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Last updated on January 6th, 2024 at 12:39 pm

Periodic tire rotation

Tire rotation is very helpful in improving tire life and performance, and doing periodic tire rotation brings many more benefits that not only improve the ride performance but also save money and many more. Tire rotation is the process of changing tire places with each other. 

Everyone does the rotation usually. However, they don’t really know what it does to tire ride, and whoever doesn’t do it, has no idea about its advantages. In this article, we will describe each point that got improved just by rotating tires once or twice a year, which will benefit you and your ride in the long run. 

Periodic Tire Rotation Advantages

1. Even Wear off the tire

The most important and only reason why most drivers periodically rotate their tires is so that all four of their car tires wear off evenly. Although it is not the only benefit that periodic tire rotation provides, it is by far the most advantageous for the tire tread and its durability. 

Rotating tires periodically every six months or so, all four tires have to bear the same force over the year. As the front wheels most of the time have to take damage a little more than rear wheel tires on the road, by rotating with each other, all of the tires drove six months on the front axle and six months on the rear axle, which makes the tire tread wear off evenly, so when the tire life is near end, they all have the same tread and be replaceable at the same time. 

2. Tire performance increase

The impact of uneven wear directly affects the performance of the tires, especially if you have all-season tires, as all the most important features of the tires will be lost. The result will cause a very bumpy and unbalanced performance, even with high-quality tires.

Firstly, the tread impacts the handling of the car, and the steering will lose its control and grip, which can sometimes cause a dangerous ride. Similarly, the tire won’t perform on bumps and potholes, which will cause a vibration and uncomfortable ride that can also damage the axles and wheels of the car or impact the suspension of your luxury cars. 

3. Better fuel mileage

When the tire requires more force from torque, the fuel mileage of the car reduces. Similarly, when the tires are worn off of one side, that area axle will require more energy to move the tires, which makes the tire roll low and reduces the gas mileage of the car. Also, you can see that if the tire is heavier, the car fuel mileage reduces due to the torque power it requires to move the car. 

4. Pointing out the fault in tires

By periodic tire rotation, you will make contact with the tire or at least have a look at your tires, which most drivers don’t do. By analyzing your tires while rotating them, you can point them out if there is some fault in the tire. Sometimes, the TPMS sensors can’t identify the below air or puncture on tires; while looking at your tires, you can resolve these issues before they create any big trouble for you. 

5. Impact on wheels and axles

The worn-off tire, due to the neglect of periodic tire rotation, put an impact on the axle and wheels of the car. By rotating tires, you can save them from getting damaged while improving your vehicle’s performance. 

When the tire contacts the ground, it puts force on the car axles and its wheels, and when some tires are unevenly worn, the drive will move very unbalanced, which can put more force on the axle and wheels of the unevenly worn tire, which can damage axle and wheels along with the suspensions of the car.

6. Alignment and balancing issues

With puncture and tire tread issues, by doing periodic tire rotation, unaligned and unbalanced tires can be avoided. Whenever you rotate tires, you will look into the tire, and if the tire has any problem, it will come out just due to the rotation of tires. This is why it is so beneficial in so many ways that it not only improves the ride but saves you from unconditional damages. 

7. Reduces the chances of puncture

When the tire tread is intact, the chances of getting damaged from small nails and other sharp materials are also reduced. Also, even if the puncture has come to your tires, it will be easily repaired with a plug or patch that will last long. On the other hand, if the worn-off tire gets a puncture, the impact will be high and the plug or patch won’t be able to repair them as well. 

8. Saves money

By improving fuel mileage and pointing out damaged, unaligned, and unbalanced tires early, you can unintentionally save a lot of money just by doing the simple steps of periodic tire rotation. With that, the more mileage the tire will cover, the more money for the many miles you drive with the old tires. Improved performance while saving some cash is not a bad deal against a little effort once in six months. 

9. Tire warranty claim

The warranty instruction that comes with the tire states that the warranty will only apply if the tires are properly rotated every fourth or so mile. If you won’t rotate your tires, and all the tires wear off early, then you won’t be able to claim the warranty, and you will have to buy a new set of tires without getting a rebate on tires. That is why if you have tires with huge warranties, make a habit of periodic tire rotation to justify the amount you pay for your tires. 


Periodic tire rotation improves the tread performance and points out the faults in tires and other parts of the car. Always make a habit of performing tire rotation; once it is scheduled and aligned with some other things, you won’t forget it in the future, and forgetting periodic tire rotation is a very damaging and costly thing, that will impact you in the future.

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