Tire Wobbling, Its Causes & How To Fix Them

Last updated on March 9th, 2023 at 07:13 am

tire wobbling

Have you ever felt that your car is shaking when you stop on signals, if yes then there is something wrong with your car or tires. Most of the time, your car wobbles due to the tires related problems

Bad tire placements, flat tires, and engine issues could cause tire wobbling. To identify which one of these areas is making the problem you have to analyze or inspect your car with a professional as early to avoid any big damage. 

In this article, we will point out some of the major areas that cause tire wobbling, and how you can fix them. If that is what you want, then stick to the end to resolve your issues without spending any money by inspecting your car on your own. 

Unbalanced Tires

When you have an unbalanced tire, the car can wobble sometimes. When you change a tire or buy a new tire, an unbalancing issue can occur. To overcome that you have to buy a balancing tool that tells you which side of the tire is not seated properly. After that, you just have to properly mount the tire and your car will stop wobbling. If you feel a direction change in steering, then you should know that it is an unbalancing issue


Misalignments of wheels or axles give the same signals as unbalanced tires. Your steering changes direction and it won’t go straight. To fix that you need to have the right tools and equipment with some information. We would recommend that you should always check your tire’s alignment whenever you go for a tire rotation or oil change process. 

Flat Tires

Sometimes your car’s TPMS stops working due to the low battery or something. That is why it is not always a good option to depend on your TPMS. checking your tire air pressure with a gauge gives you appropriate results. In some cases what happens is the driver checks everything when their car shakes and the main problem is low air pressure on the tires. Low air pressure tires and flat tires also cause a car to wobble.

Tires Tread life

If you have worn tires or any single tire, then this problem can also occur. A single tire’s early wear-off could be the reason for ignorance or no rotation over the past few years. In this situation, you have to change a tire. If all of your tires are wearing off equally then there may not be that much shaking, however, it is still better to change a tire if it is below 2/32 tread left. 

Bad Suspension

If that is what causes a car to wobble, then you have to have good skills to resolve this issue by yourself. Changing the suspension or maintenance of a suspension is a hard process. For that, it is better to check your suspensions with a professional. To identify if that is the reason, you will notice that your car shakes heavily when you go through a bump or from downhill. 

Broken wheels

Wheels can also cause wobbling. If you have a broken wheel, it will eventually unbalance your tire. And unbalancing causes a car to shake. For that, you have to replace your wheels. However, if the damage is fixable then fix your wheel and then remount your tires to get rid of tire wobbling. 

Engine issues

Despite tire-related issues, sometimes car wobbling is caused by some engine heat-up or other issues. This you can identify if your car wobbles when you switch on an AC or if you drive at high speed. To fix an engine issue, you must go for professional advice because the engine is the main part of the car, and if something bad happened to it, your whole car will stop working.

Final words

Tire wobbling is annoying and it causes you to panic whenever you face it. By following these fixes you can come up with a solution of stopping your car from shaking. However, if the problem won’t solve, then inspect your car with a car professional to get the problem solved as quickly. Because driving in this situation is not the safest thing to do.

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