Responsible Tire Disposal | Legal, Eco-Friendly, and Cost-Effective Solutions

Responsible Tire Disposal

Currently, the US generates approximately 315 million scrap tires. But it will reach 350 million by 2030 due to increasing adoptions of EVs, according to RRC (Recycled Rubber Coalition). Another study predicted that the volume of ELTs would increase, with the global tire market hitting 2.67 billion units by 2027. These numbers call for responsible …

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Advancing Eco-Friendly Practices in Tire Disposal (February 2024)

eco-friendly tire disposal

Landfills are the least desirable choice for end-of-life tires due to the potential tire fire risks and environmental pollutants released resultantly. However, around 4 billion waste tires are still in landfills globally. That’s why governments, municipal committees, and even regional authorities have launched eco-friendly tire disposal systems worldwide. Let’s see what key players are doing …

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How to Dispose of Tires Legally in 2024

Legal Tire Disposal

Are you buying new tires but wondering what to do with worn-out ones? Vehicle owners scrap around nine tires every second daily, totaling 300 million waste tires annually in the US. While the government is trying to fight against the harms of ELTs, as a citizen, you, too, have some responsibility. And that’s what brought …

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How To Store Winter Tires | Protect Your Tires From Summer Heat

how to store winter tires properly

Besides giving peace of mind in cold temperatures, winter or snow tires bring a headache of protecting them from summer heat. And, since these tires are very costly, with an estimated price of $600 to $1000/set for a passenger car, you can’t afford to neglect them, right? So, here’s your go-to guide on how to …

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How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire?

How Long Can You Drive On A Spare Tire

Installing the spare tire but unsure whether it can help you reach your destination? We hear you. While spare tires are a blessing in emergencies, drivers are always concerned about their range. Some spare tires can cover hundreds of miles, but few can’t. You may ask, “Why is it so?”. Well, this guide will answer …

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Tire Inflation Tactics: Keeping Air Intact and Tires Rolling

Tire Inflation Tactics

Are you Looking for expert insights on how to inflate tires? You’re not alone. As per RMA (Rubber Manufacturer Association), 83% of motorists lack this knowledge. And it can lead to regrets. In the US, driving over or underinflated tires results in 78,000 accidents, 10,200 serious injuries, and approximately 500 deaths annually. That’s why we …

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Guide on Tire Repair: A Safe and Permanent Fix

Tire Repair Guide

You seem a responsible driver who doesn’t want to be among the 11,000 car crashes that result in 200 deaths in the US annually for not troubleshooting tire-related issues timely. Tire punctures and blowouts alone account for 6.7% of accidents and fatalities. A significant number, right? But you won’t have to be a part of …

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Repair a Tire With Nails in it | A Complete Guide

Repair A Tire With Nails

So, you were looking outside your car window, praising the scenic pathways, when that “hiss” sound got you back into the real world. And the realisation of not having a stepney made the situation even worse. The real frustration! We hear you. But no more worries. In this guide, “How to repair a tire with …

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Ultimate Guide to Tire Plug and Patch Repair

Tire Plug and Patch Repair

In the US, where around 7 tires puncture every second, keeping a tire repair tool kit is your savior. It eliminates the need to call AAA or wait for a mechanic to come and fix the fault. However, vehicle owners may get confused when choosing between a tire plug and patch, as both methods are …

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How to Use Tire Patches | Step-by-step Guide 

tire patches step by step process

“Sometimes a tiny object is enough to ruin your day.” That’s what you may be thinking right now, seeing the sharp stone or nail in your tire tread. However, thanks to Louis Rustin (who first introduced the tire patches) and this comprehensive guide, repairing punctured tires will not take your whole day. Our expert guide …

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