Falken Pro G5 A/S Vs Sport A/S | Which One Is Better?

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:17 pm

Falken Pro G5 all season vs sports as

Falken Pro G5 A/S


  • Better fuel mileage
  • More durability
  • comfortable and quiet ride
  • Better dry and wet ride
  • Excellent for an everyday drive


  • Lower traction and grip at speed
  • Less responsive steering

Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S


  • More responsive brakes
  • Confident handling
  • Confident traction and grip
  • Smooth cornering and turns
  • Better speed drive
  • Perfect for fast-track rides


  • Lower tread life
  • Not so good in wet

Falken Pro G5 A/S is a touring tire for passenger cars to achieve smooth rides all season. It is a successor of the Falken Pro G4 series with proper improvements in tread and drives. The tire delivers excellent traction and grip in wet and dry conditions, along with proper handling and brakes in all-season conditions. Performance aside, the tread life of the Pro G5 is exceptional, especially compared to its affordable rates. For everyday street rides, this tire is perfect, not only because of its performance but also because of the fuel-efficient rides it delivers to your car.

Another variant of this tire for fast tracks and for the more sporty ride is the Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S. If you enjoy faster rides with proper steering control, then this version of Pro G5 is more suitable for you. It delivers excellent performance on dry roads, with confident traction and cornering even at fast speed. Although the tire is quite weak in wet conditions, it still manages to resist hydroplaning for safe and confident rides in the rain. With all-season compatibility, the tire is not confined to summer rides only. Drive with it in any season to enjoy the sporty rides of your performance cars all year round. 

Preferable Terrains

Summer Tracks

The Falken Pro G5 A/S touring tire is best for driving on city streets and highways. As this tire is meant for small to medium-passenger cars, it delivers the best performance and excellent mileage in these on-road terrains. Whether it is dry or wet conditions, this all-season tire delivers the finest performance by providing confident traction and grip. The hydroplaning resistance in wet and rainy seasons is crucial, to achieving safe and proper rides. Along with that, you get responsive brakes and handling in all-season conditions on the road. 

Speed Tracks

For Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S the more preferable conditions are fast tracks and also city streets. Due to the design for all seasons, the tire is capable of handling both on-road and track situations. However, the more suitable terrain for sports tires is fast tracks because tires perform well in those fast and rough conditions of the tracks. Mostly, sports tires are confined to summer terrains due to their design; however, this Pro G5 Sport is good to drive in all-season dry and even wet conditions. 

Tread Comparison

The Falken Pro G5 A/S features interlocking sipes on shoulder blocks to provide better traction and cornering in dry and wet conditions. Along with that the tire also has sipes on tread blocks to promote better handling and contact for durable and more stable rides. With lateral grooves and circumferential grooves, this tire provides excellent performance in wet, rainy, and winter conditions.  The specialized tread compound and blocks promote confident, stable, and proper all-season rides to achieve many miles all year round. 

The sports and performance tires’ treads are designed differently, considering a better performance on tracks. The Falken Pro G5 sport A/S has a wider outside shoulder for proper cornering on fast tracks. Also, the sipes on tread blocks improve traction and grip in wet and dry conditions. The solid center ribs and notches promote stability at high speed, along with proper handling and brakes. Also, the circumferential grooves improve the wet performance, even at high-speed tracks. 

Durability Test

Touring tires always have more durable treadwear compared to sports or performance tires. Similarly, the Pro G5 A/S covers more miles of the drive as compared to the Pro G5 Sport A/S. That is why the company offers a 60K miles treadwear warranty on A/S tires and only a 45K miles warranty on Sport A/S tires. So if you want to achieve more miles with one set of tires, then Pro G5 A/S will be a better option for you; although you may not get as good of sports performance as Pro G5 Sport A/S, you will get at least one extra year to drive without changing tires. 

SpecificationsFalken Pro G5 A/SFalken Pro G5 Sport A/S
CategoryTouring all-seasonPerformance all-season
Load Index82 (1047) 101 (1819)87 (1201) 106 (2094)
Speed RatingsH (130) V (149)W (168) Y (186)
Ply Ratings4 Ply Rated4 Ply Rated
Run FlatNoNo
Treadwear Ratings600500
Traction & TemperatureA, AA, A 
Rim Diameter15”-19”16”-20”

Dry Performance

The performance on dry roads is quite similar for both tires. However, the cornering and traction on summer terrains are more enjoyable with Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S. Because of its tread compound, the tire grips better with the ground, which also improves the handling and steering response. For normal speed and city dry streets, the Falken Pro G5 A/S will also be a good choice to achieve excellent traction and grip at normal speed. 

Wet Performance

The wet performance of Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S is not on the mark. The tire loses grip while driving on fast tracks due to the absence of lateral grooves. That is why this tire is better to drive on hot and dry summer roads if you are chasing speed. At normal speed, it delivers good performance even in wet conditions. On the other hand, Falken Pro G5 A/S is perfect and serves its driving purpose on wet roads. It delivers quick brakes, and grip without losing a response on the steering.

Snow/Winter Performance

As both of these tires do not have the 3PMSF symbol, they lack snow performance. Although the drive of Falken Pro G5 A/S is better in snow, this is still not as good enough as other all-season tires. For normal height snow, the tire is good, but if there is snow more than 4 to 5 inches, this tire loses response and has bad brakes with low traction and grip. 

Street and Track Performance

The Falken Pro G5 A/S delivers excellent performance on streets with proper handling response and durable rides. It is a perfect tire at an affordable rate to drive in all-season conditions on the road for more than five years of comfortable rides. On the other hand, Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S is better on tracks and lacks wet conditions on the streets. It performs superbly in dry and wet tracks, unlike Pro G5 A/S, which loses traction while driving at a faster pace on the tracks. 

Which one would you prefer?

If you are someone who wants tires for their luxury or comfortable car to drive in all-season conditions of the street, then Falken Pro G5 A/S will be a more suitable option out of these two tires. However, if you want tires for your performance cars to drive on streets and tracks at a faster speed, then Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S will fit perfectly with your car. Although both of these tires differ while driving in different conditions, these are their preferred terrains, and according to that, you should choose between these two tires.

Final words

Falken Pro G5 A/S and Falken Pro G5 Sport A/S are exclusive tires available only at Discount Tire. Both of these tires are best in their specific terrains, with durable rides and very affordable rates. There is no such competition between these two tires as both of these tires serve different types of drivers. If you want to buy these tires, then choose one of them according to your driving style and conditions to achieve long-running performance all year round. 

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  1. I just bought these tires for my Cadillac ATS Performance Premium with the V6 engine and the Magnetic shocks. Since replacing the tires with the Falken 05 Sports I have noticed a huge difference in quality of ride and cornering ability since this car will do a G pretty easily, and the tires enhance the 5 link suspension and the Brembo brakes are not over worked bringing the car to a quick stop, when needed.


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