How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire

Installing the spare tire but unsure whether it can help you reach your destination? We hear you. While spare tires are a blessing in emergencies, drivers are always concerned about their range. Some spare tires can cover hundreds of miles, but few can’t. You may ask, “Why is it so?”. Well, this guide will answer …

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Ultimate Guide to Spare Tire: Safety, Selection, and Maintenance

Spare tire Replace

Spare tire, a term familiar to almost every individual in the US. Some drivers prefer having it as a safety feature, while others, like myself, don’t like it very much and depend on alternative solutions when dealing with flat tires.  A spare tire is just like my brother; it lays in its place uselessly with …

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Causes of A Flat Tire, How To Deal With Them Properly 2023

What to do when a tire gets flat

If you have been driving for a year or more, you must deal with a flat tire more than once in your life. Statistics show that more than 220 Million flat tires happen in the United States. If the percentage is so high, then how you should deal with it effectively.  There are many possibilities …

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