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Are you the one surfing internet 24/7 for searching answers related to tire problems on the internet? Many people search on google to get the right solution for their queries but never get one. So don’t worry, in this article; we will answer the most searched questions people asked about tire pressure lights, spare tires, how to change a tire, and flat tire basics. 

After reading this article; you will be able to fix any of these problems and also be able to help others in solving their problems. We have tried to write everything necessary related to tires and how to solve them. Continue reading for a broad knowledge of some major issues that could occur if you are a driver.

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how to reset tire pressure light

how long can you drive on spare tires

how long does it take to change tires

how far can you drive on a flat tire

How to reset tire pressure light

There are two principal reasons for tire pressure light blimping on the dashboard. The first is low tire pressure than recommended, and the other is low temperature. Every 10℉ decrease, the tire drops 1PSI. So, whatever the cause is, just inflate your tires to get rid of it.

If you are done with the inflation process and still seeing irritating tire pressure light, try resetting the car software. Because sometimes what happened is that the vehicle needs some time to get updated about the latest situation. 

The more accessible options are: either you start and kill the engine twice with a pause of 1-2 minutes, or rotate the key twice in the ignition; press the tire pressure button, and hold it until the pressure light starts blinking. Then start the car and drive 50mph for 10 -20 minutes. It will reset the software, and you might get rid of it. For more complex methods, read the complete article about tire pressure light solutions. 

How long can you drive on spare tires?

Normally spare tires can run between 50-70 miles, and the recommended speed for them is under 50Mph/80Kph. It is better to use a spare tire as a substitute and change back to a normal tire as fast as you can rather than continue driving long routes with them. 

Suppose you have a full-size matching tire as your spare. There is nothing to worry about; because full-size matching tires are the same as other tires already installed in your vehicle. And if you have donut shape tires as a spare which usually cars have, then drive them carefully by following the restrictions.

However, spare tires are not that dangerous to drive; if they were then car manufacturers would never put them in the car. As they are smaller in size and weigh less than other tires; it is better to drive slower and fewer miles with them.  

How long does it take to change tires?

The complete process of changing tires from taking out the cover to fitting another tire will take somewhere between 15-30 minutes. The more experience you have with tire changing, it will take less time; some professionals even change it in less than 10 minutes.

The fastest and most efficient way to change the tire is to un-tight the bolts, and with a jack and stands; replace the tire in the air. If you open the bolts in the air; this will take longer, and also this is also dangerous because it adds extra weight to jack stands.

Also, having the right equipment for the job will lessen the time, and it will be easier to change tires. In case of emergency; this equipment will play a vital role if you are stuck on highways or off roads where no one is near to help you. 

How far can you drive on a flat tire?

It is better to change a tire with a spare, but if you have to drive with a flat tire, then don’t go above more than 1-2 miles with a speed of 15-20Mph. Going above that speed and miles, the tire will not be able to repair, and you have to replace it. 

Most sports car drivers in the race go above the speed and miles to save some time. As they have plenty of tires in store to replace. So if there is an emergency, then get going with the flat tire. However, after that, the tire will not be in that condition to keep in your car.

Not only that flat tires also damage the wheel and rims of your car. If the tires are flat, the wheel drag to the ground which changes the wheel’s shape and ruins the wheel. That is why experts recommend driving with a flat tire just to reach the nearby tire repair and fix them.


It is better to have information about tire problems and how you can fix them if you are a car-driver. Because anytime you have to stand up and solve them on your own you gotta know how to solve them. That is why we gave a piece of brief information about common problems people search on the internet.

We hope you liked our article and it has solved your problem. So if you do like our article, then comment below. It will be motivating for us to write these kinds of articles in the future. Also, if you have any other tire-related queries that you want to be answered, write in the comment box.. Thank you.

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