How To Change Tires? A Professional Guide

How to change tires

In the US, where every household has at least one vehicle for transportation, 20% of drivers are still unaware of how to change tires properly. And this lack of knowledge may put various lives at risk.  One of the many chilling examples includes the recent wild accidents in New Jersey due to loose tires. If …

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Ultimate Guide On How To Properly Store Tires

Properly Store Tires

With seasons change, the need for particular season tires is also raised. So, You can’t just throw tires after driving for a few miles in snow or warm conditions if the tires are in driving conditions. That is when drivers consider how to store tires so they can be driveable if they might need them …

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Why Slash Three Tires? Is It Insurance Or Something Else? 

Why Slash Three Tires

Have you ever walked out to your car in the morning to find an appalled surprise waiting for you? No, I’m not talking about a flat tire. I’m talking about three slashed tires.  It’s a frustrating situation that leaves many scratching their heads. Why only slash three tires? Why not four?  You might know why …

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Crate Engine Explained | Which One You Should Buy?

Crate Engine Explained

After an estimated number of miles, your car feels different from when you drive it for the first time, and the most common factor of this change is the lifetime of a car engine. The engine is everything to a car; it is like a heart to a car; however, instead of blood, it requires …

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How to Break the Bead On a Tire? An Ultimate Guide

Break the bead on a tire

Possibly, your vehicle tires have reached their end life, or you want to swap them out for a seasonal change. Either way, one thing preventing you from getting started is tire bead. Right? I can hear that resounding YES!  Well, these beads are stubborn. And it’s a good feature in terms of performance and safety. …

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Tire Recycling Initiatives: Promoting Eco-Friendly Disposal

Tire Recycling

In today’s world, where we are already struggling with environmental and health crises, scraped tires stand out as a significant challenge. By dumping a staggering 1.5 billion used tires annually, we’re unconsciously paving the roads to environmental degradation and health risks for ourselves and wildlife. However, many developed countries have devised innovative solutions to address …

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Role Of AI In Tire Manufacturing | Industrial Revolution 4.0

Role of AI in Tire Manufacturing

Tire manufacturing is one of the tiresome and specialized jobs in this industrial age; however, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), tire manufacturing can be simplified and achieve productive results with less effort and less human involvement.  Traditionally, tire manufacturing is very labor-dependent, from research, testing, layer designing, tread patterns, and every other process …

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Sustainability In Tire Development

Green Tire Development

Climate change has been the most discussed and crucial topic of 2023, and as people become aware of its effects, preventive measures and actions have been taken worldwide to sustain the world.  The tire has been a high contributing factor in climate change. Hence, sustainability in tire development, usage, and disposal is necessary to achieve …

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Aging Tires And Defective Tires Legal Liabilities

Aging Tires Liability

There is nothing worthier than the life of a human, and putting your life in danger due to aging tires could compromise your happiness in life. At any step of life, a person would agree to pay all the money he has earned to get some of the basic organs that we are already gifted …

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Weather Impact On Tires | How To Prepare Tires 

weather impact on tires

The passage of time, the transition from sun to moon, the movement of the world, and the change of the seasons are some of the constant things that happen in this world. No matter what happens, these things have kept going and will keep going till the world exists.  And with the changing season, its …

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