Bridgestone Dueler LX Review | Heavy Lifting Highway Tire

The new Bridgestone Dueler LX is a highway touring tire made for pickup trucks, light trucks, vans, and SUVs. This is a successor of the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza. 

The tire has been doing great since its launch and has been competing with top-tier tires in the highway touring category. The best feature of this tire is its ability to perform in all-season conditions. 

This tire category has been criticized for its low performance in wet and wintery conditions; countering this complaint, Bridgestone manufactures this Dueler LX tire for better all-season performance. 

On page, this is a great tire. Now, let’s talk about how it performs in reality on the road. 

Bridgestone Dueler LX Performance

The results are based on 1000s of customer reviews and survey results. Personally, we did not test this tire under any of these conditions. 

Wet roads

The last tire we reviewed in this category was the Bridgestone Duravis R500 HD, and it has very bad performance in wet conditions. Still, drivers neglect that fact just because of its treadwear. 

Unlike that, this tire is pretty good in wet conditions and has similar reliability points when it comes to tread. 

This Bridgestone Dueler LX grips perfectly with the ground in wet conditions. Because of its design and grooves, it resists hydroplaning, and its response is always intact. Usually, highway tires are better on dry roads than on wet conditions. However, this tire is good in dry but better in wet conditions. 

So, if you have to face rainy situations on highways more often than dry road conditions, this tire will be a better option than any top highway touring tires. 

Dry road drive

On dry roads, the tire is excellent as well, just like grooves help in wet conditions. On dry roads, the multiple high-dense sipes help achieve better traction. 

The tire is praised for its dry road performance due to its ability to handle heavy weights. Although the tire has lower load index ratings still at max capacity the performance of the tire is stable. 

With that, the grip and traction also seem to satisfy drivers on highways and city roads. The cornering of this tire could be better, as it features open shoulders; though this kind of shoulder design helps on wet roads, it confines the cornering capabilities of the tire.

Based on that, we can conclude that this tire is among the best highway tires for achieving great all-season results on highways with heavy weights.  

Winter terrains

The performance on winter terrain depends on the conditions of the snow. On light snow, the tire performs well, and the grips, response, and brakes are all satisfactory, even with some weights. 

However the problem arises when the snow goes above 4 to 5 inches, as this tire is not a 3PMSF-certified tire, it struggles on deep snow. Not only that, the tread will wear off far earlier than it would be otherwise. 

Overall, the tire is an average performer in winter terrains. If you rarely face snow on your routes, then this tire will do the job; otherwise, an exclusive winter tire will be a better option for the vehicle. 

Off-road drive

Every tire in all season segments is not supported for driving off-roads; however, this is different with highway touring tires. Tires in this category are supported to drive in off-road conditions, and their off-road drive also judges their performance. 

So dirty gravel, off-road debris, and rocky mountains, this tire is just average. At some weights, you can get reliable driving experience, but with heavyweights, you may compromise on the treadwear durability of this tire. 

With that, the comfort and smoothness of the tire are not the same as they are in all-season conditions. So, in my opinion, if you want to drive off-road or in unstable conditions with weights, this tire might not be the best option for your vehicle. 

Built of Bridgestone Dueler LX

Tread ribs and pattern

The Bridgestone Dueler LX has a symmetrically patterned tread that features rectangular blocks on the center rib and rhombus blocks on the intermediate ribs. The pattern and ribs are designed to achieve a wider and longer footprint for a comfortable and reliable all-season performance. 

It’s a separate tread block design which is most common in this category. Because this category of tires is responsible for carrying weight, tackling difficult conditions, and delivering comfortable rides, this pattern helps in all of these things. 

Shoulder and sidewalls

The rugged sidewalls are designed to lift heavy weights and resist damage from nails and other sharp material, so they won’t compromise tread life when driving off roads. 

With that, the open shoulders are designed to channel water and ice to avoid hydroplaning and losing response. The sipes on shoulder blocks also grip on corners to avoid oversteer and achieve greater response in dry and wet conditions. 

