Causes of A Flat Tire, How To Deal With Them Properly 2023

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 02:33 pm

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If you have been driving for a year or more, you must deal with a flat tire more than once in your life. Statistics show that more than 220 Million flat tires happen in the United States. If the percentage is so high, then how you should deal with it effectively. 

There are many possibilities of a flat tire, and it also requires different methods to deal with them. This article will explain the signs, causes, cautions, and actions to deal with a flat tire to help the new drivers with their first flat tire experience. 

How to know that tire is flat

While driving, you notice that the steering is moving toward either the left or right side automatically; then, it is possibly a sign of a front flat tire. The steering will move toward that direction, whichever side has a flat tire. 

When there is no automatic movement in steering, but the car loses its speed and requires more force on the accelerator to drive, it could be a sign of a rear-end flat tire. These are the signs of 2×4 wheel cars; in 4×4 vehicles, the situation may differ. When the car is bowed toward any side of the wheel, it is also a case of a flat tire.

Almost every car manufactured after 2007 has a tire pressure monitoring system. It is a sensor that tells the tire pressure of a tire to the driver. If the PSI is less than recommended in any of the car’s tires, then a yellow symbol resembling a horseshoe will blow on your dashboard; it is a significant sign that the tire is going flat. 

Causes of a flat tire

One of the primary reasons for a flat tire is puncture because the tire runs all over the ground for thousands of miles by facing the land’s harshness. When the tire gets weak after several miles, small pins and sharp materials get inside the tire, which causes the puncture. Another reason for a flat tire could be if the pressure valve or cap has some issues that deflate the tire.

Cautions when the tire is flat

If you are a new driver and have a flat tire, then the first thing you need to do is stay calm. Most of the time, drivers panic, and the situation worsens, while it could be resolved without any causes.

When you saw that the tires are flat, turn on the caution lights and slowly pull toward the corner of the road. If you are on a highway, then step outside of the car and stand at a distance. Because of the highway speed limit, other drivers sometimes can’t see the stopped vehicle and might not hit the brakes on time. 

If you have a torch or any light, then place it in a direction where the traffic is coming to signal a broken car. Also, never get involved in changing a tire without any company, either a petrol officer or some professional who knows the do’s and don’t of highways. 

How far can a flat tire go

If your vehicle has a run-flat tire, it can run for 50 Miles going above that can hurt the rims. And if you are driving with old regular tires, then there are chances that the car will just move toward the corner and rigidly stop. 

Nowadays, all new cars come with run-flat tires because they are safer and stronger to drive for several miles, however, they lack in performance. if the mechanics are not somewhere near your location. Just don’t push them too hard and drive slower to keep the tire and rim protected.  

How to install spare wheel

If your car has regular tires, you have to change a tire with a spare to keep your car running. Although spare tires can work for 70Miles, don’t use them as a permanent solution. Change with your regular tire as fast as you can get it fixed. 

If your car comes with a spare wheel, then you can also find the tools required to change a tire. First, lose the nuts of a tire with lug wrenches in a way that they can open by hand. Secondly, put the jack under the car, lift a car from a flat side, and put jack stands if available.

Once the car hit 6 feet above the ground, then took out the tire and replace it with a spare, and put back the nuts as tied as you can with your hands. Then slowly drop back the car to the ground and fit the nuts by using the lug wrench. 

The complete process took less than ten minutes if you have experience. Also, if you have never changed tires in your life, do it once or twice in a garage with your car so you won’t make any mistakes if the tire gets flat on road.    

What to do when a spare wheel is not available

In the case of run-flat tires, there is no need for a spare wheel. But if a regular tire gets flat, then a spare wheel is a must. So what to do if the tire gets flat and the spare wheel is not available or also damaged. 

The tire repair kits play an essential part in this case. However, it required some experience with tire punctures and stuff, and everyone can’t perform it. You can ask for assistance from a tow car, which will tow your vehicle from a road to your house or near a tire shop.


The number of people who deal with flat tires is vast; that is why we bring every information you required to deal with a flat tire in this article. If you have any queries regarding tires, you can any time contact us, we will be grateful to solve your problem.

Also, if you like this article and want to share a story regarding your flat tire incident and how you deal with it, then please share with us; it will be informative for new drivers. 

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