How To Identify & Improve Tire Life (Step By Step Guide)


Every day millions of tires are sold in the world. Last year around 2268 million tires were sold worldwide. This cycle of buying new tires, and after a few years replacing them is very unproductive, which is why, in 2023, most of the tire manufacturers come up with tires, that work for around 100k miles.  …

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How To Install And Balance New Tires Complete Guide

install tires

New tires come with a lot of expense and if you go with tire installation, then the cost increases even more. To avoid putting extra money on installation, you can easily install your new tires over your wheels, if you have the right tools and knowledge of how to install and balance new tires.  In …

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How To Manufacture A Tire? 

how to manufacture a tire

Have you ever wondered how the soft rubber of a tree, turns into thick, heavy, and strong rubber? Though it looks like the hardest thing to manufacture a tire, with all machinery and techniques anyone can manufacture a tire, at least a green tire.  A green tire is a pre-tread tire, on a green tire, …

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Tire Plug, Tire Patch, Or Tire Sealant | How To Decide?

tire plug

If you have knowledge about tire repair and maintenance, then you have an idea about different types of tire repair tools. Even though all of these tools have the same purpose of fixing a tire, however, all of them are different and use for different purposes. If you have ever wondered how to decide on …

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What Is Tire Slash? How To Prevent And Fix It

Tire sidewalls or tire treads can get a slash for many possible reasons. The slash is a kind of cut or swing that tear the rubber to blow the air out of the tire. Depending on the volume of the slash, the tire sometimes is repairable and sometimes not.  Slashing somebody’s tire is a crime …

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Low Profile Vs High Profile Tire | Which One Is Better?

Low profile tire

If you have ever come across a decision, whether to buy a low-profile tire or a high-profile tire, then you indeed have an idea how complicated these choices can be. For some of you who don’t know what is the main difference between these two. The low-profile tire has a wider contact area with smaller …

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How To Utilize Old Tires (New Methods)

old tires

If you read any article on the internet, most of them highlight quite the same methods of dealing with your old tires. In this article, you will learn some techniques that will help you utilize old tires in the best way possible.  Most people burn their tire or dump it into the trash, and the …

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Tire Sealant Uses, Do’s and Dont’s, And Other

tire sealant

As most of you might know, tire sealants are used for temporarily moving your tires after a puncture. It is made of glycol, rubber particles, organic thickeners, and other chemicals merged into a liquid foam. The liquid drops into the tire and dries inside it, covering the punctured area of the tire. If it is …

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How To Choose The Right Tires For Your Car


What is the definition of right tires in general. A tire that fully satisfies your need and performs more than your expectancy for a required amount of time. For that, you need to understand which tire will be a more suitable option considering your driving style and conditions.  Someone who does not know about tire …

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Tires Related Queries| Answering Audience # 1


Tires are that part of your vehicle which is as complicated to understand as other parts of your car. To take good care of your car tires; you must know some of the basic things to understand your tire’s knows and don’ts.  A person who has better knowledge of his car and its tires can …

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