7 Tire Rotation Causes| Are They Misleading?

Last updated on January 6th, 2024 at 01:13 pm

tire rotation causes

Most people rotate their tires as per the recommendation nowadays however few people still think that tire rotation causes the car’s performance and damages its parts. The reason why they think like that is due to the misinformation and believing everything they heard from non-professionals, which not only damages their tires but also has a negative impact on their vehicle as well. 

Rotation is one of the most important and beneficial things to do if you want to improve the tire’s performance and durability in the long run. Not only that, but doing tire rotation continuously also improves fuel efficiency and saves you a lot of money for many years. 

In this article, we will break every myth about tire rotation and explain why they are so wrong, instead how, by doing rotation, you can get rid of these problems in the long run. So, without further ado, let’s dive into breaking the myth about tire rotation causes on cars. 

Tire rotation affects the alignment

Some people think that after doing tire rotation, the alignments of all the tires get disturbed. However, this is not the case because it has no direct contact with the wheels of the tires; It is simply taking out the wheels along with the tire from one place and exchanging it with the other tire at the other axle.

Instead, the rotation helps in pointing out the unaligned tires. We don’t usually look at our tires, that is why if there is any misaligned tire, it will go unnoticed if you are not someone who has a habit of rotating tires casually. That is why the only thing =rotation causes on alignment is an improvement, which is good for a safe and secure ride. 

Tire rotation causes a flat tire

Again this is not true, the flat tire has nothing to do with rotation, if that were the case, no one would ever think of doing tire rotation. Because the rotation process does not include anything related to the tire compound or its tread, that is why it could not possibly cause a flat tire. 

However, if the tire is rotated as per the recommendations, the chances of getting a puncture or a flat tire decrease because when we rotate tires, the tires wear off evenly, and the contact remains the same among all tires, which makes tires more resistant to the sharp material, which creates fewer chances of a puncture.

Tire rotation causes the car to pull

Some of you might have heard someone saying that rotation causes the car to pull on one side, which is so dangerous. Indeed, it is dangerous, however, tire rotation is not to blame; it depends on the way you did the rotation. 

The only way it happens is when you don’t fit the tire correctly, and when one tire is out of balance, the tire will pull toward another side. That is why make sure you are doing the rotation correctly, and if you can’t do it, then get assistance from a professional. 

Tire rotation causes vibration

The vibration is caused due to unaligned or unbalanced tires and as we discussed above, both of these things are not related to rotation. The tire rotation has nothing to do with the vibration on the car it may be the impact of the engine or the worn tires.

The rotation, however, reduces the rotation; as the front axle wheel wears off, the car might feel a vibration bit after you rotate your tires. The vibration could stop, and you can continue driving a comfortable ride

Tire rotation causes brake problems

It is not true as well, rotation causes only good things in the long run; the brakes problems like slow brakes or grip loss while braking could be the reason for your car’s braking system or the low-quality tires, and rotation has nothing to do with it. 

Just like other myths, tire rotation improves the brakes of the car. For example, if the rear-wheel drive car has the rear wheel a little more worn than the front wheel, the brakes will not be good, but once they are rotated with each other, the brakes will improve, and all the tires will wear evenly. 

Tire rotation causes the TPMS light to come on

Sometimes, a TPMS light could appear on the dashboard after a rotation, however, it is not a big deal, just drive your car for 5-10 minutes and it will go off. If it won’t go off after doing that, then try a relearn tool which will come in handy afterward as well. 

Tire rotation reduces the tire life

The tire rotation causes no impact on tire life because the tires don’t replace their tread while rotating they just change their place and move in the same direction as before. However, the rotating tire has benefits regarding tire tread life and performance

The tread life has proven to be improved in comparison with the non-rotated tires because the tires wear off evenly and contact the ground equally which is why they wear at the same rate. Also, the warranty can be claimed if the tires are rotated and they wear off before the warranty expires. 


Tire rotation causes no problem if you have done it properly, instead, it is a very necessary thing to do to improve the tread performance and car performance in the long run. Because if the tires are not rotated with each other they will lose the tread unevenly which will cause discomfort and many other things which could cost money to resolve. That is why always rotate your tire to take all the advantages it provides in the future. 

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