Best Grand Touring Tires In 2024 (Passenger Cars & SUVs)

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 12:20 pm

best grand touring tires

You should have these four things if you are looking to find the best grand touring tires: you should have a high budget, a passenger car, and all-season driving conditions; if you have these things then you are well qualified to buy grand touring tires, and to read this article. 

Grand touring tires are a more luxurious and comfortable version of standard touring tires. They are better to drive in all-season conditions, and some of them come with a 3PMSF certificate which is great for winter terrains as well. 

The most common type of tires, which everyday drivers use are all-season touring tires, and the reason for that is because they are very reliable and perform in a different situation unlike performance tires, which have very low treadwear ratings, and very high cost as well. 

For your assistance, we have categorized tires based on their unique quality, like 3PMSF, and affordable price so that you can pick the right tire according to your driving conditions and budget. 

Also, we have compared each tire with its counterparts so that you can easily analyze the tire based on its performance test results. If you want a detailed overview of each tire, you can read its descriptive review on our website as well. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best grand touring tires in 2024, read the article till the end to finalize the best tire for your car which will deliver a performance till the end of this decade. 

3PMSF Grand Touring Tires

Bridgestone WeatherPeak

bridgestone WeatherPeak

All-season tires that come with a 3PMSF certificate are very rare to find in the market; one of the reasons is that all-season tires find it hard to drive in winter terrains, unlike this Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire.

It is a grand touring all-season tire, that provides all-season performance, comfortable and quiet highway rides, and smooth and stable winter terrain rides. It is a complete package for sedan, crossover, and SUV drivers if they live in North America or in a place where all four seasons come at the extreme. 

As it is a 3PMSF-certified tire, it is great with winter terrain, unlike other tires, it performs well in harsh winter terrains as well. So forget about separate winter tire pairs that require high investment and take up a lot of space in your garage. 

With comfortable, smooth, and stable rides, the durable treadwear of this tire is something appreciable also, this tire with proper care and normal drive, can run for more than 7-8 years, due to its optimized contact and aggressive sidewalls. 

Overall it is a top tire in the grand touring tires category, which has been so positively reviewed by drivers, if you want to check the test report and complete tire analysis, then read the complete review on our website reviews section. 


  • All-season compound for versatility in inclement weather and changing situations.
  • Wide circumferential grooves and lateral notches channel water to resist hydroplaning in wet conditions
  • Evolving sipes and optimized footprint for stability and proper traction in dry conditions.
  • Open shoulder design and snow vices for dealing with extreme winter terrains without reducing tread life
  • A durable treadwear due to its large and rugged shoulder that comes with a 70Kmiles treadwear warranty. 


  • Not great for spirited drivers due to long brakes and irresponsive handling
  • Low performance in dry and wet conditions, compared to Michelin CrossCliamte 2

Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin Cross
Climate 2

Another excellent tire with a 3PMSF certificate for extreme winter and light snow performance. This Michelin CrossClimate 2 has been ruling the grand touring tires market since its launch 3 years ago, until the Bridgestone weatherPeak launch. 

There are hundreds of grand touring tires in the market. However, these two are the best in the market, but due to their high prices, people often choose cheaper options. Otherwise, these two tires will be the only tires that would sell in the grand touring tire category.

Both of these tires are very similar in performance, durability, comfort, and price range; however, one tire has the upper hand in some features, and the other has in other features. You can easily identify the performance metrics of both tires in the comparison below. 

Just like Bridgestone WeatherPEak tire, this tire also provides perfect all-season rides; whether it is dry terrain traction or wet road grip, it delivers stable rides on highways and confident performance in winter terrain as well. 

Overall this tire is a better option if you want to enjoy the all-season rides due to better response as Michelin tires have been involved in performance tires so much they have an idea of what the driver wants when it comes to handling performance. 


  • All-season compound for versatile performance with piano noise reduction tread tunning for comfortable and quiet all-season rides
  • Centre tread area optimized for uninterrupted contact, which improves traction, brakes, and acceleration in dry and wet conditions
  • Molded v-ramp chamfers are designed to provide a stable ride while carrying heavy loads without damaging the tread of the tire. 
  • Stable highway rides, hydroplaning resistance on wet and confident winter traction fue to 3D sipe technology
  • Longer tread life, which is backed by a 60K miles treadwear warranty.


  • Low treadwear warranty and treadwear rating than Bridgestone WeatherPeak
  • Low winter terrain performance due to the absence of circumferential grooves.

