mileage, which is good for someone looking for a luxurious ride while saving a few bucks on the gas. With great trunk size and great seating space, family men also buy this car to enjoy their ride with their family for a longer period, with good resale, this car is something that is most economical. 

There are three main models of Toyota Corolla: S, L, and X, and they have several variants. The best tries for Toyota Corolla each model, are quite the same due to the tire size availability of each tire that we have listed below. We have given two options in each category, so if the first tire is not available in your model size, then go with the other option, which won’t be any different but will be available in your preferred size. 

Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Bridgestone WeatherPeak

bridgestone WeatherPeak

This Bridgestone WeatherPeak is one of the top tires nowadays, and if you are looking for the best tires for the Toyota Corolla in the grand touring tires category, then this tire is the one that will bring you the most satisfaction. This tire is perfect for maximizing the comfort of the Toyota Corolla and bringing the most luxurious ride out of your car. 

The tire delivers a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride in dry, wet, and snow conditions. With that, the traction and grip in all-season conditions are also phenomenal; with durable treadwear, the tire is something that no one can compete with when it comes to a comfortable and stable ride all year around. 


  • All-season compound for durability in dry, wet, and snow conditions, with a treadwear warranty of 70K miles
  • Evolving sipes on tread center ribs improves the handling response and provides biting edges in wet and snow conditions
  • Generous lateral notches and circumferential grooves channel the water away from the tire tread
  • Snow vices on tread block to improve snow conditions traction and grip while reducing instability
  • Due to all this, the tire 3PMSF certified for harsh winter conditions ride


  • Very expensive tire
  • Not so great on mud terrains

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance Weatherready

Another excellent option is if the above tire is unavailable in your preferred size. This tire is also one of the best tires for the Toyota Corolla in 2024 due to its durable and comfortable ride in all-season conditions. It is a very similar tire to Brigdestone’s grand touring tire; however, the treadwear warranty of this tire is lower, and also, due to older technology, this tire sometimes wears off earlier. 

Other than that, this tire is excellent for dry and wet season traction and grip, with proper handling and brakes in all-season conditions. Not only that, this Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is also a joy to drive in winter terrains, if you face all seasons in a year, then this is a great all-year-around tire for your Toyota Corolla. 


  • Special soy-based tread compound for  improved traction and grip in all season and winter terrains
  • 3D TreadLock Technology improves cornering in slippery and dry conditions
  • Evolving traction grooves reduce traction failure all over the tire’s life
  • Sweeping tread grooves and zigzag sipes reduce hydroplaning while delivering proper traction and grip in winter conditions. 
  • 3PMSF-certified tire due to these winter terrain features and ride
  • Weather Reactive Technology makes this a durable tire that comes with a 60K miles treadwear warranty


  • Low treadwear warranty compared to Bridgestone tire
  • Not so good in winter terrains

Winter Terrain Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

If you are searching best tires for the Toyota Corolla in the winter terrain tires category, then this Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 will be an excellent choice for your Corolla. This tire is one of the most popular tires in winter tires categories due to its smooth drive and ability to tackle harsh winter conditions without compromising the performance of the car. 

The tire delivers excellent grip and traction in high snow terrains, due to its tread design and blocks; with that, the brakes, acceleration, and handling are something that only a few winter tires provide in extreme winter conditions. Another reason for this tire’s popularity is its comfortable ride in all seasons and winter conditions, so you can achieve a proper riding experience out of your Toyota Corolla. 


  • Multicell compound with bite particles is the reason for this tire’s performance in winter and wet conditions
  • Block stiffness of Bridgestone improves winter terrain grip while improving tread life
  • Edge Performance technology improves the traction and winter terrain grip for the full life of the tire
  • Deep tread blocks and zigzag sipes make it a tire to drive in extreme winter conditions, which is why it is 3PMSF-certified


  • Less comfortable than the Michelin tire
  • Less durable than Michelin tire

Michelin X-Ice Snow

Michelin X-Ice Snow

Another good winter terrain tire if you can not find the right size in Bridgestone’s winter tire. This tire is very similar to the previous one; however, this tire delivers a more comfortable ride in all seasons with a higher treadwear warranty. On the other hand, if you are looking for extreme winter terrain smooth performance, then Bridgestone Tire is better for that. So, choose your best winter tires for the Toyota Corolla based on that. 

This tire is one of the most comfortable tires in the winter terrain tires category, and with that, it is good on high winter terrain traction and grip. Not many winter tires are backed by treadwear warranty, however, this Michelin durable tire comes with a treadwear warranty so that the drivers can also enjoy a safe and secure ride in winter terrains as well. 


