Guide on Tire Repair: A Safe and Permanent Fix

Tire Repair Guide

You seem a responsible driver who doesn’t want to be among the 11,000 car crashes that result in 200 deaths in the US annually for not troubleshooting tire-related issues timely. Tire punctures and blowouts alone account for 6.7% of accidents and fatalities. A significant number, right? But you won’t have to be a part of …

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Repair a Tire With Nails in it | A Complete Guide

Repair A Tire With Nails

So, you were looking outside your car window, praising the scenic pathways, when that “hiss” sound got you back into the real world. And the realisation of not having a stepney made the situation even worse. The real frustration! We hear you. But no more worries. In this guide, “How to repair a tire with …

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Ultimate Guide to Tire Plug and Patch Repair

Tire Plug and Patch Repair

In the US, where around 7 tires puncture every second, keeping a tire repair tool kit is your savior. It eliminates the need to call AAA or wait for a mechanic to come and fix the fault. However, vehicle owners may get confused when choosing between a tire plug and patch, as both methods are …

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How to Use Tire Patches | Step-by-step Guide 

tire patches step by step process

“Sometimes a tiny object is enough to ruin your day.” That’s what you may be thinking right now, seeing the sharp stone or nail in your tire tread. However, thanks to Louis Rustin (who first introduced the tire patches) and this comprehensive guide, repairing punctured tires will not take your whole day. Our expert guide …

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How To Use Tire Plug Kit (Quick Method)

How To Use Tire Plug Kit

Tires are one of the most troublesome problems of the car after that kid who draws dick and balls on car windows. Unlike other significant parts of the vehicle, like the engine, axles, paints, and sensors, tires are the ones that usually require continuous maintenance and are still destroyed after 2 to 3 years.  A …

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Tire Plug, Tire Patch, Or Tire Sealant | Which One Is Better?

tire plug

If you have knowledge about tire repair and maintenance, then you have an idea about tire plug, tire patch, and different types of tire repair tools. Even though all of these tools have the same purpose of fixing a tire, however, all of them are different and used for different purposes. If you have ever …

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What Is Tire Slash? How To Prevent And Fix It In 2023

tire slash

Tire sidewalls or tire treads can get a slash for many possible reasons. The tire slash is a kind of cut or swing that tear the rubber to blow the air out of the tire. Depending on the volume of the slash, the tire sometimes is repairable and sometimes not.  Slashing somebody’s tire is a …

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