How To Utilize Old Tires (New Methods)

Last updated on January 11th, 2024 at 11:36 am

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If you read any article on the internet, most of them highlight quite the same methods of dealing with your old tires. In this article, you will learn some techniques that will help you utilize old tires in the best way possible. 

Most people burn their tire or dump it into the trash, and the rubber on the tire doesn’t dissolve easily. That is why Recycling or utilizing your tire not only helps you but also reduces waste which is very crucial in this age of climate change. To safeguard the environment and get the most value from a tire, always find the best way to use a tire.  

Retread your old tires

retread tires

If you want to continue using your old tires and you trust their sidewall and other components are strong enough to run further, you can retread your tire. There are some companies who retread tires, which cost you some money and get you going for many more miles. However, you should first inspect carefully if the tire is in good condition to safeguard your driving on the road. 

Sell it before

If you want the return of tires, then you should sell tires sometime before the tires totally wear off. If you have a tread left of 4/32, at this time, you can sell tires to a second-hand tire supplier. In most, Asian and African countries, tires sell at a reasonable rate, and you can also get some dollars which can lower the cost of a new tire. 

Recycle it as a table or vase

tire craft

The most common option for utilizing tires is that you can make some living out of them. You can use them as a table or chair, or as decorative items by adding some colors and flowers. You can also use it as a gym tool to build your muscles. There are many arts and crafts available on the internet where you can get an idea of how to utilize old tires. 

Sell the rubber

If your tires are totally worn off, then you can also sell them to rubber companies that manufacture different accessories from them. The tires’ rubber can be utilized for manufacturing shoes, furniture, mobile accessories, and other stuff. This is an excellent recycling method that will also benefit you. 

Use them as a defense


If you live on the ground floor or in a land house, which most US houses are, then they can be used as a defense to stop robbers and other animals from interfering with your property. Just set them up by adding some defensive layer under them and you will find the best defense for your house with these old tires.  

Use with different machines

If you use a lawn mower, live in an RV, or use other machines that require big tires, you can use your old tires to put with your machines. If the size seems big, you can cut them and make them in your desired shape. This will improve the movement of the machine and utilize your tire in the best way possible. 

Keep them for repairing

The rubber of the tire can be utilized to repair and replace some parts of your house or other tires. You can take a piece out of your tire and fix the puncture of your new tire as well. Even though it requires expertise, with the right method, you can make good use of it. Also, if you would like to save your house floor tiles, you can put rubber pieces under the table or chairs to prevent them from making scratches. 


It is a very good exercise to recycle tires. As we mentioned tires are very harmful to the environment if not dealt with well after their life. Using them miscellaneously and making full use of them improves your lifestyle and the environment in which you live.

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