  • FlexIce compound of the Michelin and high silica in the compound improves grip on wet and winter terrains
  • Full-depth sipes and deep groves channel the water and slash to deliver confident traction and grip
  • Notched spies are the reason why this tire is capable of handling extreme winter conditions, which certified it to the 3PMSF
  • Rigid sidewalls and V shape tread design contact evenly and make it a durable winter tire that is backed by a 40K miles treadwear warranty


  • Low all-season and winter performance than Bridgestone tire
  • Not for driving in high-temperature

UHP All season tires

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+

bridgesstone potenza re980 as plus

Now, if you are not a fan of touring tires’ comfort and looking for a sportier ride, then this Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+ tire will take you to the next level. The UHP tre delivers better traction, grip, cornering, and handling in all-season conditions, however, the treadwear of this category is quite faster than touring tires, so keep in mind before going for these tires. 

For someone who wants to enjoy the ride, the durability won’t be a big issue because any touring tires can not touch the type of performance this tire provides. This all-season tire is not only great for dry and wet track and road extreme performance, but it also delivers fair rides in winter and snow terrains. So take it anywhere in any season; this tire will fulfill the desire for your sporty ride all year round. 


  • Noise-optimized tread compound makes it a comfortable tire
  • The all-season tread compound is the reason for this tire’s versatile performance all year around
  • Chamfered edges on tread blocks improve contact and ry terrain traction
  • Open shoulder block, sipes, and grooves improve wet and snow traction and grip while reducing hydroplaning resistance
  • Three polyester sidewall plies and two tread area plies make it a durable tire to drive in strong conditions, which is backed by a 50K miles treadwear warranty


  • Not great on snow
  • Less durable compared to grand touring tires


Sumitomo HTR A/S P03

Another great option, especially for an S-model driver looking for a tire in 15 inches. This is one of the best tires for Toyota Corolla if you are searching for a sportier ride by saving some money as well. It is a less expensive tire with a higher treadwear warranty compared to Bridgestone tires. With that much lower price and higher treadwear warranty, it is not a bad deal just by compromising a little bit on performance. 

The tire delivers good traction and grip in dry and wet conditions; it has a sporty handling response, so you can control your Toyota Corolla even at a high pace. Also, the brakes and acceleration are great; it is an amazing tire if you want to achieve the maximum performance from your tires without putting so much weight on your wallet. With durable treadwear and light snow performance, it is also an all-around tire for achieving aggressive performance on tracks and roads. 


  • High silica all-season compound to improve all-season stability and performance
  • Miura-Ori sipes improve wet and dry terrain traction and grip while making even contact with the ground
  • Cross-design grooves and sipes provide extra biting edges on snow and reduce hydroplaning in wet conditions
  • A solid high-tension bead apex makes it a durable tire that is backed by a 65K miles treadwear warranty


  • Less comfortable compared to the Bridgestone tire
  • Not great in winter terrains as well

UHP Summer Track tires



Most drivers don’t prefer summer UHP tires as the best tires for Toyota Corolla due to their less durable tread, and less versatility in different conditions. However, the real enthusiast who wants the max performance from their cars will any day pick the summer tires for the most sportier ride on the fast tracks of summer. Compared to all-season UHP tires, Summer UHP tires have far better performance when it comes to dry and wet traction and grip. 

On the other hand, summer tires of any category have very low tread life; every two years, summer tire drivers change their tires, and if the weather is quite low, they might not last for a year. However, the performance of brakes, acceleration, and handling is no match for summer tires; this is the reason why, without caring about tread life, drivers spend so much on these tires.

The Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 is a proper tire to achieve maximum performance on summer tracks, due to its shallow tread design, the traction and grip in wet and dry conditions are superb. Along with that, the handling response is the very joy to drive your Corolla with. So, if the season is quite moderate in your area, then this summer tire will be the great package for your Corolla. 


  • Nano blend compound and wear resistance improve tread life and deliver confident traction in dry tracks
  • Fuel-efficient high silica compound improves the gas mileage of the Toyota Corolla
  • Contrasting pitch tread pattern reduces noise and improves the comfortable experience
  • Solid center ribs and shoulder blocks improve cornering, traction, grip, and handling in wet and dry conditions
  • Drop point grooves reduce hydroplaning and deliver confident wet traction and grip


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Low performance compared to Firestone tire

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Another great option in the UHP summer tire category is that it is one of the best tires for Toyota Corolla if you are more toward performance and less worried about wear off because this Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is the best performer for summer tracks when it comes to dry grip and traction; however, the durability of this tire is not as good as the Yokohama tire. 

