Tire Bulge Explain| Are They Really Dangerous? 

tire bulge explains

Proper tires are a sign of safe and sound driving, but things like tire bulges constrain that. Tire bulges or bubbles look like if you use a thickening photo filter on some part of your tire. You can also call it a pimple on your tire. It may sound and look funny; hope that it …

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Tire Recycling Initiatives: Promoting Eco-Friendly Disposal

Tire Recycling

In today’s world, where we are already struggling with environmental and health crises, scraped tires stand out as a significant challenge. By dumping a staggering 1.5 billion used tires annually, we’re unconsciously paving the roads to environmental degradation and health risks for ourselves and wildlife. However, many developed countries have devised innovative solutions to address …

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Tire Sealant Uses, Do’s and dont’s, To Improve Ride

tire sealant

As most of you might know, tire sealants are used for temporarily moving your tires after a puncture. It is made of glycol, rubber particles, organic thickeners, and other chemicals merged into a liquid foam. The liquid drops into the tire and dries inside it, covering the punctured area of the tire. If it is …

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