General Grabber AT/X Review| Why It’s Still Hot? Let’s Find out

Last updated on June 11th, 2024 at 10:37 am

General Grabber AT/X Tire Picture
Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Snow Performance
Off-Road Performance
Ride Comfort & Noise

Quick highlights

Tire type All-Terrain Tire
Price range$166-$561
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeSUVs, Jeep, Pickup, and Light trucks
Driving conditionsDry, Wet, Mud, and Snow

You might say that a tire launched in 2018 might not be relevant in 2024, but you are surely wrong about this General Grabber AT/X tire. This general tire is still relevant and a best seller in most retail shops. 

It is an off-road all-terrain tire, which means you can drive with it in every condition you would face year-round. With its aggressive design and reliable performance, most drivers are not considering switching from this tire. 

As it is known that general tires offer some high-quality tires at more reasonable and comparatively lower rates than premium tires, this is another reason why this General Grabber AT/X is still relevant and a good-performing tire in 2024. 

So this is what most drivers are doing, and the tire is doing well, but should you buy this tire when a few new tires are launched in this category? 

That is what we will discuss in this General Grabber AT/X review; after analyzing its performance and reliance, we will compare it with top new tires and find out whether it is a better choice or it is time to move on from this former best all-terrain tire. 


  • A versatile tire with versatile sizes to fit and succeed with different vehicles
  • Proper performance in different conditions, making it all year-round tire
  • Smooth and reliable performance in aggressive conditions
  • 3PMSF-certified tire for harsh winter terrain drive
  • Heavy weight lifting capabilities for convenient highway rides. 


  • It is not as comfortable as other top tires
  • Lacks response on fast tracks

Tread, Compound, and Internal Structure

The General Grabber AT/X features a cut- and chip-resistant compound with an optimized pattern design for reliable and durable rides in off-road conditions. The rock-resistant shoulder blocks also help improve tire reliability by preventing any material from sticking to shoulders and providing firmer and smoother rides all year round. 

The comfort balance technology features an absorption layer and an acoustic tread pattern, ensuring a quiet, non-vibrating ride in dry and wet road conditions. Deep multi-angled tread blocks feature multiple notches and sipes, which assist in achieving proper traction and grip in wet, muddy, and snowy conditions. The optional stud can also be helpful when hitting extreme winter conditions. 

Wet Road Performance

Traction and Grip on Rainy Surface

The tire features an open tread pattern, ideal for wet and rainy conditions. The individual tread blocks and open shoulders are correctly aligned, so when water comes in contact, the tire channels it properly through the tread to the shoulder and then outside the tire.

All that helps achieve a reliable ride in wet and rainy situations. Multiple notches and tread sipes also help the tire achieve a perfect grip and shorter brakes in wet conditions, resulting in a safe and reliable ride in moist conditions. 

Response, brakes, and hydroplaning on deep water

The deep tread blocks and grooves between treads minimize the threat of hydroplaning. Even if you drive at a fast pace, you will successfully resist the hydroplaning and achieve a safer experience in deep water conditions as well. The problem you could face is the stopping distance, so make sure to drive at a controllable pace to avoid any danger. 

Dry Road Performance

Cornering and handling response on summer tracks

The general grabber AT/X is also great for achieving great results on dry roads and in summer weather. When it comes to cornering and traction on turns, the tire makes good turns, even at fast speeds on summer tracks, due to the edgy shoulders. 

As this tire has low-speed ratings, you might not enjoy driving your SUV or light truck with it. For normal duty, this tire will deliver a reliable response and control, but for extreme fast-track drive, summer tires will do a better job. 

Highway drive in warm weather

One of the most preferred situations to drive this tire is on highways. The tire checks all highway boxes, from smooth drive to heavy load. The tire is E-rated and 126-rated on weights so that you can carry up to 3748 lbs on each tire. The good thing about this tire is that it performs phenomenally with maximum load. 

Winter Terrain Performance

Brakes and reliability on snow

As a 3PMSF-certified tire, it also shines on winter terrains. Multiple edge blocks and sipes on these tread blocks ensure proper grip on light snow and ice. The brakes are quick, while optimized tread tuning and balancing support control and reliability. 

Overall, the tire’s performance in light snow and moderate winter conditions is excellent; if the snow is not too harsh, you can drive it all winter without buying specific winter terrain tires. Also, the optional stud features allow it to achieve a little better grip, eleven on deep snow conditions. 

Deep Snow Performance

When it comes to deep snow and extreme winter weather, the tire performs averagely in these conditions. Going above a specific speed limit or increasing the tire’s weight will cause the tire to lose control and provide an unreliable ride on winter terrains. So, if the snow is at its peak, you should buy winter terrains instead of decreasing this tire’s life on extreme winter terrains. 

