Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping! Should You Be Worried? 

Last updated on January 3rd, 2024 at 12:50 pm

tire pressure keeps dropping

There are a number of reasons why your tire pressure keeps dropping after every interval. And yes, it is a very alarming situation because underinflated tires can cause some big trouble on the road. Also, it can damage your car and its wheels due to closer distance from the road. 

In this article, you can find out the solution to this low air pressure tire, so you do not have to worry about this, but before that, these are some of the very common causes that drop the air from the tire even if your car is not moving. 

Possible Reasons Of Tire Pressure Keeps Dropping

Puncture or slash on a tire

The most common reason for the air pressure drop is when a tire has a puncture, hole, or slash on any part of the tire. No matter how many times you fill the air in that type of tire, after a few hours or minutes, depending on the hole, the tire will lose the air. 

The flat tires are very easy to recognize; they look like dead tires without any air on them. However, when the hole is small, the tire slowly loses air which is hard to identify if it is a problem of puncture or something else. Using soap water on the tire can help you identify whether the tire has a puncture or not. 

Weak Plug Or Patch

If there has ever been a repair on the tire, then it might be possible that the repair is broken or of age. A plug or patch, whatever has been used to fix the puncture previously, has a life of a certain time. 

If that fix is weak or broken, the tire will keep dropping air slowly. To fix this you will have to repair that puncture again, and if the hole gets bigger, rather than fixing it, it is better to replace that tire. 

Old Tires

Similarly, if the tire is quite older and the tread is near to wearing off, with many punctures on its rubber, there is a possibility that this tire won’t be able to keep the air pressure at the same level as new tires would. 

So if you have an old damaged tire that keeps dropping pressure, rather than keep fixing it change the tire. Because once there are a certain number of punctures, the tire already is weak, and it would be more beneficial for you if you replace it. 

Unbalanced or unaligned wheels

Sometimes, tires and wheel lose their alignment, which causes sudden air loss. That is why it is recommended to check your tire alignments every six months to avoid any hurdle that can come while driving. 

Misalignment and unbalanced tires not only deflate tires, but they are also dangerous to drive on. There are thousands of accidents that happen just because of unaligned and unbalanced tires. So six it as soon as you can if you have this issue with your vehicle tires. 

Changing temperature

Weather and temperature changes also impact the air pressure on tires. Most states in the United States have quickly changing weather; it is cold at night and warm during the daytime. In this case, as the temperature increases and gets hotter, the tire air pressure keeps dropping, and the more temperature increases. It is not an issue that could be fixed, check the air and inflate as the situation required to fix this issue. 

These are some of the problems that cause air to drop inside tires, whatever the reason your tires are dropping air, you must react quickly to avoid any damage. These are some of the ways that can solve the issue that low air pressure tires could bring;

Techniques To Avoid Tire Pressure From Dropping

Run-flat tires

Run-flat tires or run-on-flat tires are widely used with luxury cars. The purpose of these tires is to keep running even if there is a puncture or complete deflation of air. They can run for 50 miles, which is good enough to reach nearby tire shops. 

If you are tired of inflating tires and keep track of air pressure all the time, these tires will be. They are better for you as they require less care when it comes to air pressure. 

TPMS installation

Tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) mostly come with all cars nowadays. However, installing a live monitoring device that shows live air pressure could save you from the fuss of checking air pressure all the time. 

The system indicates the light whenever there is a problem on any tire. Also, it shows which tire is low on pressure so that you can fill the air on that tire without checking individual tires, which is more effective. 

Tire pressure gauge

Keep a portable tire inflator and gauge in your car so that the tire drops air anywhere in the middle of your route; you have a backup to continue your ride. Also, a gauge helps you stay on track with your air pressure just whenever you leave your home. Just check the air pressure on each tire with a gauge and go on with your journey. That is another benefit of TPMS because it shows the current air pressure of each tire on the dashboard of a car. 

Avoid Driving With low air pressure tires

Driving your car with low-air-pressure tires is always a risky thing to do. Because flat tires and underinflated tires have much higher chances of a blowout and this is one of the most common reasons for road accidents. 

That is why never underestimate the low air pressure and fix that problem as soon as possible. If this problem is not dealt with as soon as possible, the upcoming problem could be far bigger and could cost much more than a simple air gauge. 


The air pressure dropping situation is a very real thing that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. We hope that, after reading this article, you will find the cause of the leaking of the air, and also you will be able to take these precautionary actions to tackle this problem

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