Internal structure

The tire features a silica-enriched compound, which is crucial to achieving a wet grip and increasing tread life. This is why this tire is a far better performer in wet conditions as compared to dry road conditions. 

Internally, tires feature polyester ply cushions and steel belts, which help in comforting the tire on bumps and handle weights without deforming the shape. All of that results in highly comfortable and reliable all-season highway rides. 

Grooves and sipes

High-dense 3D waving sipes are spread across tire ribs and shoulder blocks. The purpose of high-density sipes is to achieve excellent wet traction and grip, and proper handling and control in dry road conditions. 

Not only do sipes help in wet and dry conditions, but they also provide biting edges, which is crucial for achieving greater results on snow terrains. That is why you always find sipes in new all-season tires. 

Four deep groove channels are also provided with this tire, the grooves are crucial for channeling water, snow, and debris across the tire to avoid irresponsive drive and hydroplaning. 

Tire Comparriossions

Bridsgestone Dueler LX vs Michelin Defender LTX M/S 

Michelin Defender LTX M/S is also a highway touring tire and one of the best in its category. Compared to the Bridgestone Dueler LX, this Michelin tire is a better off-road and winter terrain performer. It is also much more capable of handling weights and achieving smoother rides on highway and city roads. 

However, when it comes to wet traction and comfortable and quieter rides, this Bridgestone Dueler LX performs better in these metrics. The Michelin tire was launched more than a decade ago, contrary to that, this Bridgestone tire is a newer one and a far more affordable option. 

Both of these tires come in a variety of sizes for Lgith trucks SUVs, and CUVs, so choose your tire based on your personal preferences. 

Bridgestone Dueler LX vs Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3

The Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 is a standard touring all-season tire, which means it won’t be as effective on highways when it comes to heavy lifting drives as compared to Bridgestone Dueler LX. also, the Pirelli tire is far more expensive and not so versatile when it comes to off-road drives. 

But when it comes to comfortable and smoother all-season rides, the Pirelli tire is a proper winner compared to the Bridgestone Dueler LX. Scorpion ASPlus 3 delivers far more comfortable, quieter, and responsive dry in wet, dry, and snow terrains. 

The durability of both of these tires is similar, so choose your tire based on these metrics. 

Bridsgestone Dueler LX vs Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza

The Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza is a decade-old tire and used to be popular in its time. When it comes to comparing with its counterpart, Dueler LX, this tire is not quite relevant. The tire might be a little more comfortable and smoother than the Dueler LX, but it won’t make a difference because the performance comparison of these tires is bigger. 

The Dueler LX, compared to the Dueler HL performs better in wet, dry, snow, and off-road conditions, it is also far more capable of handling heavy weights and delivering smoother highway rides. With all that, the Bridgestone Dueler LX is still a less expensive tire. 

Durability and Specs

Treadwear Performance

This Bridgestone Dueler LX is among the most reliable highway tires available in 2024. The tire comes with a 70K miles treadwear warranty, and you can easily achieve more than 100K miles when only driving in recommended conditions. 

The strong build resists damage and also reduces the chances of puncture and deflations. With the tire’s aging, the performance stays intact and keeps delivering a high-quality ride all year. The comfort through tread is also exceptional. Due to its long-lasting performance, the tire gets a rating of 700 in treadwear indexes, which is excellent. 


The tire comes in passenger car and light truck sizes, and it is driveable with Light trucks, pickup trucks, vans, CUVs, and SUVs. 

Regarding road compatibility, the tire is recommended for driving on highways and city streets, in dry and wet conditions. You can still drive this tire on winter terrain and off road conditions, however, it won’t be as suitable as the recommended conditions. 

Weight and Speed Limits

The tire comes in different sizes on rim diameters of 16-22 inches, the speed ranges from 118mph to 130mph and load ranges from 2039 lbs to 3197 lbs. In my opinion, the speed range is fair considering it is not a performance tire, and the load range is also fair, as it can carry heavy weights over vehicles.

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