Electric Vehicles Leading The Charge Of Registered Vehicles In The United States

Last updated on May 14th, 2024 at 10:09 am

From 2018 to 2022, EV registrations have risen by 76.55% and gasoline vehicle registrations by 5.10%.

The number of registered vehicles is increasing every year, which indicates the people’s dissatisfaction with the substandard public transportation system in the United States. 

Vehicle Registration Graph
Source: AFDC

More registered vehicles mean more licensed drivers, and the number of licensed drivers has also risen; in 2022, there were 6.5 million more registered drivers in the United States than there were in 2018. 

This increase in licensed drivers is not only because of more registered vehicles but also because of the increasing population of the United States. However, this is mainly because people are distant from public transportation.

More vehicles mean more travel, more fuel consumption, and more gas emissions, which, in any case, is not suitable for the environment. However, it can all be leveraged by electric vehicles. 

Based on recent trends, it looks pretty astonishing that drivers are moving toward electric vehicles, which is far more suited for environmental needs

YearsEVsPHEVsHybridTotal EVs
Source: AFDC
All Type Of EVs Registration Graph
Source: AFDC

Based on the latest data from the Alternative Fuel Data Center, the total EV registration in 2022 was 3.44 percent of the total registered vehicles. It could be better; however, compared to previous years, the trend is moving rapidly. From 2018 to 2022, the registration of EVs increased by 45.86 percent. 

Individually, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are growing faster than other electric vehicles. It shows a 76.55 percent increase in 2022 from 2018, PHEVs with 54.44% and Hybrid vehicles with 32.57%. 

Overall, drivers are switching toward electric vehicles, but the shocking result is that they are not switching from gasoline vehicles; they are switching from something else. 

Source: AFDC
Gasoline, Diesel, and Other Fuel Based Vehicles Registration Graph

In the same data range from 2018 to 2022, where an increase in EV registration is huge, the registration of gasoline vehicles has also increased. 

Already stacking more than 3/4 of the market, the gasoline vehicle registration is still increasing in 2022. Compared to 2018, there were 1.229 million more gasoline vehicles in 2022. And the trend shows it will keep on rising in 2023 and 2024.  

On the other hand, diesel, CNG, E85, hydrogen, methanol, and unknown fuel vehicle registrations are taking a significant drop. 

The number of diesel vehicle registrations has taken a big drop of 15.69 percent. And other fuel-based vehicles suffer a drop of 56.91 percent as of 2022. 

Now we can conclude that EV registration is increasing not because there is a decline in gasoline vehicle purchase, but it is because drivers are switching from diesel and other fuel-based vehicles toward electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Top States With Most BEVs Registered

Top States% of EVs RegisteredRaise From 2018
District of Columbia1.71%81.36%
Source: AFDC
Top States With most BEVs Registration map and graph

California has the highest percentage of BEVs registered out of all registered vehicles. California also has the highest number of registered vehicles and the most licensed drivers in the United States. This is because it has the highest population of all states. 

Although California has the highest percentage of EVs, Nevada has shown a much higher rate of BEVs’ adaption. The BEV registration will possibly be doubled in 2023, as it was in 2018, which is quite impressive. 

DC is also booming with the increasing number of BEV registrations. More than an 80% increase can be seen from 2018 to 2022 registered BEVs.

Individually, the number of BEVs is not so great; no states hold more than 3% of registered BEVs out of all vehicles, which is not great. However, including all-electric vehicle types, the number is far greater and predicts significant progress in the future, 

Top States With Most EVs Registered

Top States% of all EVs RegisteredRaise from 2018
District of Columbia7.61%39.16%
Source: AFDC
Top states with most All EVs Registration map

All electric vehicles, including BEVs, Plug-in hybrid vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles, are slowly taking a big leap in each state. In Washington, DC, the market size of EVs has improved by 45.35%, which was in 2018. 

The district of Colombia is leading the number of EV registrations in all states. More than 7% of registered vehicles in DC are types of EVs. 

Similarly, California, Hawaii, and Oregon have also shown a massive increase in EV registrations and are predicted to improve this number every year. 

Although the total percentage of BEVs is much lower, the rapidly increasing rate of EVs is still a great sign that in a decade or so, electric vehicles will take a good chunk of the automotive market. 

How To Find Tires For EVs

As the data shows, the number of registered EVs has doubled over the past 5 years, which means drivers are shifting toward electric driving. So, choosing the right tires for EVs is equally important to optimize the value of electric vehicles. 

Any ordinary tire won’t be significant for EVs; the driver must look into specific features in the tire if they want to attain greater results out of their vehicles. Some of the features include:

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Low rolling resistance is a must feature for Electric vehicle driving, even it is a must for every other vehicle. The problem with some EVs is that they require charging after a few miles; with low rolling resistance, the average mileage of the vehicle will be improved and require less frequent charging. 

Noiseless Features

Noise and comfort are essential features of EV tires. As Electric vehicles themselves are very quiet, you can not allow tires to ruin that peaceful experience. Comfort is also essential when looking for new tires; cabin comfort is another critical feature that a tire must have. 


Low emissions, recycled rubber, and reusable materials should also be a part of tires when looking for EV tires. As EVs are focused on environmentally friendly rides, a tire should also be climate-friendly to fulfill the purpose of electric vehicles. 

EV Specific Tires

All of these and many other features are included in EV-specific tires. These tires are designed specifically for all types of electric vehicles and are much more relevant to these types of vehicles. Ordinary tires might not be compatible with electric vehicle needs, which is why it is always a better option to choose new EV tires, which are far more suitable for EV drives.

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