Compared To Bridgestone WeatherPeak

All-season Conditions Michelin CrossClimate 2
Overall Dry Performance 29.15%
Overall Wet Performance 29.68%
Overall winter Performance -9.80%
Overall Ride Quality -2.67%
Price (175/65R15 (84H)) 3.45%

Durable Grand Touring Tire

Continental PureContact LS

Continental PureContact LS

Here come tires that are not certified with 3PMSF, and for that reason, they are not enjoyable to drive in snow terrains. They deliver above-average performance in light snow conditions, however, when it comes to deep snow and ice, they deliver below-average performance.

This continental PureContact LS is a new grand touring tire that is great in everything except deep snow performance, so if you don’t usually drive in winter terrain, then this tire will cost you less and provide a very stable ride in all-season conditions. 

This is a more responsive tire compared to previous tires, it delivers better handling, brakes, and traction when it comes to wet and dry road conditions. With that, the performance on light tracks is good as well, it provides a confident ride there as well. 

Along with that, the comfortable and quiet smooth rides in wet, dry, and light snow conditions, with stable rides and uniform wear all year round. 

With this tire, you can drive for more miles in all-season conditions, and it will also cost less, that is why it is a very excellent option for all-season drivers who do not face harsh winter terrain all year. 


  • Comfortable and durable ride with 70K miles treadwear warranty
  • Improved fuel efficiency and uniform wear due to an all-season compound that can be driven in different weather conditions
  • Lateral notches and center tread sipes provide proper traction and grip with responsive handling in dry and wet conditions
  • Sweeping grooves, circumferential grooves, and open shoulder channels water and ice for a confident grip while resisting hydroplaning
  • Shoulder sipes and center ribs sipes create extra biting edges for proper light snow performance


  • Bad performance in deep snow and ice-covered roads
  • Noisy tire when driving at high speed

Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

This Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack is another option if you want more responsive and durable all-season rides. This is the highest treadwear rated and highest treadwear warranty tire, so the main purpose of your ride is to achieve many miles then this tre will perfectly fit the description. 

As the test results show, this tire is not so good when it comes to wet and dry road performance; however, it has better traction and grip in both of these conditions compared to Continental PureContact LS; the low steering response and brakes make it less performing tire to drive in all-season conditions. 

With that, this tire is better in snow terrains and provides a more comfortable ride, all of this you can achieve with the most durable treadwear that will at least move your car for 5 years. 

However, the price range of this tire is similar to 3PMSF-certified grand touring tires, it is your choice: you want more comfortable tires that perform well in winter terrains, or you want the most durable tire to drive for many years; the decision is totally yours to make. 


  • A comfortable and durable tire with 80K miles treadwear warranty, 800 treadwear rating
  • Non-chamfered shoulder slots with pitch optimization and optimized contact for even wear and quiet rides all year round
  • Rounded contact patch for a stable ride while reducing vibration, it also improves fuel efficiency. 
  • Wide circumferential grooves with shoulder slots improve wet traction and grip with hydroplaning resistance
  • Interlocking sipes for creating extra biting edges on snow and proper traction and grip in dry conditions


  • Bad deep snow performance due to the absence of 3PMSF
  • Low wet track performance

Compared to Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

All-season Conditions Continental PureContact LS
Overall Dry Performance 14.71%
Overall Wet Performance 61.28%
Overall winter Performance -4.08%
Overall Ride Quality -4.40%
Price(205/55R16 (91V)) -17.13%

Expensive Grand Touring Tire

Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

These are a little bit expensive tires compared to other grand touring tires that we mentioned above. With expensive prices, they have durable treadwear and proper performance in winter terrains as well, so keep these things in mind as well. 

This Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 is a perfect tire for someone looking for a proper tire that is durable and provides performance in all seasons and winter terrains as well. 

This tire performs far better compared to other non-3PMSF certified winter tires in winter terrains, the reason of that it is equipped with 3D zigzag sipes that are a game changer in winter terrains; this is the reason why this tire is driveable at deep snow terrains as well. 

The tire provides proper traction and grip in wet and dry road conditions; the advanced tread blocks come in handy when it comes to a confident ride with stable and responsive handling on highways and straight roads. 

Along with that, the comfortable and quiet ride is achievable on street roads due to optimized tread blocks. 

Lastly, the durable treadwear makes this tire a great option for drivers looking for all-year-round drive with a reliable tire that runs for at least more than 6 years. 


