9 Best Tire Shine Sprays & Gels For Car Tires And Wheels

Last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 10:06 am

After driving for several miles, tires may look like running on hilly sandy surfaces and lose their shine. You should use the best tire shine products for tires to keep their brand-new look for a more extended period. Having a well-maintained car along with shining tires brightens up the full glow of a car. Tires are essential parts of a car, so maintenance of car tires is crucial to keep your car well maintained and running smoothly for a more extended period.

I bought my new car in 2019 with brand new tires; since then, I did not use any shiner for my tires, but all the tire shine faded away after one year. Then I use a tire shiner for the first; not only does it change the tire’s appearance, but it also brings a smoother drive than before.

Many tire-shining products can damage your tires and affect the brakes of a car. In this article, I will provide the best tire shines available in the industry, their pros and cons, and the procedure to apply them so you can easily brighten up your tires and wheels without causing them any damage.

1. Aero cosmetics rubber care

Aero cosmetics rubber care

High-quality with high value, this spray costs more bucks than other shining products. This natural satin-matte finish product will give a black shine to your car tires and will be helpful to clean them later. Rubber care is the product you need when you don’t desire dark, shiny tires and want a more natural look for your car tires.

This product is also used in aircraft tires, which explains how much quality rubber care will provide if applying it as guided. Aero cosmetics quoted that they have the best U.V. protector in the industry, which will keep your tires safe from sun rays while preventing them from getting dry and fading away.

This easy to use long-lasting spray will work for your tires longer than weeks, and the bottle will be enough for months. Avoid spraying it on paddles, stairs, and other plastic rubber, because it causes slipperiness which could create a loss of control.

Applying procedure

Spray rubber care on your desired rubber part to bring the natural matte finish, spray it equally on each side of your tire, let it soak for 30 minutes or more, then clean it with the dry fabric cloth to get the best result possible.

2. Chemical Guys V.R.P. Protectant

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P.

Consider one of the best brands in car care products. The chemical guys launched this product back in 2009. V.R.P. protectant will add shine to every rubber vinyl and plastic part in your car. Either you use it on your dashboard, armrest, steering, or on your tires. This product will solve all problems just in one spray.

The formula of this product will block U.V. damage caused by harmful solar rays that damage sensitive car parts. This water-based formula can hold any weather changes and shine after rain or snow and continuously provide a non-greasy wet finish. With thousands of satisfied customers, this product will be your one-hand solution for your tire shine problems.

Applying procedure

Shake the product well, put 3-4 lines of product on your applicator path and rub across the tire; it will dry as it is applied, so no need to wait for drying. For a better and shinier look, apply one more layer of the gel and rub softly onto the tire again.

3. Black Magic Tire Wet

Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet

Long-lasting black magic tire wet spray adds glossy black shine to your tires, lasting longer than any other product. Black magic is effortless to apply with the quickest drying time, spraying correctly, so it may not damage your wheels and bring glossy shine to tires.  

For quick and lasting results, you can use this spray, it will last at least four weeks, and the whole spray will be enough for a year if you use it according to guidelines, for a glossier look, you might have to buy another one.

This product might cause inconvenience due to its nozzle. It’s hard to set it in one place. Sometimes you get more; sometimes, it drops less. Other than that, this spray is worth its costs and will bring the glossy shine which you required.

Applying procedure

For matt shine, spray 2-3 times on its applicator and rub onto your tire evenly; for glossy looking shine, spray directly on your tire away from 5-6 inches, so it spread equally on your tires. There is no need to wash it or dry it off with fabric; clean your rims after applying so it does not leave any stains on your tires. 

4. Chemical Guys Tire and Trim Gel

Chemical Guys TVD_108_16 Tire and Trim Gel

This chemical-based gel will restore black shine and a bright wet look on your tire and trims. Chemical guys with another car care product and 96% customer satisfaction launch different products for different looks.

This gel can be applied on any rubber and plastic part of your car after spraying; not only will it bring shine to your tires but also protect them from U.V. solar rays. The shine will last for weeks after applying, and it will hold still in rain or snow and give the same look as in normal conditions.

 Chemical guys’ tire and trim gel are easy and quick to apply and last longer than other products. Their customer support and customer satisfaction is the main reason for their popularity in the industry. It is highly recommended to try one of their products according to your preference to get an idea about their quality.

Applying procedure

Shake well before use, take the applicator pad, spread the gel over it, and rub whichever plastic or rubber part you want to brighten up. For a refined look, do it one time, and if required, a more shiny look. Do one more round with a pad and clean it softly with fabric cloth.

5. Chemical Guys Tire Kicker

Chemical Guys TVD11316 Tire Kicker

Another chemical guys product with similar features but a more glossy finish, just like Chemical Guys V.R.P protectant, it is also V.R.P., which means it can also be helpful in applying on dashboards vinyl seat covers, and any plastic along with tires.

