How To dismount A Tire without machine In 10 Minutes

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 01:45 pm

dismount a tire

It’s a heck of a lot of money and works to fix a puncture and dismount tires whenever your tire blows out. To do that, most people visit tire mechanics to fix their tires, which wastes time and extra money. So today, we will show you how to dismount a tire in just 10 minutes, which will save you a lot in the future.

The process consists of 5 easy steps, regardless of whether you use a machine or not. We will instruct in both methods with hands and with a machine so you can get complete information about removing a tire from its rims and putting it back correctly. 

The process of dismounting a tire:

  1. Take the air out of the tire and deflate it
  2. Apply soap water, or lubricant on the edge of the rims
  3. Break the tire’s bead and detach it from the rims.
  4. Then, bring the tire over the rim.
  5. That’s it. Now turn it around and take out the rim.

This is the complete process of removing a tire from a rim. The difference between machine and hand-operated dismounting is that the machine costs money but saves time. On the other hand, dismounting without a machine requires skills and also takes more time. So whichever thing you have more, decide based on that. Let’s discuss each process in detail by using a machine and without using a machine. 

1. Removing valve cap and deflate the tire

removing valve cap

 (By hands)  

The easier way to remove the air from the tire is by using any pin or screwdriver and pressing the tip of a screwdriver to the metal pin; keep doing it until you can squeeze the tire easily with your hand. It will deflate the tire air slowly but won’t cost anything. If you want a faster effect, take the metal pin out of the valve using pliers

(With machine)

you can buy any tire deflator device; push them into the valve, and the tire will deflate quickly. The device fastens the process and takes less effort to finish the job. But it is better to save some bucks and do this task with your hands.

2. Apply soap water, or lubricant on the edge of the rims

(By hand and machine) 

This process is simple and similar in both cases; either you use a machine or do it by hand, you have to apply soap water on the edges of the rims. Because the tire bead sits on the rims for a very long period, the soap water or lubricant reduces the friction between the bead and rims and makes it easier to break the tire’s bead. 

3. Break the tire’s bead and detach it from the rims

(By hands)

tire bead break manuall

That is where things get messy. There are several methods for breaking the tire’s bead, and all of them require practice and planning to get the job done. One of the oldest and most common ways is to take a piece of lumber or plank of 2-3 meters, put one side below the car tire and the other between the deflated tire and rims near tire sidewalls, and then drive the car on plank 1-2 times. It will break the bead very easily. Just make sure the plank is not touching the rims and place it right above the tire. For a better understanding of dismounting a tire, watch this video:

(With machine)

It is pretty easy to break the bead with a machine. Just put a tire over to the Clamp, which is on the left side of the machine, then place the curved shovel onto the edge of the rim and step onto the left side accelerator, and push the shovel inside. Rotate the tire 180° degrees and do the same process on both sides.

4. Then bring the tire over to the rim

(By hands)

Once the bead has broken correctly, bringing the tire on top of the rim is straightforward. Use two sharp and pointing tolls, put one between the tire and rim edge, and use the other one to pull the tire up. Do it clockwise on all sides until the rims completely lose the tire.

remove tire from rims

(With machine)

As the tire bead has broken, put the tire on top of the machine between 4 clamps, connect the machine arm between the tire and rim, and lock it. Then, take the lever, put it inside, and push it down on the left side of the tire. Hold the lever and hold the left paddle until the rotation has finished.

5. now turn it around and dismount A Tire

(By hands)

Now, for the last step, turn around the tire and pull the rims out. Use a screwdriver and scarecrow or anything to help in the process. That’s it; the tire is out of the rim and easily gets repaired. 

(With machine)

Just where we left off, once the tire finishes its rotation, put the lever between the edges again, and this time, grab the tire up and take out the lever from the bottom side. Hold the lever, push the paddle, and let the tire rotate until it comes off. 

For manual machine usage, we recommend watching this video.


That is the complete guide on how to dismount a tire from the rim with and without using a machine. We hope you liked our article, and if you still have any queries about how to dismount a tire, then contact us, and we will guide you thoroughly about your problem so you can quickly come out of it.

As always, we tried to give the easiest and most efficient method to solve problems related to tires. If you like this blog, then tell us in the comment section, and if you want to read more about different tire-related things, check out our homepage. 

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