What Are Tire Chains, And Should You Trust Them?

Diamond shape snow chains

The unpredictability of season and road conditions has been a greater issue for drivers all around the world, and for that same reason, there are different categories of tires made for different conditions.  Summer tires for warm and dry road conditions, all-terrain tires for different road conditions, and winter tires for snow terrains. But sometimes …

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How Tire Warranty Work | Types Of Tire Warranties

tire warranty

A tire warranty is something that every car driver has come across in their lifetime. Even though nowadays, due to improved technology, manufacturers predict the right tire mileage, however, sometimes, the tire doesn’t even come close to the given warranty. In this case, a tire warranty is a good backup from losing all of your …

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Tire Sipes And Grooves | How Do They Work?

tire sipes

Tire sipes and grooves are very important parts of tread design and pattern, usually, all passenger car tires have sipes and grooves, however, some high-performance summer tires do not come with tire sipes and grooves. Tire sipes are cut marks on the tire tread, the idea of siping tires comes from a sipes inventor who …

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Tire Specifications | Should They Bother?

tire specifications

When buying new tires, there are things like tire size, tire specifications, and tire driving condition has to be considered to make a good tire purchase. Even though the most important factor is the tire size, however, if you won’t examine tire specifications before buying new tires, you won’t get the ride that you would …

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Low Rolling Resistance Tires  | How Do They Work?

low rolling resistance tires

Every driver looks for an affordable ride at this high inflation and expensive energy age and low rolling resistance tires are the solution to that. Whenever someone wants to save some money on fuel consumption and wants to improve their vehicle’s gas mileage they choose low rolling resistance tires to save some money.  Low rolling …

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Guide On Tire Compound (2023)

Tire Compound

Even though the tire compound is not the actual decider of the tire’s performance it still has a much higher impact on the way the tire performs in certain conditions. The tire tread compound exists under all that hard rubber you see on tires, it consists of fabric, textile, steel belts, nylon caps, and radial …

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Different Tire Sizes On Rear And Front Axles | Is It Bad?

different tire sizes porsche

If you are into car modification, then you have seen some cars, usually sports cars with different tire sizes on the rear and front axles. If you don’t know its reason, benefits, and disadvantages, then read this article till the end to get all these questions answered.  When different tire sizes are installed on any …

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Tread Design And Tread Parts Explain

Tread Design

If you are a car nerd like me, then you always wonder about every part of the tire, and tire tread design is one of the wonders. The tire tread design seems very complicated just by looking at it, and most people only know about tire tread that whenever the tread is below2/32 of its …

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Tire Rotation Process | Which One Is The Best

tire rotation processes

The tire rotation process includes changing the tire place and fitting it into another place or axle. The reason for doing all this effort is to properly distribute forces among all four tires of the car so that all tires wear off evenly and equally as the expiration date arrives for the tire tread.   The …

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Impacts Of Avoiding Tire Rotation Are Extremely Damaging

avoiding tire rotation

Avoiding tire rotation on your new or old tires is as much risky as driving your vehicle with low air pressure tire, both of these scenarios are harsh, however, the flat tire can be repaired but once the tire gets damaged due to avoiding tire rotation, they will not be able to repair and you …

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