This waterproof tire shining spray will last for weeks, even after a car wash or in rainy weather. Just spray it on a sponge and rub it over on tires for a black glossy shine. The U.V. blocking formula will help protect tires from getting damaged by harmful sun rays, which prevent fading away tire shine.

This is one of the best tire shine sprays for a glossy finish, applied once a month, and it will last for a whole month and keep tires protected from damaging sun rays. This Water-based formula does not catch dust and salt and keeps the tire shining for a more extended period.

Applying procedure

Take a sponge or applicator pad, spray 2-3 times and rub overtires, dashboard, and side mirrors where ever you want that glossy shine. It Will dries in 1-2 minutes, then you are good to go nothing else to do that is how easy to use this spray.

6. Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Different products target different markets according to consumer choices and preferences. Similarly, this product targets buyers with the preference for a more glossy armor look that stays longer on your tires. So if you like a glossy wet look for your tires, this product will work and stay longer on your tires.

This gel will deliver a deep black glossy shine to your tires which will last more than two weeks. The water-resistant formula will keep your tire shining even after the wash or a rainstorm. U.V. formula will block all damaging sun rays from drying your tires.

This innovative functioning formula will eliminate all over-sprayed stains and keep your tire shining in one unit. Just apply it to your car tires and watch the quickest result due to endurance gel; this formula gives the shine, which will last longer.

Applying procedure

Clean and dry your tires first, add 2-3 drops of gel on a sponge or fabric, then rub across the tires and wait for 10-15 minutes to dry it off. Add one more drop on a sponge and rub softly on the tires for a brighter and glossier look.

7. CAR GUYS Tire Shine

CAR GUYS Tire Shine

If you are looking for long-lasting black tire shine for a more extended period, this might be the best choice for your tires. Car guys’ product is easy to use, a non-greasy formula that will give regular to high wet shine and protect your tires from U.V. solar rays. This long-lasting formula will last for 2-3 weeks after applying one time, and it is free from any harmful chemicals which will create no damage to your tire’s tread and expected life.

A separate applicator will come along with the formula to gently use this product on your tires without causing any damage; even this product can work on plastic and vinyl, making it multipurpose formula with a fantastic long-lasting shine.

Applying procedure

Spray 2-3 times of the product on the applicator pad, and rub the applicator pad where ever you want to give a shinier look. It will dry quickly, so you don’t have to wait for minutes to let it dry. For a blacker wet finish, use a little more after finishing up the process.

8. Trinova tire shine spray

Trinova tire shine spray

Trinova tire shine spray is easy to use no wipe product with protection from water spots and tread damage. it will give the best glossy shine with the wet finish and more control over the shine you want for your tires; you can apply the amount of spray as much shine you wanted.

This water resistance spray will last longer than any other product and keep its shine for a longer period, even in rain or storms. The result against the price of this product is phenomenal, a gallon of Trinova tire shine will last for years and keep giving you the shine you wanted. You will be guaranteed to get a long-lasting result after using this spray without any worries about damaging tires.

Applying procedure

Spray the whole tire evenly from 6-7 inches away. After applying, let it dry from the air for the high shine, and for the medium glow, scrub your tires with the scrub that comes with the product after 15 minutes. It is recommended to clean your tires first for the best results.

9. Turtle Wax Wet’n Black

Turtle Wax T217RA Wet’n Black

If you are a fan of dark, wet, and black tires, this product will grab your attention. With its ultra-black shine, your tires get a brand new factory polish look. Just spray four times on your tires and see the difference. So easy to use, this product will last longer and protect your car tires from U.V. sun rays.

Just apply this product on tires and take a ride, don’t have to wait for hours to dry it off, because of the turtle wax’s quick-dry formula you can easily spray turtle wax on your tires and enjoy the ride with a clean and deep dark finish.

Turtle wax will keep your tires wet and black for two weeks even if you go for a car wash or have rain in your town due to its water-resistant formula. This formula will get inside your tire and lock into it to bring the desired result.

Applying procedure

Shake the product before applying, spray four times on a single tire, and let it dry for 1 minute for a shinier black look, spray two more times and clean it softly with the fabric cloth. Recommended use after washing your tire with soap or with turtle wax all wheel and tire cleaner.


Avoid using any of these products on slippery spots and bicycle tires because some can create an oily surface that might cause accidents. Contact the company to get detailed information about using any of these formulas on two-wheel vehicles for more information.


These are some of the best tire shine products available in the market in 2023. All of these products have a different unique quality which separates them from each other.

Some sprays might not fit your preferences, but others will. So it’s up to you to choose between what you want for your car tires to shine in which way.

These formulas are quality proven with more than 90% positive costumers reviews, so if you set your preferences and read this article, then it will not be a problem for you to decide which one is best for you.

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