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Advanta Tires Review

There are many brands that offer tires at very cheap rates, and the most common problem with them is they have really bad treadwear that wears off after a month or two. Yet there is an Advanta tire that offers tires at very affordable rates and is backed by a replacement warranty. If the tire won’t reach the manufacturer’s warranty, tires will be replaced with the new one. That is why Advanta tires are one of the best affordable options available if you want to buy all-season tires for your passenger car, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. 

Advanta tires highlight

Origin of Advanta tiresUnited states
Started operationsIn 1982
Type of tire manufacturePassenger, light trucks, and commercial tires
Manufacturing atChina, India, and USA
Tire categoriesAll-season
Price range$59 – $427
Ply ratings2-16 ply
Average distance covers40000-60000 Miles
Online retailersPriority tires, Amazon And Walmart

Advanta tire is a subsidiary brand of American pacific industries; as API is more focused on off-road and all-terrain tires, Advanta tires offer only on-road all-season tires for all kinds of vehicles. The company was founded in 1982 with three other brands to deal with all types of customers. There are not many tires and models you can find on Advanta tires, and most of them are made with the old technology, so if you want an affordable tire for daily driving with moderate comfort and all-season performance, then Advanta could be a good choice for you.

Pros & Cons Of Advanta Tires 

  • High-quality tires at affordable rates.
  • Smooth and comfortable all-season ride.
  • Confident traction and grip at wet and dry terrains.
  • Durable tires with 40-60K Miles treadwear warranty.
  • Responsive breaks and quick acceleration on highways.
  • Noisy tires, especially on fast tracks.
  • Bad performance on snow terrains.
  • Not available in other categories.

Advanta Tires Quality

There are some tires of Advanta that have very good rubber and treadwear quality, while there are some other tires that have bad quality, especially in the commercial vehicle tires category. Because Advanta has a manufacturing plant in different parts of the world, including America, China, and India. That is why some of their tires are outclassed when it comes to durable treadwear and sidewall life; on the other hand, some of their tires do not even reach the manufacturer’s warranty. However, the best thing about Advanta tires is that they have a replacement policy if the tire wears off or burst before reaching the given warranty, you will get new tires if you follow the guidelines of the tire usage. 

Advanta Tires Pricing 

They set their price on the basis of the cost a tire manufacturer at. By cutting out profit, they sell their tires at the very best and most affordable rates. That is why most of their buyers use their tires due to the price and quality they offer at that rate. One of the reasons for their low cost is that they simply don’t use as high-quality material as Michelin and Goodyear tires use on their tires. Also, their manufacturing plants are located in China and India, which are relatively cheap countries when it comes to production; that is the other factor of how they save that much cost and sell their tires at the least rates in the market. Also, they have large plants and manufacture in high quantity, that is how they save money when manufacturing tires.

Advanta Tires Competitors

There are many other competitors brands that offer tires at that low price, but when it comes to performance and durability, they lack in these areas. However, Advanta tires offer a good price with high quality at the same time. Brands like Lionhart, Blackhawk, and Ohtsu, are some of the brands that have high-quality tires and sell their tires in the market at very economical rates. There is not one single brand that has a hold on the budget-oriented buyers market; all of these Chinese, Indonesian, and African manufacturing tires earn their share in the market. 

Costumer’s Reviews About Advanta Tires

There are sort of mixed reviews on the internet about Advanta tire’s performance and its treadwear durability. Because not everyone expects the same results from tires, and sometimes other factors like misusage of tires and bad weather can make an impact and damage the tires, which disturbs the feeling of the customers. Some of the reviews that we found most useful are: 

Advanta Best Tires 

There are many good tires that Advanta has launched in the market since their startup, but the top three tires that have still held on the market and sell after that many years of their launch. All three of these tires are considered as the backbone of Advanta tires when it comes to the all-season tire category. 

Advanta HP Z-01+

  • high performance
  • all-weather grip
  • 60K warranty
Advanta ATX-750

  • LT Tire
  • strong body
  • 50K warranty
Advanta HP Z-01

  • LT/SUV tire
  • High speed
  • Low noise

Their underperforming tires

Just like every other brand, Advanta tires also have some tires that didn’t get as much attention and failed in the market. The reason could be anything like their high price, low quality, and bad design. That is why now Advata launched their tires by analyzing all three of these factors so that their new tires won’t fail just like those tires. 

Commer-cial tire

Advanta AV5000S

  • unavailability
  • low ply rated
  • heavy tire

Advanta HTR-800

  • LT Tire
  • noisy tire
  • bad sidewalls
Commer-cial tire

Advanta AV750DT

  • low ply rating
  • bad snow ride
  • no warranty

Frequently Asked Question About Advanta Tires

How good is the treadwear of this brand?

The treadwear of Advanta tires is exceptionally well when it comes to its durability. However, their tires get noisy after several miles of ride or on high-speed tracks. Other than that, most of their tires have good treadwear, which comes with a 40000 to 60000 Miles treadwear warranty, which is good for four to five years confident ride. 

How comfortable and quiet are these tires?

As mentioned above, cheap and affordable tires are not as comfortable as premium tires brands. But if you want a tire for a casual everyday drive, then it won’t bother you as much. On the other hand, if you want to have a luxurious ride with your expensive car, then it might not be the tire for your car. Because their tires are not as comfortable as premium brand tires. 

Why are these tires cheap?

The main reason for their low-cost tire is that they have manufacturing plants in China, which is a relatively cheaper country for production compared to the united states and other developed countries. Along with that, the parts and rubber that they use in their tire is not as high quality as premium brands use on their tires. These are some things that make these tires affordable and economical for budget-oriented buyers. 

What is their competitive strategy?

Just by looking at their price, it is obvious that they use a cost-effective strategy and attracts buyers with their low price tires. Along with that, they also consider the safety and quality of their tires, which can be neglected when making the least costly tires. That is why their rates are a little higher than cheap quality tires who do not focus on the quality of the tires. 

Do we recommend buying these tires?

If you are a driver who does not concern as much about comfort and noise and want a tire that lasts longer at affordable rates, then we would highly recommend you to go with Advanta tires. Because they come with a replacement warranty which will at least last for more than 3 to 4 years. On the other hand, if you have an expensive vehicle and you want to have a luxurious and comfortable ride with your car, then Advanta tires won’t be a good choice for you. Because their tires are not as comfortable as other premium brand tires, that will fulfill all your desire at a little higher rate. 

Final words

Advanta tires, compared to other Chinese and Indonesian brand tire, is better in performance and has more treadwear rating at a similar price. There are flows like low snow performance and noise at high speed, but other than that, these are perfect tires if you want a budget ride to your everyday way to work. Also, the tire has long-running treadwear, which will reach the manufacturer’s warranty by providing you with a confident and stable all-season ride. 

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