Other than that, the dry handling, cornering, and acceleration are very fine. Similarly, the wet grip, brakes, and hydroplaning resistance are all there with this tire. This is an excellent tire for Corolla drivers who are looking for a summer season sporty ride with a comfortable and smooth driving experience. 


  • High-performance carbon rubber compound to deliver sporty ride in wet and dry tracks
  • Pulse groove technology to channels water effectively to reduce hydroplaning 
  • Large independent shoulder blocks improve cornering and traction in wet and dry terrains
  • Shallow tread rib to improve acceleration, handling, and brakes on fast tracks


  • No treadwear warranty with earlier wear-off
  • Less comfortable than the Yokohama tire

Best Tires For Toyota Corolla Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing the best tires for your Toyota Corolla, you must understand what makes them best and why they are best for your Toyota Corolla. For that, you should have some information and experience with tires. Usually, the deciding metric of tire performance is its durability, comfort, traction, grip, handling response, and brakes. For some tires, some of these metrics are great, and others are average, and vice versa. If you know what you want from tires, then you will be able to make the right decision based on the performance of the tires and the requirements of your car. 

Pick Best Tires For Toyota Corolla Based On Driving Conditions

The best tires for the Toyota Corolla can not be the ones that most drivers drive; they have to be based on your driving conditions. For picking the right tire based on driving conditions, you have to analyze which weather or terrain you drive your Corolla on most; if it’s various weather and seasons, then all-season tires will be the best option. However, if it is only summer or winter terrains, then the specific season tires will be a better option for your Corolla. 

Which Category is best for the Toyota Corolla

Usually, touring all-season tires are the ones most drivers install in their Corolla. However, you should not be affected by them. If you want a high-performance ride, then the touring tire won’t be the best option for the Corolla; you should go with UHP tires. Eventually, it all depends on the driver’s conditions and preferences; no best category will be good for your car if you have other preferences, so choose the best tires for Corolla based on your desired performance. 

Different tire sizes on front and rear Toyota Coralla axles

Even though a few Toyota Corolla drivers use different tires on the front and rear axles, we will not recommend you do that. Because the tire will wear off earlier than time, and also you won’t get the traction and grip, the tire is capable of providing. Although the speed and cornering might get better, however against these disadvantages, these small benefits do not match up. 

Tire fit for different tire sizes

The above-recommended tires are available in all sizes; the Toyota Corolla wheels come in. If you can not find the right size in the first option, you will most probably find the right size with another option; that is the reason we have listed two tires for each category so every driver for Corolla picks the best tires for their car. 

Tire Size of the Toyota Corolla

Launch YearModelTire Size
S205/55R16, 215/45R17
S205/55R16, 215/45R17
LE Eco195/65R15, 205/55R16
S205/55R16, 215/45R17
LE Eco195/65R15, 205/55R16
Special Edition215/45R17
S205/55R16, 215/45R17
LE Eco195/65R15, 205/55R16
Special Edition215/45R17
LE, XLE205/55R16
LE Eco195/65R15, 205/55R16
Special Edition, XSE, SE215/45R17
LE, XLE205/55R16
LE Eco195/65R15, 205/55R16
Special Edition, XSE, SE215/45R17
2019L, LE Eco195/65R15
LE, SE Hatchback, XLE205/55R16
SE, XSE215/45R17
XSE Hatchback225/40R18
2020L, LE Eco195/65R15
LE, SE Hatchback, XLE205/55R16
SE, XSE, XSE Hatchback225/40R18
2021L, Hybrid LE195/65R15
LE, SE Hatchback, XLE205/55R16
SE, SE Apex, SE Nightshade,  XSE, XSE Apex, XSE Hatchback225/40R18
2022L, Hybrid LE195/65R15
LE, SE Hatchback, XLE205/55R16
SE, SE Apex, SE Nightshade,  XSE, XSE Apex, XSE Hatchback225/40R18
2023LE, SE Hatchback, Hybrid LE, Hybrid XLE,205/55R16
SE, Hybrid SE, SE infrared, XSE, XSE Harchback225/40R18


The best tires for Toyota Corolla will be the ones that fulfill your every expectation and give you the joy you deserve. That is why in this article, we have given different tires from different categories for different drivers’ needs. Choose the tire which you think will provide the most advantage to you. Whether it’s about durability, comfort, affordability, or sporty ride, it doesn’t matter until you are satisfied with the performance. For making the process of choosing the best tires for your Toyota Corolla, we also give a guide on how to make up your mind in picking the right tires for your car, and we hope reading that helped you make the right decision. 

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