  • Comfortable and quiet ride in all seasons without compromising on the tread, which is backed by 70K miles treadwear warranty
  • The treadwear off properly and uniformly even when driving only on highways with heavy weights. 
  • Proper traction and grip in wet and dry road conditions due to tread sipes and larger outboard shoulder blocks which also reduce steering stiffness. 
  • Deep sipes and circumferential grooves resist hydroplaning by channeling water for wet traction and snow for snow grip
  • Optimized contact and sequenced pitches reduce cabin vibration and improve stable contact even at a fast pace


  • Expensive grand touring tires, which also did not pass the 3PMSF test
  • Slow brakes in wet conditions, especially on high-standing water

Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus

Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus

The most expensive tire in this list, and not so much of the best performance grand touring tire; however, this tire has a run-flat rubber that can be driven even after picture for more than 50 miles at 50MPH speed. 

Due to this reason, drivers of luxury cars really appreciate this Bridgestone DriveGuard Plus tire and buy it even though it is expensive. Also, the tire is great to drive in all-season conditions, as the test result states it is not as great as the Pirelli tire, still, when you get a feature like run-flat, a little bit compromise on performance is fair. 

With that, the snow terrain ride is fair as well, it is not so great; it fails in the deep snow terrain, though. The tire loses grip and takes longer to stop; that is why it is not a safe tire to drive in extreme winter terrains. 

With durable treadwear, comfortable rides, and safety features, it is another good option for luxury car owners who are looking for grand touring run-flat tires. 


  • Runflat tire for safe rides, especially if you don’t tour with spare wheels
  • Durable treadwear and comfortable rides backed by 65K miles treadwear warranty
  • Zero-degree angle with circumferential grooves and open shoulders improve wet traction and resist hydroplaning
  • The Center tread area features 3D sipes and tread notches for a stable ride and responsive handling in all season
  • Zigzag sipes also create extra biting edges to handle winter terrains


  • Low all-season performance compared to Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3
  • An expensive tire with low performance in harsh winter terrains

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive

Another great grand touring tire that is not that much expensive and performs very well in all-season conditions. Usually, Goodyear tires are more expensive than the market due to their manufacturing in the United States. 

This Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive is an excellent tire that delivers proper traction and grip in wet and dry road conditions; compared to the Pirelli tire, it is better when it comes to wet traction and grip and far better than the Bridgestone tire in all situations. 

This tire is not 3PMSF certified still, it performs fairly well in deep snow conditions. However, it wears off early when driving on harsh winter terrains, which is why limit your ride to light snow conditions to utilize the maximum wear. 

As of this tire’s name, it provides a comfortable and quiet ride, with stable rides on highways as well. Overall, it is a great tire; however, if you want a  better winter terrain tire or a more durable tire, you should pick the top listed tires rather than this one. 


  • Comfortable and quiet ride due to optimized tread and sequencing pitch, which enable stable rides as well
  • Utilizes soybean oil for better traction and grip in wet and snow terrains
  • Treadlock technology traction grooves improve grip and traction in dry conditions
  • Aqua channel grooves and lateral notches channel water for confident grip and hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions
  • Large center rib sipes reduce discomfort in snow terrain and improve balance in deep snow conditions


  • An expensive tire with low performance on deep snow terrains
  • Low steering response in dry road conditions

Compared to Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

All-season Conditions DriveGuard Plus Goodyear Assurance ComfortDrive
Overall Dry Performance -13.03% -12.61%
Overall Wet Performance 1.88% 26.52%
Overall winter Performance -43.61% -6.09%
Overall Ride Quality -17.42% 0.00%
Price(215/50R17 (95V)) 25.00% 2.13%

Cheap Grand Touring Tires

General Altimax RT45

General Altimax RT45

If you want to save some money on all-season grand touring tires, then this is where you will find the best fit for your car. In this section, we have gathered top grand touring tires that come at low prices, not because they perform any worse, but just because they have cheap facilities to manufacture tires in third-world countries. 

The General Altimax RT45 is a great tire that has durable treadwear and provides comfortable rides all year round. It also performs in light snow conditions and provides stable rides on highways and fast tracks. 

The common problem with these tires you will find is that they are not as comfortable as top-ranked tires, and also they are not so great in winter terrains; however, you can save around $60 to $70 on one tire, which is huge. 

All-season traction and grip compared with the top tire, this tire is quite similar and provides a very smooth ride in dry and wet conditions. Overall the tire is very budget-friendly and does its job in all seasons properly.


