Tire Disposal Fees| State To State Regulations

tire disposal fees in states

When you buy new tires and leave old ones behind, you will have to pay some tire disposal fees and recycling fees.  In some states, government regularities define the terms of fees, and in other states, retailers have their own terms for charging those fees.  The fees are utilized for different purposes, including payment to …

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Tire Recycling Initiatives: Promoting Eco-Friendly Disposal

Tire Recycling

In today’s world, where we are already struggling with environmental and health crises, scraped tires stand out as a significant challenge. By dumping a staggering 1.5 billion used tires annually, we’re unconsciously paving the roads to environmental degradation and health risks for ourselves and wildlife. However, many developed countries have devised innovative solutions to address …

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Weather Impact On Tires | How To Prepare Tires 

weather impact on tires

The passage of time, the transition from sun to moon, the movement of the world, and the change of the seasons are some of the constant things that happen in this world. No matter what happens, these things have kept going and will keep going till the world exists.  And with the changing season, its …

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How Tire Warranty Work | Types Of Tire Warranties

tire warranty

A tire warranty is something that every car driver has come across in their lifetime. Even though nowadays, due to improved technology, manufacturers predict the right tire mileage, sometimes, the tire doesn’t even come close to the given warranty. In this case, a tire warranty is a good backup from losing all of your money …

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How To Identify & Improve Tire Life (Step By Step Guide)


Every day millions of tires are sold in the world. Last year, around 2268 million tires were sold worldwide. This cycle of buying new tires, and after a few years, replacing them, due to the lack of knowledge about storing tires, is very unsustainable, which is why, in 2024, most of the tire manufacturers come …

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How To Utilize Old Tires (New Methods)

old tires

If you read any article on the internet, most of them highlight quite the same methods of dealing with your old tires. In this article, you will learn some techniques that will help you utilize old tires in the best way possible.  Most people burn their tire or dump it into the trash, and the …

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