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Bridgestone Potenza Sport

Potenza Sport

Max Performance Tire
Take your performance cars to the next level with this Bridgestone Potenza Sport tire this summer. It is a tire that is made to fulfill the desire of spirited drivers who love to drive at a fast pace, with that, the comfortable tread will provide peaceful rides at normal or even at a fast speed.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
On-Road Performance
Track Performance
Comfort & Noise
Handling & Road Feedback

Quick highlights

Tire type Max Performance Summer Tire
Price range$168-$545
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeSports Sedans and Coupes
Driving conditionsDry and Wet

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a summer tire made for extreme performance on track and city roads. If you want to achieve maximum performance on tracks to win the races, then this is the tire that you should go after, it will deliver proper traction, grip, and high-speed cornering so you can win many races with this tire. 

Other than track performance, this tire is also good on city streets. It will provide very responsive handling to your sports vehicles so that you can enjoy every moment of this tire ride. Compared to other max performance tires, it delivers comfortable and quiet rides, which is why this tire is a perfect duo of peaceful everyday rides and spirited max performance track rides.

Just like every summer tire it is not a tire to drive on snow or stored in cold weather, however, in wet conditions, this tire is just as good as it is in dry conditions. It provides the ride’s comfort, with proper traction and grip, handling response, and high-speed cornering. The tread design also reduces hydroplaning and keeps this tire’s performance stable in summer weather. 


  • Max performance tire for achieving greatness of tracks, by reaching the height of the sports cars
  • Excellent traction control, grip stability, and cornering at high-speed curves provide a proper driving experience and safe rides.
  • Quick brakes and acceleration with comfortable and quiet rides on streets and tracks
  • Aquaplaning resistance and confident grip in rainy conditions or in standing water, even on tracks
  • Compared to other max performance tires, it is a durable treadwear to drive for longer periods. 


  • There is no treadwear warranty and a very short tread life
  • It is an expensive tire compared to the miles it covers

Tread design and improvements

Most max-performance or even extreme-performance summer tires have a slick tread design with about 6/32-8/32 tread depth. The reason for that is due to the handling response and road feedback the driver desires from these tires. Similarly, this Bridgestone Potenza Sport has a slick tread of asymmetrical pattern which features a high silica tread compound, that has a proper contact area, which reduces unstable rides and wears off evenly even on fast tracks. 

With that, the tread features uninterrupted tread ribs that allow a stable ride, and outboard shoulders and center ribs improve cornering at high speed and a block stiffness for proper handling response and a stable ride even at fast tracks. For wet conditions, the circumferential grooves and tread design channel the water away for hydroplaning resistance while delivering proper grip and traction. Lastly, the tunned sequencing and lateral notches are the reason why this tire provides a comfortable ride on streets and fast tracks. 

Durability and road life

As we mentioned above summer max performance tire has a very low tread depth compared to the 11/32 tread depth of all-season tires. This tire has 8/32 tread depth, which is the reason why this summer tire is very responsive and performs well on tracks, however, it has low tread life. This is why summer tires also get low treadwear ratings, due to their unpredictable tread wear.

Similarly, this tire has no treadwear warranty and a low treadwear rating, however, the reason for summer tires is not high durability, but performance. This tire will most likely cover, 20-25K miles while providing stable performance on the street and tracks if rotation has been done properly, otherwise on continuous fast tracks and aggressive rides, this tire will not likely go above 10K miles. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingW-Y(168-186)MPH
Load Index88(1235 lbs) – 110(2337 lbs)
Origin ofPoland, Italy, and Hungary
Wheel diameter16-22”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, Temperature300, AA, A
Noise ReductionTunned Sequencing

The speed rating and load index are great for this tire. Most extreme performance tires hax a maximum speed range of W which is not the highest, however, this tire has the highest speed rating so you can carefreely reach the highest of your car’s speed. With that, the treadwear rating is not the best, however, the 300 is the number where every other max performance summer tire lies. The traction double A rating is very impressive as well. 

Performance of Bridgestone Potenza Sport

Dry Street & Track Performance

Performance in dry conditions is the real determinant of ranking summer tires because the summer weather is mostly dry conditions. This tire is made to handle the hot conditions by balancing the temperature inside the tread compound, which is why this tire doesn’t get hot very quickly and keeps providing the performance a driver desires. In dry conditions, the cornering on fast curves and turns is very impressive, it does not lose grip and delivers a safer experience. 

Wet Street & Track Performance

In wet conditions, the tire is just as good as in dry conditions, it does not lose grip due to grooves and tread design, with outboard shoulders that help channel water away from the tire tread. Even on the fast track, the tire is very responsive and properly handles rain and standing water. Still, you should avoid getting through water at a maximum pace especially if there is a lot of water on the road. 

Handling Response & Road Feedback

The responsive handling is what makes the sporty tires enjoyable to drive, otherwise, there is no sense in buying max-performance tires. This Bridgestone Potenza Sport delivers very responsive handling, and a smooth grip on handling which allows you to analyze what happening or coming in front of your tires. This is why this tire has very accurate road feedback, which satisfies the drivers and makes them buy it every other year. 

Comfort & Stability

Although the tire is not as comfortable as touring tires and it gets lousy sometimes, especially on fast tracks when it comes to comfort. Still, it is one of the most comfortable max-performance summer tires you can get in 2024. The sequenced tread is the reason for this tire’s low sound and comfort. On the streets, the tire is the proper tire for driving and achieving comfortable and stable rides. 

Comparison with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is a little older tire than this Bridgestone Potenza Sport tire. Both of these are max-performance tires and have similar UTQG and speed ratings. Still being a newer tire, the Bridgestone tire is $30-$40 cheaper than the 6-year-old Michelin tire. 

The performance difference is there as well. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is the most valuable and famous tire in this category, and the performance of this tire properly aligns with its appreciation. The tire is better in wet and dry conditions, comfort, durability, and every other metric compared to this Bridgestone tire, the only advantage you would take by buying this Bridgestone Potenza Sport tire is a little saving on money and similar tread life, in every other aspect you will have to compromise if you choose Bridgestone tire over Michelin tire. 

When Bridgestone Potenza Sport Is Not Prefered

This Brigdesont Potenza Sport is not preferred by drivers not looking to drive fast on tracks or streets. As it is a max performance tire, it is made for spirited drivers who want to achieve enjoyable rides in summer weather. If you are not after something like that, touring summer or all-season tires will be better. Because touring tires are less expensive, have more durable treadwear, and deliver more comfortable rides. 

Similarly, if you visit in winter terrain or in cold conditions, this tire won’t be a good tire for your car. Because these tires are not driveable at all in winter conditions, you should again go with touring all-season tires or specific winter terrain tires. You can have two sets of tires on for summer and one for winter terrains, however, it will be costly and not effective as compared to one all-season tire which has great performance in dry, wet, and snow conditions.

Final words

The Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a great tire for summer track and street rides, it is preferred by every driver looking for fast rides that deliver proper handling response with confident traction and cornering at fast speed. With track performance, the tire performs very well on street conditions, it provides a comfortable and quiet ride on dry and wet street conditions, which makes it a great tire to buy in 2024 for spirited and normal highway, street, and track rides.

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