Which Tire Sizes Are Interchangeable? A Complete Guide.

tire sizes interchangeable

Tires, just like cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles are different in shape, size, and quality, and just like other parts of the vehicle can not fit with any other kind of vehicle similarly different tire sizes can not fit with every other car.  Keeping a closer look at tires is very important because once you …

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Tire Specifications | Should They Bother?

tire specifications

When buying new tires, there are things like tire size, tire specifications, and tire driving condition has to be considered to make a good tire purchase. Even though the most important factor is the tire size, however, if you won’t examine tire specifications before buying new tires, you won’t get the ride that you would …

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Different Tire Sizes On Rear And Front Axles | Is It Bad?

different tire sizes porsche

If you are into car modification, then you have seen some cars, usually sports cars with different tire sizes on the rear and front axles. If you don’t know its reason, benefits, and disadvantages, then read this article till the end to get all these questions answered.  When different tire sizes are installed on any …

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How To Read Tire Size Properly To Avoid Mistake

how to read tire size

There are thousands of different combinations when it comes to tire sizing. It is impossible to remember all of these combinations to read tire size correctly. So, how can we decide which tire size is perfect for your vehicle?  All around the world, there are two variants of writing tires. The first is metric sizing …

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