  • Interlocking tread blocks and all-season compound improves stability in different weather conditions
  • Lateral voids and tread sipes increase grip and traction in wet and dry road conditions
  • Alignment indicator for uniform wear, which makes it a durable tire that comes with a 75K miles treadwear warranty
  • Circumferential grooves and open shoulder blocks channel water, slash, and ice to resist hydroplaning and increase grip on standing water
  • Stable ride and even wear due to optimized contact, which reduces cabin noise for comfortable rides


  • Not so great in winter terrains
  • Noisier tire compared to top mentioned tires

Vredestein HiTrac All-Season

Vredestein HiTrac All-Season

Another affordable tire for budget-friendly drivers. The Vredestein is a brand that is not heard by many in the United States. However, it is popular in Europe. They have some top-tier tires in all season and winter tire categories. 

This Vredestein HiTrac All-season is an excellent tire for dry and wet road performance. It does not slip on wet and slippery conditions while providing stable rides on highways and pavements. 

This is not a 3PMSF-certified tire, which is why it is not a great tire in deep snow conditions; however, on light snow terrain, it performs fairly well. 

With a comfortable and smooth all-season ride, it will be another great option for your car, and as the test result states, it is a far better tire than General Altimax RT45. 

The problem with this tire is that it does not reach its warranty period, which is why regular care is required to attain complete performance from this tire. 


  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions due to optimized sipes and all-season compound
  • The optimized tread blocks with sequencing pitch and wide contact area reduce noise for comfort and improve steering response for spirited rides
  • Open shoulders feature evacuation grooves and tread circumferential grooves to improve wet performance by resisting hydroplaning and proper traction on standing water
  • 3D sipes technology plays an important role in the snow by providing extra biting edges on winter terrains
  • Optimized contact area for stability and smooth ride on highways


  • Noisy tire in all seasons and winter terrains
  • Wear off earlier than other listed tires

BFGoodrich Advantage Control

BFGoodrich Advantage Control

Out of these tires, this BFGoodrich Advantage Control is the better all-year-round tire, it performs fairly well in dry and wet conditions and performs better in snow terrains. Even though it is not a 3PMSF-certified tire, compared to these two tires, it is better on winter terrains.

Other than that, it is a comfortable tire to drive in road conditions, and it provides a stable ride with heavyweight, which makes it also a great tire for highways and other paved roads. 

The comfortable tread also improves the ride on pitted roads and gravels which is why this tire is also one of the top tires and comes at a very low price. 

So, if you want a durable tire, that provides comfortable and quiet rides, performs well in snow, and also costs less, then this is the perfect choice for your car in 2024. 


  • Silica-rich content on all-season tread compound for proper wet and dry road performance
  • Optimized tread pattern for even wear and low tread noise in all-season conditions
  • Center tread sipes improve wet and dry road handling and provide biting edges on snow terrains
  • Wide circumferential grooves and open shoulder design evacuate water for hydroplaning resistance on standing water
  • Active sipes on the tread area to provide extra biting edges on snow terrains


  • Not the best tire for the deep winter season
  • Low-rolling tires, which might increase fuel consumption

Compared to General Altimax RT45

All-season Conditions Vredestein HiTrac All-Season BFGoodrich Advantage Control
Overall Dry Performance 20.55% -26.20%
Overall Wet Performance 29.67% -28.15%
Overall winter Performance 4.91% 34.64%
Overall Ride Quality 13.36% -16.58%
Price(185/65R15 (86H)) -2.68% 10.78%

 Less Durable Grand Touring Tires

Firestone WeatherGrip

Firestone WeatherGrip

In this section, you will find tires that are great in performance but reviewed poorly based on treadwear life. Although these tires come with a good treadwear warranty, however, they wear off far earlier than the warranty claims. 

This Firestone WeatherGrip tire is a great tire to drive in all-season conditions. It provides a comfortable all-season ride, with proper dry and wet traction and grip. The stable ride makes it a safe tire to ride in all-season conditions as well.

With that, as it is a 3PMSF-certified tire, it performs well in deep snow as well and is a far better tire than non-3PMSF-certified grand touring tires. The confident ride on snow makes it an overall great tire to drive in 2024. 

This is an older tire compared to other mentioned tires, which is the reason why the treadwear has difficulties competing with current all-season tires; otherwise, this would be one of the best tires in this age. 


