How To Fix Low Tire Pressure Light

Last updated on January 2nd, 2024 at 01:57 pm

low tire pressure light

The anxiety begins whenever we see a new symbol blinking on the dashboard of your car. And if someone has no idea about these symbols, they sometimes misjudge the symbol blink. The symbol could be anything regarding battery alert, engine warning, or low tire pressure light warning.   

The low tire pressure light starts blinking when there is a lower PSI than the recommended PSI in the tires. The recommended and maximum psi is written in the driver-side door jamb. Most of the time, bringing the level of psi to the written level solves the problem. If not, then: 

In this article, we will give every possible method to solve the problem of low tire pressure warning light blink. And what are the reasons for seeing the same blinking even if the tire has more than the recommended PSI? So stick till the end to get the complete information about them. 

The reason for low tire pressure light

There are several reasons for the low tire pressure light blinking; one of the most common reasons is that the tire has low pressure or, due to the weather change, the tire has lost some of its PSI. In winter, every drop of 10℉ loses 1 PSI of the tire. The other reason for the low tire pressure light is that the software has not been updated yet.

How to fix low tire pressure light 

So if you have checked all 5 of your tire’s pressure levels, including the spare wheel, and still the low tire pressure light is blinking, then go above 2-3 PSI recommended in all of the tires. If the problem has not been solved yet, then it is a software problem that can be fixed by resetting the software. Check out these Top TPMS Resseting tools to simplify your process.

The common methods

  1. The typical method for resetting the software/sensor is to start an engine once or twice, then kill it and take a break between the process of one to two minutes. It will reset the software, and the light might stop.
  1. Push the TPMS reset button; which could be found understeering, and hold it till the low-pressure light starts blinking. Then drive for 10-20 minutes, after that kill the engine and restart the engine.

If the problem has not been solved yet, then you should try the advanced method, which will require more understanding and consume more time. So, if you do not want to get yourself into this headache, then it will be more convenient for you to get to the nearest car solution shop.

  1. It is easier to kill the engine and disconnect the battery cable from the hood. Then, perform activities like dropping mirrors, turning the light on and off, and all other battery-related activities to discharge the remaining power, replugging the cable, and starting the engine to see the results.
  1. Inflate 5 PSI more than recommended in all tires, then deflate them below 20 PSI, including spare wheels. Then add air to all of the tires according to the manual, and start the car to see if the problem is solved.

Low tire pressure light, but tires are fine

What if you did everything and still the low tire pressure light is illuminating on the dashboard. You have checked the tire pressure, then reset the software and sensor of the car, then what to do next.

There is a sensor on each tire, the Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). It is responsible for delivering tire pressure information to the software. The average age of this device is 5-10 years. Replacing the sensor might solve your problem.

Before replacing them, first, visit the tire shop and check it with the professionals. If they recommend you buy a new one, then go for it. Because buying sensors before confirming the problem will waste your time and money. To buy TPMS, check out these Top TPMS and learn about the best sensors available in the market.

Effects of ignoring the low tire pressure light

The United States government makes it compulsory to have a TPMS sensor installed in every car manufactured after 2007. before the system, the driver has no information about tire pressure, which raises the road accident cases. Because the low-pressure tire is not able to run faster than a certain speed. Hence, it loses the car’s traction and grip, which causes accidents.

The flat tire gives unpredictable handling and also ruins the tire treads. Not only that, if you continuously drive with the low tire pressure light, then your car will consume 25% more fuel than with a well-pressured tire. That is why ignoring tire pressure light, or even any other light, is not beneficial, plus this could cause harm to you and others on the road.


Even though the low tire pressure light is not the most crucial symbol that appears on the dashboard but it is vital to deal with it as fast as you can save you from many bad things that could happen if you don’t resolve it quickly. 

That is it from our side; let us know in the comment if this article helps you in solving your problem and which method you use for solving this problem. Also, if you have any other problems regarding the topic, then ask below we will try to get in touch with you. Thank you. 

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