Continental ExtremeContact Force Review In 2024

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Continental ExtremeContact Force

ExtremeContact force

Extreme Performance Summer tire
Want to achieve the maximum performance of your sports cars? Then try this Continental ExtremeContact Force tire with your performance sedans and sports cars to get unbelievable track performance with confident handling and cornering, even at the maximum speed, along with a smooth and comfortable ride on normal city roads.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Ride Comfort
Road Noise
Steering & Handling

Continental ExtremeContact Force quick highlights

Tire categoryExtreme performance summer tire
Price range$171-$524
Ply rating4 ply
Run-flat tireno
Terrain supportWet And Dry

Every enthusiast driver of sports cars desires to achieve the maximum performance of their performance vehicles. To fulfill your desire, Continental Tires comes up with a brand new tire to specifically perform in tracks so that every passionate driver can enjoy the ride they dream of.

The Continental ExtremeContact Force improves the sports car’s performance by providing proper handling, cornering, grip, and traction in wet and dry conditions. It is also a good choice for everyday road driving so drivers don’t confine themselves to the tracks only. The tire’s new design and advanced structure make it one of the finest and perfect-performance tires for new sports cars in 2024.  

Continental ExtremeContact Force pros & cons

Continental ExtremeContact Force Features

The feature that buyers expect from extreme performance tires is that they should deliver the best track performance and moderate performance on terrains. Suppose the tire has extra features of wet/dry traction, hydroplaning resistance, and others, just like Continental ExtremeContact Force has. In that case, it becomes a better tire that not only satisfies the demand of the buyers but also delights them.

Basic characteristics of the tire

The difference between other extreme-performance summer tires and Continental ExtremeContact Force is that it is a more advanced and improvised tire launched just a year ago. This year’s better materials and more advanced technology make it better on tracks while being more durable. 

It is a better-performing tire on terrains due to the outboard shoulder, improves its steering response, and provides straight handling with hydroplaning resistance due to the circumferential grooves attached to the treads of the tires. 

Tread pattern and design

The design of the tread and its placement of sipes, shoulder blocks, and grooves play an important role in the performance of extreme-performance tires because these are the only parts that contact the ground and determine the tire’s performance. 

The Continental ExtremeContact Force has an endurance focus tread compound with wide low void compound shoulders for consistent handling and grip at wet and dry tracks, along with the tread depth pin and circumferential grooves that evacuate water from the outboard shoulder and provide hydroplaning resistance in wet and rainy conditions. 

Assurance and warranty

As it is common in the performance summer tires category; the warranty of any kind is not backed on these tires. Due to the low tread life and low weight, it is not the most durable tire to drive in the common country and city streets. But if the tire is delivered by known brands like Continental, Michelin, and Pirelli, then we would say that it is not that much of a risk. Also, extreme-performance tires are not for durability, the main concern of these tires is to deliver excellent high-speed performance as long as they can be driven. 

Continental ExtremeContact Force Specification

Depending on the size

Speed ratingV-W/ 149-168 Mph
Load index89-109/ 1279 lbs – 2271 lbs
Load IndexGermany
Max. PSI51 psi
Tire inch15”-19”

It is essential to look at the tire’s specs, especially when buying performance tires. Because the speed rating, load index, and treadwear can give you a better understanding of whether you should buy this tire or not, also, these factors differentiate an extreme-performing tire from ordinary performance tires. 

Continental ExtremeContact Force has a low treadwear rating due to its category, and most of the tires in this category lie between 200-250 treadwear rating. Still, when it comes to its traction, temperature, speed, and load rating, it scored well in these metrics. 

Continental ExtremeContact Force Performance

The main focus area of extreme performance tires is racing and fast track, where high-speed performance is accountable for the tire’s performance. Similarly, Continental ExtremeContact Force has to perform in tracks to deserve its place in the extreme performance category. 

Undoubtedly, it performs phenomenally in tracks by providing excellent traction and grip in dry conditions while providing a confident ride, control, and hydroplaning resistance in wet conditions of the tracks. 

Not only it perform in tracks, but it is also a good choice for street driving. It would be better if you save this tire from off-terrain and snow conditions. Other than that, it can handle on-road conditions without causing any impact on your drive. 

Why not buy Continental ExtremeContact Force

As mentioned above these tires will not be a great choice for winter and off-terrain conditions, due to the slight tread depth and weak and light sidewalls that could burst in harsh conditions of those terrains. 

Also, if you desire a summer on-road drive; then still, there are better options to fulfill your demand for a comfortable summer ride. You can either go with performance summer tires or touring summer tires. Extreme performance tires are not exactly built to serve for the comfortable on-road drive but to give an extreme performance at tracks where high-speed performance is required. 

Final words

Continental ExtremeContact Force is an excellent tire for sports and performance sedans to get extreme performance at racing and fast tracks. So if you are after high-speed performance, then this tire is perfect for you. Besides that, buying this tire will not be efficient due to its low tread life and zero warranty. 

That is it from our side, now. If you want to add anything, you can participate through the comment section below. Also, if you have experience driving these tires, you can share your experience with us so that other buyers get more insights into this tire. 

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