Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra Review In 2024

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bridgestone alenza as ultra

Alenza AS Ultra

Touring All-season Tire
Get out of the hassle of changing tires every time you visit winter terrains. This Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra all-season tire is good for dry, wet, and snow conditions and offers a comfortable and quiet ride. Not only that it has one of the most durable treadwear for a peaceful ride all year round.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Ride Comfort & Noise
Snow Performance
Steering & Handling

Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra quick highlights

Tire type Touring all-season 
Price range$175-$370
Run-flat Light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs
Ply rating 4-ply rated
Vehicles typeLight truck, crossovers, and SUVs
Terrain support Dry, wet, and snow terrain

Bridgestone Alenza AS ultra is a new tire launched by Bridgestone with a huge treadwear warranty along with a comfortable and quiet ride all year long. The good thing about this tire is that it performs really well on snow terrains along with dry and wet road traction. As many people don’t find all-season tires as attractive on snow terrains; but that is just not the case with this Bridgestone tire; it delivers excellent performance on snow and other all-season conditions. 

Advanced technology with high-quality tread makes it a proper tire for an everyday smooth ride all season, with properly aligned treadwear that provides a stable and durable ride for many years. Compared to other all-season tires; this tire has better snow performance and durable treadwear; which is good for someone who wants to ride smoothly for many years even on snow terrains. 


  • Durable, comfortable, and quiet treadwear with 80K miles treadwear warranty.
  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering on wet, dry, and snow terrains.
  • Smooth and responsive handling on fast tracks.
  • Hydroplaning resistance and biting edges for wet and winter roads.


  • Expensive tires, due to recent launch.
  • There is no 3PMSF symbol for harsh winter conditions.

Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra Features

The Bridgestone Aleza AS Ultra is manufactured by applying advanced technology with a tested tread design for a proper drive all year. The tire features QuiekTrack technology for a quiet and comfortable ride in all-season conditions and snow terrains. Also, it has better brakes on dry, wet, and snow conditions than other all-season tires for a confident and safe ride. The snow vices on the tread block allow tires to provide extra biting edges on snow for confident traction and grip while disallowing loose grip on the terrain. Due to the good quality rubber and materials used in this tire; the tire has one of the best tread lives you can find in 2024.  

Tread pattern and design

This symmetrical tread design tire features deep circumferential grooves for hydroplaning resistance along with tread block sipes that improve its traction, grip, and contact all season. Sidewall block sipes and shoulders provide excellent cornering and a comfortable and quiet ride in wet, dry, and snow conditions. The tire features snow vices on tread blocks for winter terrain rides to provide confident traction, grip, and brakes on snow while avoiding disbalance on snow terrains. All of these features come with durable treadwear so that you can drive your car comfortably and confidently for a long time. 

Tire specification

Speed ratingH-V/130-149Mph
Load index102-112/ 1874-2469 lbs
Origin ofCanada
Max. PSI44-50 psi
Tire inch16”-22”

These specifications about tires play an important role in understanding tires’ performance and drive when it comes to different situations. Just by looking at the tire’s speed range or load index, you can identify if that is the tire you would want for your car. Along with that; the tire has the best treadwear rating of 800 which only a few tires can get; only if they have that good treadwear durability. It is also rated A, A in traction performance and temperature indexing; which is also good if you want to get maximum traction and a temperature-controlled tire for your vehicle. 

Assurance and warranty

The Bridgestone Alenza AS ultra has one of the most durable treadwear that you can find in the market due to its high-quality rubber and properly tested design; the tire contacts with the ground evenly which not only improves the performance of the tire but also improves the durability of the tire. Due to this reason; the tire is rated 800 on treadwear indexing and it is backed by 80k miles treadwear warranty. So no matter where you drive, this tire will give you the comfort of driving and the assurance of long-lasting drive due to its durable treadwear. 

Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra Performance

Dry performance

The symmetrical tread pattern and design feature sipes on the tread block which provide better traction, grip, and cornering on dry terrains. The high-temperature resistance of this tire makes it cool even on hot roads in summer and keeps giving you a comfortable and quiet ride in dry conditions of the terrain. With robust shoulders, it is also a good tire for the track to win races.  

Wet performance

With hydroplaning resistance and grip on wet terrains, this tire is good for both wet and dry conditions. Due to the circumferential deep grooves on the treadwear, the tire channels the water away from its treadwear, which prevents the tire from getting slippery on those terrains while providing a stable and confident ride all year round. 

Snow Performance

The big difference between this tire and other all-season tires is that it manages the winter conditions very well. due to its snow vices on tread blocks, the tire catches a quick grip on the slippery surface of the ice while providing confident traction, and quick brakes on snow-covered roads with a comfortable and quiet ride. 

Handling and cornering

The Bridgestone Alenza AS ultra has treadwear that contacts the ground evenly, which improves on-road stability and handling and the durability of treadwear. When it comes to fast track cornering and balance, the tire has excellent sidewall blocks and shoulder, making a proper turn and improvise cornering on highways and fast tracks. 

Comfort and noise

The QuietTrack technology of Bridgestone makes it a proper tire for the luxurious ride of an expensive car due to its least noisy treadwear and comfortable ride in all-season conditions. Also, it has quality rubber that keeps giving you the most comfortable and quiet ride for many years to come with confidence and smooth all-season rides. 

When not to consider Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra

Bridgestone is an all-season tire and is good in most terrain situations; still, there are certain situations and driving habits where this tire won’t be a good choice for your vehicle. For example, if you are someone who always drives on mud terrains or snow-covered roads; then it is not a wise choice to good with all-season tires no matter which brand you go with, you won’t get the performance you could achieve with a specific category tires like mud-terrain tires or winter tires. 

Similarly, if you want tires for fast tracks in summer, summer performance or ultra-high-performance tires will make more sense in your conditions. However, this Bridgestone tire will provide some performance in any of these terrains. However, it is better if you choose the right category tire according to your driving conditions, which will satisfy your expectations and you will get the performance that your car has the potential to provide by choosing the right tires. 

Final words

Bridgestone Alenza AS ultra is an excellent tire for all-season driving along with winter terrain rides. Its comfortable treadwear provides a smooth and stable ride in all seasons while giving a quiet and luxurious ride to your expensive cars. The main reason for this tire’s good performance is due to the advanced technology and professionals who design this tire with future-proof features so that you can drive your car with this tire for a longer period of time without compromising on anything related to terrain.

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  1. I tried this tire and returned to the dealer as tramlining was a huge issue. It is so bad with this tire that I consider these to be totally unsafe on grooved concrete highways. The manager of the store drove my vehicle (2020 Volvo XC90) with perfect springs, balancing, etc which they confirmed and he said this was one of the worse he saw with any tire in over 30 years.

    • These tires are perfect with most SUVs, you might not have chosen the right size, or Volvo XC90 may not support these tires. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience.


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