Best ST Trailer Tires In Your Budget

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 12:18 pm

best ST trailer tires

In this article, we will give a brief overview of individual tires, their specifications, and features for helping you to choose between top ST trailer tires. Choose wisely according to the weight and size of a trailer to save yourself from disappointment.

Buying ST tires (special trailer tires) for trailers is a good decision compare to LT tires. Because ST tires are specially made for trailers with the understanding of their ups and downs on the other hand LT tires are workable with every other vehicle.

The amount of weight a tire can carry matters a lot when installing on trailers because it affects driving style and sometimes causes accidents. Consider these things to get the best tire for your trailer, which comes with comfort, satisfaction, and durability. 

These are some of the most important points that you should follow before buying trailer tires. Now let’s get into the best ST tires you should buy for your trailer to enjoy control and a safe drive. 

Set of 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires

Set of 4 Premium FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires

A free country brand is known for its involvement in trailer tire production. It always comes with advanced and new technology with durable parts to satisfy every customer who bought their tires. Now, these tires come in a set of 4 for complete trailer tire requirements; you can also buy them individually.

For manufacturing tires, it is not only necessary to keep all focus on design and traction but also to make it safe from rubber damaging substances. This tire has a nylon cap ply which protects tires from bursting and from destroying tire treads. 

The tire is designed for trailer use only, and the load range is C with 6 ply rated. The maximum speed is 75Mph, and it comes with one year warranty. These are one of the cheapest tires available in the market with that many features. If you buy in a bundle, it will save lot of bucks compared to buying a single one.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Lowest price
  • A high-quality radial tire with safety insurance
  • Scuff guard and cap ply
  • Suitable for a long journey
  • It does not come with wheels
  • Speed is a little low

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

Another premium quality tire with a bit of high price, Maxxis, is one of the top manufacturer of trailer tires. When buying trailer tires, most customers’ first choice is Maxxis tires because of their reputation in the market and quality. 

This tire is very good for heavy loading driving on highways without worrying about tire floating and deflation because of the double steel-belted construction which protects the tire. Also, the advanced tread compounds improve fuel consumption and increase tread life. 

The price of this tire is the highest on this list, but it is one of the best quality tires in the whole market. The benefit of this tire is that it will cost more one time, but it will work for a decade. The tire has made its mark in the industry by competing for over 10 years with nearly 95% satisfied customers. The quality speaks for itself that Maxxis 8008 is considered one of the best trailer tires after that many years.

  • Premium quality tire
  • Suitable for long and heavy load drives
  • Best tread life with protection
  • Brilliant fuel economy
  • 10 ply radial tire for heavy loading
  • Good in all seasons
  • Little pricey
  • No rims attached with tire

2-Pk Trailer Tire Rim

2-Pk Trailer Tire Rim

Compatible with every type of trailer, either if it’s a utility, cargo, or watercraft trailer. One tire solution for many types of trailers. This ST eCustomRim is very effective for long journeys to pick up heavy machinery or cargo.

Economically and quality in both ways, this tire outclass its competitor tires. Getting two tires along with a wheel for this price is something hard to find in the current market. Also, the tread quality is phenomenal and usable in every season.

Just check the details available on the product page before buying. All of the sizes their feature are written there. The tire is highly recommended to buy if you look for affordability and durability and get a comfortable, safe drive to your destination.

  • Perfect price
  • Two tires with wheels
  • Suitable for a long drive
  • C class load range with 6 ply wheel
  • Good for different purposes
  • Not available in all sizes
  • No warranty given

MILLION PARTS Set of 2 15” Trailer Tires 

MILLION PARTS Set of 2 15” Trailer Tires 

Another ST tire, workable with trailers only, at a very good price. Million parts trailer tire is a good option for stable and long route drives. The tire comes in various sizes and constructs with 6 ply wheels and a C-class load range.

The package has two tires attached to 2 wheels, making it easier to install without worrying about bad fitments. Built-in rims give strength to the tires so they won’t deform easily. High-class rubber in tires ensures the high quality and stability of tires. 

The exquisite pattern on the tire makes it anti-slippery when driving in the rain. The quality of this tire is superb, and it also comes with a 2-year warranty in case the tire burst; it can be returned or exchange with the new one.

  • Easy to install
  • It comes with two-wheel and two tires
  • High-class rubber quality
  • ST tire with a load range of class C and 6 ply wheel
  • Economically good in price
  • Not available for different sizes of vehicles
  • Wheels are available in one color only

Roadstar 4pcs Trailer Tire

Roadstar 4pcs Trailer Tire

The Roadstar trailer tire comes in a set of 4 tires with wheels. It’s a strong rubber tire with built-in rims attached, which makes it easier to install and less expensive at the same time. You can also buy one tire, but the bundle saves a lot.

The radius is 4.5 with 5 bolts, and the rims come in only white color, which is mainly used in trailer tires. And the speed range is C with 6 ply rated. It will be helpful in moderate daily driving and for transporting materials.

The main reason for adding this tire to our recommendation is the price. If you buy any quality tires from other brands, it may cost you more, and they won’t even have rims. The shining and the stability is another factor that makes it a strong contender.

  • It comes with a tire built-in wheel
  • The Best price in the market
  • Easy to install
  • ST tire with load range C and 6 ply rated
  • Not available for all sizes
  • No warranty

AutoForever 2pcs Trailer Tires

AutoForever 2pcs Trailer Tires

Another affordable tire with safety and quality assurance, This auto forever ST trailer tire come in a bundle of 2 without tires and rims attached. The merger of rims and tires makes them less disturbed and unbalanced while driving. 

The nylon cap defends the tire from deflation and also protects tread to ruin before time. The load range is C class with 6-rated ply, which is good to carry heavyweights. It can carry 1820 pounds of weight. This tire is suitable for heavy loadings.

The cheap tires are worth a definite shot due to the lower price. If they even work for 2-3 years, which is the minimum time, then that will still cost less than buying expensive tires, which will work for 6 years with more than double its price.

  • Two wheels with tires
  • Easy installation
  • Best offer if considering the price
  • The sound quality on that price
  • Suitable for a long drive with heavy loading
  • Works only with trailers, not for other vehicles
  • No warranty

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

The best quality with advanced technology built-in tire; Carlisle is a very reputed brand in the tire industry; With customers worldwide, they introduced the best tires for trailers with durability and comfortability.

The quality is world-class. That is why it cost a little more than other brands have listed in this article but has a reasonable price compared to the known competitor brands. The tire is good to run in long routes with carrying heavy loads all season without any worries of deflation because of its damage-resistant design.

It has more than 95% satisfied customers, and if you consider buying quality tires for RV and trailers, it ranked high on the list. It is the strongest tire in this list with E-rated load range and 10 ply with the ability to carry 1200 pounds.

  • Highest quality
  • Good for heavy load
  • Damage resistant design
  • New design with advanced technology
  • E rated tire with 10 ply
  • All-season tire
  • No warranty
  • Little expensive


Trailer tires are different than regular tires, and they mostly work with trailers. Because of their capability to hold the weight some of the tires from known brands are expensive and hard to afford for a middle-class man. That is why we came up with an article with the most reliable and trusted tires at a very affordable price in the current market.

Different components of tires attract different buyers. So choose which one is suited for you and go with that tire don’t get confused by other features that you don’t need. All of the listed tires are very positively reviewed by customers, so there is no need to worry about fraud and false product delivery. 

If you have decided which one suits you best for your trailer, then comment below to let us know what about that product attracts you the most. Also, give us feedback about the blog if you like it or if you want to see some improvements.

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