How to Break the Bead On a Tire? An Ultimate Guide

Break the bead on a tire

Possibly, your vehicle tires have reached their end life, or you want to swap them out for a seasonal change. Either way, one thing preventing you from getting started is tire bead. Right? I can hear that resounding YES!  Well, these beads are stubborn. And it’s a good feature in terms of performance and safety. …

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Low Rolling Resistance Tires  | How Do They Work?

low rolling resistance tires

Every driver looks for an affordable ride at this high inflation and expensive energy age and low rolling resistance tires are the solution to that. Whenever someone wants to save some money on fuel consumption and wants to improve their vehicle’s gas mileage they choose low rolling resistance tires to save some money.  Low rolling …

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Guide On Tire Compound (2024)

Tire Compound

Even though the tire compound is not the actual decider of the tire’s performance, it still has a much higher impact on the way the tire performs in certain conditions. The tire tread compound exists under all that hard rubber you see on tires; it consists of fabric, textile, steel belts, nylon caps, and radial …

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7 Tire Rotation Causes| Are They Misleading?

tire rotation causes

Most people rotate their tires as per the recommendation nowadays however few people still think that tire rotation causes the car’s performance and damages its parts. The reason why they think like that is due to the misinformation and believing everything they heard from non-professionals, which not only damages their tires but also has a …

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How Tire Rotation Works & Should You Even Do That?

how tire rotation works

Have you ever come across a situation where your mechanic asked you if you have ever rotated your tires, and you don’t even know what the hack is tire rotation, to understand the complete concept of how it works and whether you should do it or not, read this post to widen your information.  Driving …

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Importance Of Valve Stems & Caps on Tire Pressure

valve stems

Valve stems and caps are widely used in almost every vehicle with tires. The main purpose of valve stems and caps are to transfer the air pressure and store it inside the tire. These small plastic and metal pieces are the reason there are millions of vehicles are driven on rubber tires, otherwise, people are …

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Benefits Of Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor

benefits of tire pressure monitoring sensor

TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system, is one of the most important security features that modern car comes with. Due to its importance and security assistance, it is a must for every car manufacturer in the United States to equip their new car with it.  There are many benefits of tire pressure monitoring sensors, and …

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Tire Wobbling, Its Causes & How To Fix Them

tire wobbling

Have you ever felt that your car is shaking when you stop on signals, if yes then there is something wrong with your car or tires. Most of the time, your car wobbles due to the tires related problems.  Bad tire placements, flat tires, and engine issues could cause tire wobbling. To identify which one …

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How To Identify & Improve Tire Life (Step By Step Guide)


Every day millions of tires are sold in the world. Last year, around 2268 million tires were sold worldwide. This cycle of buying new tires, and after a few years, replacing them, due to the lack of knowledge about storing tires, is very unsustainable, which is why, in 2024, most of the tire manufacturers come …

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What Is Tire Slash? How To Prevent And Fix It In 2023

tire slash

Tire sidewalls or tire treads can get a slash for many possible reasons. The tire slash is a kind of cut or swing that tear the rubber to blow the air out of the tire. Depending on the volume of the slash, the tire sometimes is repairable and sometimes not.  Slashing somebody’s tire is a …

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