Responsible Tire Disposal | Legal, Eco-Friendly, and Cost-Effective Solutions

Responsible Tire Disposal

Currently, the US generates approximately 315 million scrap tires. But it will reach 350 million by 2030 due to increasing adoptions of EVs, according to RRC (Recycled Rubber Coalition). Another study predicted that the volume of ELTs would increase, with the global tire market hitting 2.67 billion units by 2027. These numbers call for responsible …

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Advancing Eco-Friendly Practices in Tire Disposal (February 2024)

eco-friendly tire disposal

Landfills are the least desirable choice for end-of-life tires due to the potential tire fire risks and environmental pollutants released resultantly. However, around 4 billion waste tires are still in landfills globally. That’s why governments, municipal committees, and even regional authorities have launched eco-friendly tire disposal systems worldwide. Let’s see what key players are doing …

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Sustainability In Tire Development

Green Tire Development

Climate change has been the most discussed and crucial topic of 2023, and as people become aware of its effects, preventive measures and actions have been taken worldwide to sustain the world.  The tire has been a high contributing factor in climate change. Hence, sustainability in tire development, usage, and disposal is necessary to achieve …

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