Weather Impact On Tires | How To Prepare Tires 

weather impact on tires

The passage of time, the transition from sun to moon, the movement of the world, and the change of the seasons are some of the constant things that happen in this world. No matter what happens, these things have kept going and will keep going till the world exists.  And with the changing season, its …

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Low Tire Tread| What Tread Level is Dangerous To Drive

10/32 tread depth tire

Rubber, unlike plastic or metal, changes its form due to the elasticity and flexibility it possesses. As the external area of the tire is purely made with rubber, it also changes its form after a few years of drive.  The most important part of the tire is its tread; as the car moves, the tire …

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How Tire Warranty Work | Types Of Tire Warranties

tire warranty

A tire warranty is something that every car driver has come across in their lifetime. Even though nowadays, due to improved technology, manufacturers predict the right tire mileage, sometimes, the tire doesn’t even come close to the given warranty. In this case, a tire warranty is a good backup from losing all of your money …

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Tire Sipes And Grooves | How Do They Work?

tire sipes

Tire sipes and grooves are very important parts of tread design and pattern. Usually, all passenger car tires have sipes and grooves. However, some high-performance summer tires do not come with tire sipes and grooves. Tire sipes are cut marks on the tire tread; the idea of siping tires comes from a sipes inventor who …

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Guide On Tire Compound (2024)

Tire Compound

Even though the tire compound is not the actual decider of the tire’s performance, it still has a much higher impact on the way the tire performs in certain conditions. The tire tread compound exists under all that hard rubber you see on tires; it consists of fabric, textile, steel belts, nylon caps, and radial …

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Tread Design And Tread Parts Explain

Tread Design

If you are a car nerd like me, then you always wonder about every part of the tire, and tire tread design is one of the wonders. The tire tread design seems very complicated just by looking at it, and most people only know about tire treads: Whenever the tread is below 2/32 of its …

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