Continental ContiProContact Review| How About In 2024

Last updated on April 7th, 2024 at 11:27 am

Tire type Grand Touring Tire
Price range$96-$364
Tread Warranty80K (S, T) 60K (H) 40K (W, V) 
Run-flat Yes
Vehicles typeSedans and Coupes
Driving conditionsDry, Wet, and Snow

Continental ContiProContact is a tire that is known to almost every driver; the reason for that is that it comes with most new cars, and also it’s been around for more than a decade. It was launched in about 2010, and at that time, this tire was among the best at its time, and Continental Tires moved toward advanced technology tires. 

Continental Tire is known for its high-quality tires at a lower price range, and this tire is an example of that. However, the run-flat variant of this tire might seem expensive once you look at Michelin or Goodyear’s self-supporting air tires. It might be good at its time, but what about competing with new grand touring tires? That must be the question of every driver looking forward to purchasing this tire in 2024. 

The tire comes with my Honda Civic hatchback, and I have driven with this tire for more than 50K miles. So, I will share with you my review of this tire, the good and bad points, and whether it is a good choice to buy now when there are many advanced tires available in the grand touring category. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this brief review of Continental ContiProContact Tire. 

Continental ContiProContact features

The tire with the ability to run even after a puncture is a great feature on any tire. However, many tires with this feature deliver bad performance overall. This tire features reinforced sidewalls that, even after a slash, puncture, or hole, is driveable for 50 miles. So most of the time, with this tire, driver don’t really need spare tires on their car trunk. 

The Continental ProActive Edge technology is another great feature of this tire; with the help of this, a tire delivers more responsive turns and cornering grip, even at a fast pace. Still, after so many years, advanced technology enables proper driving experience in all seasons of dry and wet road conditions.  

Basic features of Continental ContiProContact

Even though this Continental tire is a grand touring tire, with its comfortable ride, the tire is also great when it comes to high-performance rides on tracks. The tire comes with a high-speed rating and is driveable at the maximum pace of 168mph, which some new touring tires might not be able to achieve. With that, the steering response is also great, especially on fast corners, you can expect a high-performance experience with this tire on fast summer tracks. 

The driveability on different road conditions is also another plus point of this tire. Normally, it is quite hard to change tires in wintery conditions, but with this tire, you can avoid this hurdle and easily reach the tire repair shop or your home before having to change tires. 

Tread pattern and design

Most grand touring tires feature symmetrical tread design, and so does this tire. The reasoning behind that is that a symmetrical pattern is the most effective when looking for comfortable and stable rides. However, its counterpart, asymmetrical pattern is known to have versatile performance in different road conditions. 

Considering that this tire has an all-season tread compound, this ContiProContact can also deliver reliable rides in different weather and road conditions. The narrow tread design with continuous rib offers solid contact, which reduces noise, improves stability, and consumes less fuel and energy. This is why many car manufacturers were so impressed with this tire. 

The notched and sipeless tread ribs offer more stability in dry road conditions and help deliver proper brakes and acceleration performance. However, due to zero sipes, this tire struggles in deep snow conditions where sipes really change the driving experience. 

Assurance and warranty

The tire comes in five different speed ratings, and speed rating determines the amount of warranty you get on treadwear. The concept is simple, the higher the speed goes, the tire becomes less durable. In this tire’s case, if you go with S (112mph) or T (118mph) speed rating tires, you will get an 80K miles treadwear warranty. With H (130mph) speed rating tire sizes, you will get a 60K miles warranty for 20K tires lower than S or T-rated tires. And if you go with V (149mph) or W (168mph), you will get a 40K miles treadwear warranty and a compromise on an extra 40K miles warranty. 

So, if you want a more durable tire then go with lower speed rating tires; on the other hand, if you want a better performance, you should go with higher speed rating tire sizes. 

Continental ContiProContact specification

The ContiProContact is a very well-known tire, which is why there are many different tire sizes, speeds, and load variants available. The tire comes with a 400-540 treadwear rating with AA traction and A temperature ratings, which is perfect for a tire in the grand touring category. 

The speed rating varies from 112-168mph, so different types of driver can pick the best fit according to their driving styles. Similarly, there is a wide range of load indexes for this tire, ranging from 74 to 104. With a variety of sizes and ratings, you can best decide for yourself which of the features you want and which of them you can compromise to get better off at some other point. 

Continental ContiProContact performance

Let’s talk about the performance of this tire in different conditions. First of all, this is a tire built for all-season conditions, so we won’t talk about the performance of this tire in mud terrain or off-road conditions because it obviously won’t be any good anyways. 

When it comes to dry streets, highways, and tracks, the tire delivers proper rides. The contact, stability, and response are all great, even after 30K miles of drive. Overall, at normal speed, the drive is fair, not even close to the new grand touring tires like Michelin Crossclimate 2. The only advantage this tire has over CrossClimate 2 is its run-flat rubber. The comfort, drive, performance, brakes, and every other aspect might impress you a bit if you have not driven with the high-quality tires of the 2020s.  

Similarly, on wet road conditions, the tire is not any close to any new tire, even it isn’t good for its time as well. Although the tire has multiple grooves and channels, the absence of sipes makes a lot of difference in wet terrain safer rides. The tire has been criticized for its drive in deep water, as it sometimes hydroplanes and also loses grip and control on brakes. 

The less you talk about winter performance, the better, especially if you are a seller of this tire. The tire is not even close to considering driving in a tiny bit of snow. You will have to answer the loose grip, loose traction, no steering control, slippery brakes, and many other embarrassing questions with no justifications, as this tire fails in all these things. It is not even a safe tire to drive in the winter season; even if it is an all-season tire, the company should call it a summer or season tire except for the winter season. 

Why not to buy Continental ContiProContact 

In this age and time, this Continental ContiPro Contact is an obsolete tire, in my opinion, it has its time, but for now, it won’t be a good long-term investment unless you have previous driving experience. If you are satisfied with this tire and don’t want to test anything new, it won’t matter to you. Also, if you find the right size or your car comes with this tire OEM, you can also go with these tires. In any other situation, especially if your car is made for comfort and a luxury driving experience, this tire won’t be helpful on your route. 

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