Mud Terrains drive

Gravel and off-road drive

This is a great tire to drive off-road as well. Due to its construction and tread design, the tire is meant to be driven in disturbing conditions. The tire features a mud-terrain tire equivalent tread pattern that supports it through off-roads, gravel roads, construction sites, and other damaging situations where a regular tire will be destroyed. 

However, the one problem with this tire is its vertical tread alignment; due to this, the tire sometimes stores small stones and other materials that disturb the control of the tire; other than that, the tire is great in almost every off-road condition, 

Aggressive mud terrain ride

The tire also does not perform well in wet mud terrains; even though it is good on rally and dry sand, it does not perform as well in damp mud terrains. The mud sticks to its tread grooves, destroying the tire’s control and response. If the conditions are moderate, then this tire will be perfect. Otherwise, you might struggle a little bit on extreme mud terrains with this General Grabber AT/X.

Drive Quality

Noise and Comfort 

In short, the tire is not great with noise or comfort. Especially if you compare it with the new all-terrain tire, this tire is behind on quality drive. On roads, the tire achieves good quality drive; however, when it comes to off-road and snow terrains, it does not provide smoother rides. It vibrates and destroys cabin comfort, especially on gravel and mud terrains; the noise is sometimes annoying, even at a slower pace. 

Fuel Efficiency

This tire will not be as fuel efficient as touring or summer tires; you might get a drop of 3-4 MPG. However, compared to other all-terrain tires, it is not as bad. It is somewhat similar to the BFGoodrich tire, one of the top tires for fuel-efficient rides. So, it has a standard efficiency on fuel when it comes to all-terrain tires. 

Durability and Tread life

The tire comes with a 60 K-mile treadwear warranty, which is standard for all-terrain tires even in 2024. So, you might not get any complaints about treadwear reliability. The more robust construction and tread compound with stronger sidewall and shoulders make it stronger and absorbent to extreme conditions. So, overall, it will be a tremendous and reliable tire to drive in the coming years. 

Comparison with competitive tires

General Grabber AT/X V.S Toyo Open Country AT3

Toyo Open Country AT3 is among the top tires in the all-terrain category. Compared to General Grabber AT/X, this Toyo tire is a better on- and off-road performer; the difference is not too huge but noticeable, especially in mud and off-road terrain. 

The Toyo Open Country AT3 performs better on dry, wet, snow, and mud terrains and comes with a more reliable and higher treadwear warranty. It was launched a few years after the General Grabber AT/X, so it has more advanced technology and features that make it still the best tire in 2024. 

One significant advantage of General Grabber AT/X over Toyo Open Country AT3 is its far cheaper rates. So, if you want to compromise a little on performance and save money, then General Grabber AT/X won’t be a bad choice. 

General Grabber AT/X V.S Falken Wildpeak AT4W

The Falken Wildpeak AT4W is a new version of the Wildpeak AT3W. AT3W has been at the top of the chart in the all-terrain tire category. The new AT4W tire launched in 2024 and is doing the same as its predecessor. 

So, comparing General Tire with this new Falken Wildepak tire might not be fair, as Grabber AT/X launched 6 years before this tire; however, it is still in the market, so we have to do that. 

So Falekn Wildpeak AT4W, like Toyo Open Country, is better in almost every situation and all-terrain conditions. It is also a more durable and reliable tire for longer driving distances. 

Again, the pricing difference makes General Grabber AT/X still relevant to budget-friendly drivers. Because the performance is not wildly different among these tires, people sometimes want to compromise a little bit on performance and go with General tires. 

General Grabber AT/X V.S BFGoodrich All-terrain T/A KO3

Another newly launched tire, the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3, is similar to the previously mentioned top tires. It is also a 2024 tire with advanced technology and features, making it the top tire in the all-terrain tire category. 

Similar to the Falken WildPeak AT4W tire, this is also a better tire when it comes to performance compared to the General Grabber AT/X tire. So, we suggest going with this tire rather than the General Grabber AT/X, as it is a newer tire and delivers better performance. 

A similar case applies to these tires as well. This tire’s price range is even higher than the previously compared tires, so if you want to save some money, then again, General Grabber AT/X will still be a good choice to drive for the upcoming decade. 

Final Feedback

The General Grabber AT/X, an older tire, is still a relevant and hot seller in 2024; one of the biggest reasons it is winning now is its price range and performance, similar to top new tires. Although a tire is a little less durable than a new tire, it still saves a lot of money, and people are not reluctant to save some bucks by going with this Grabbe AT/X tire. 

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