  • Proper traction and grip due to highly dense sipes on tread blocks 
  • Full-depth grooves, rounded contact, and open shoulder improve wet and winter terrain grip with hydroplaning resistance
  • Chamfered shoulder blocks for enhanced handling, cornering, and brakes in all-season conditions
  • Snow traction claw technology for deep snow traction while confident rides in light snow conditions


  • Early wear-off in all-season conditions
  • Lacks in all-season performance compared to Yokohama tire

Yokohama Avid Ascend GT

Yokohama Avid Ascend GT

This Yokohama Avid Ascend GT is another great all-season grand touring tire that might be less durable but performs well in all seasons and light snow conditions. It is far more durable than the previously mentioned tire. However, the winter performance is not so great due to the absence of a 3PMSF certificate. 

It delivers proper traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions. Due to the tread design, the tire also performs well in light snow conditions; with all that, the comfortable ride and smooth highway rides make it a proper tire to drive at this time as well. 

This is also an older tire that launched in 2014; at the initial stages, the tire sold greatly; however, with time, new innovation in new tires makes it look not so not-so-great tire to drive in all-season conditions. 

This is also the reason why it wears off earlier than other tires. Other than that, the performance is comparatively good of this tire when it comes to all-season conditions. And also it is a more comfortable tire to drive than a Firestone tire. 


  • Notched shoulder block with circumferential grooves for optimized performance in wet terrain while resisting hydroplaning
  • Pitch sequencing and variation for quiet and comfortable all-season rides
  • Tripled 3D sipes on the tread and shoulder provide extra biting edges on snow and winter terrains
  • High-quality rubber and even wear make it a durable tire that is baked by a 65K miles treadwear warranty. 


  • Wear off earlier than other touring tires
  • Not for harsh winter terrain, due to the absence of the 3PMSF symbol

Compared to Firestone WeatherGrip

All-season Conditions Yokohama Avid Ascend GT
Overall Dry Performance 37.68%
Overall Wet Performance 71.13%
Overall winter Performance -35.56%
Overall Ride Quality 21.08%
Price(175/65R15 (84H)) -15.44%

Buying Guide For Best Grand Touring Tires

After reading this article, some of you might get confused about which tire to buy; that is why, in this part of the article, we will try to help you identify the right tire based on your driving conditions and preferences. Because there are hundreds of tires in this category and you have to pick only one for your car and to choose the best fit, you should know how to decide which tire will fulfill your desires. 

Things To Consider In Grand Touring Tires

The most important thing to consider in the grand touring tire is its comfort and durability because that is what matters the most. When it comes to grand touring tires, if you find these things in your tires, then it will be a fine choice for your car. 

After that based on tire performance in different conditions and weathers, you pick a specific tire based on the test results that we describe to analyze which tire will be most beneficial for the driving conditions or weather you drive the most. 

Which Situations Are Best For Grand Touring Tires

The all-season conditions of dry and wet are ideal for the grand touring tires. However, if you buy all-season grand touring tires, then pick the tire that also performs well in cold and below 30F degrees to fulfill the purpose of all-season driving.

The road conditions matter as well; if you drive in off terrain or more on gravel roads, then rather all-season tires are not the most ideal category to pick tires from; for that, all-terrain or off-road tires will make more sense.  

Test Results And Research

All of the test results shown above are based on subjective views, and other drivers might deviate from them due to the different conditions and rides. We analyzed tire performance based on test results and our research. 

If you want descriptive test results on each tire, then you can read the specific tire review, where we have explained everything about a tire, and a detailed test analysis, which will be more informative for you if you want to learn about it. 

Grand Touring Vs. Standard Touring Tires

There are very specific reasons why drivers prefer grand touring tires over standard touring tires; number one is that, they provide more comfortable rides, they are more versatile when it comes to different conditions, and also they have low rolling resistance compared to touring tires. 

Although the price of these tires is high, and they are less durable and come with a low treadwear warranty compared to standard touring tires, still, grand touring tires are still preferred more by luxurious car drivers to achieve smooth performance all year round.

The best grand touring tire

Considering all the situations, we ranked the Michelin CrossClimate 2 as the best grand touring tire in the market at the current situation. Even though the Bridgestone WeatherPeak is an excellent tire, however, the everyday performance of the Michelin tire has the upper hand over the Bridgestone tire. This is the tire er would recommend to someone who has a high budget and wants comfortable rides in all seasons and a smooth ride in winter terrain as well. 

Final Words

After reading the complete article, we are sure that you must have made up your mind on which tire will be the best grand touring tire for your vehicle. We try to give our best in finding the best tires, analyzing them, and reviewing them individually so that our readers get the most value out of this article. 

Thank you for reading till the end; if you still have any questions, you may ask in the comment sections.

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