Pirelli P4 Persist AS Plus Review In 2022

pirelli p4 persist as plus

Quick highlights Tire type  Standard touring tire Price range $136-$196 Run-flat  No Vehicles type Sedan, minivan, and coupes Driving conditions Dry, wet, and snow Pirelli p4 Persist AS Plus is an improved version of Pirelli p4 Four Season Plus. As P4 Four Season Plus has some deficiencies when it comes to especially on winter terrains. …

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Best Touring Tires To Buy In 2022 (New Tires Included)

best touring tires

Why you should buy the best touring tire for your car? If you are someone who thinks the best tire would be the one that comes at a very low price or at a very high price. However, that is not always true, cheap tires may save some money, but they will not give the …

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Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Plus Review In 2022

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Plus

Quick highlights Tire type  UHP All-season Price range $155-$361 Run-flat  No Vehicles type Performance sedans and coupes Driving conditions Dry, wet, and snow The Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS plus is an upgraded tire of Potenza RE980AS. The previous model was also a success however manufacturers have to face some criticisms over its snow performance and durability. …

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Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S Review (2022)

bridgestone alenza sport a/s

Quick Highlights Tire type  Touring All-season Price range $200-$458 Run-flat  Yes Vehicles type Light trucks, Crossovers, and SUVs Driving conditions Dry, wet, and snow The Alenza series is one of the most popular tire series of Bridgestone. They have manufactured tires in different categories. This Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S is a touring all-season tire, despite …

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Falken Pro G5 A/S Vs Sport A/S | Which One Is Better?

falken pro g5

Falken Pro G5 A/S is a touring tire for passenger cars to achieve smooth rides all season. It is a successor of the Falken Pro G4 series with proper improvements in tread and drive. The tire delivers excellent traction and grip in wet and dry conditions, along with proper handling and brakes in all-season conditions. …

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Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive Review | Most Comfy Tire

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Quick Highlights Tire type  Grand Touring Price range $152-$239 Run-flat  No Ply rating  4-ply rated Vehicles type Sedans, Coupes, CUVs, SUVs Terrain support  Dry, wet, and snow  This new grand touring all-season tire of Goodyear is one of the best tires that you can find in 2022 for your luxury sedan and SUV. This tire …

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Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 Review | How Good Is It?

Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

PIRELLI Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 Grand Touring Tire Feel the most comfortable ride of your sedan coupes and small SUVs with this new Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 grand touring tire. This tire is the one-hand solution for all North America’s driving conditions problems by providing the quietest ride with durable treadwear for all-season …

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Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra Review In 2022

bridgestone alenza as ultra

Bridge-stone Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra Touring all-season Get out of the hassle of changing tires every time you visit winter terrains, this Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra all-season tire is good for dry, wet, and snow conditions with a comfortable and quiet ride. Not only that it has one of the most durable treadwear for a …

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Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X Review | 2022 New Tire

hankook kinergy 4S2 X

HANKOOK Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X Touring all-season tire Looking for new touring all-season tires for your crossovers or SUVs, then take a look at this brand new Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X tire for all-season confident traction, grip, and control. It is good for both, excellent all-season performance with a severe snow and ice terrain confident …

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Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack Review | Best For Luxury Cars

bridgestone turanza quiettrack

Bridgestone BRIDGESTONE TURANZA QUIETTRACK Grand touring all-season tire Tired of a noisy and uncomfortable ride of your expensive car, then replace your tires with this new Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack tire. It will be your one-tire solution to all your noise, comfort, and all-season traction problems. So say goodbye to all your problems with these brand …

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