Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R Review 2024

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goodyear eagle f1 supercar 3r

Eagle F1 Supercar 3R

Street & Track Performance Tire
The tire for winning track races and street minimal driving, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is a tire that is made for drivers looking for fast and smooth track performance while driving with the same tires on everyday streets.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Street Performance
Track Performance
Cornering & Handling
Road Noise & Comfort

Quick highlights

Tire type Street & Track Performance Tire
Price range$255-$552
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeChevy Camaro ZL1
Driving conditionsDry and Wet

Goodyear’s Eagle series is famous worldwide due to its track performance and participation in racing events. Goodyear Eagle is a partner with NASCAR cars, and racers appreciate the tire due to its sporty track performance. Most tire manufacturers don’t get involved in this tire category, one because not many drivers buy these street/track performance tires, and second, these tires require much experience, which only experienced manufacturers have. 

This Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is a very good tire for drivers looking to compete in track racing or street racing, even though the tire is 10 years old, it still performs. As these tracks-performing tires don’t require much change on their tread design, the slicker the tire the better, that is why manufacturers like Pirelli and Goodyear still produce these old-designed tires, which perform just like most performing tires. 

It delivers a strong performance ride on the street with proper cornering and brakes. The handling response is also great so the driver can feel and enjoy the feedback a track provides. Along with that, the low rolling resistance and wet traction are also great features of this tire. Lastly, with track performance, you can drive this tire on everyday streets so you don’t require different sets of tires for streets and tracks. 


  • Perfect tire for track drivers looking to win races and achieve the best performance they ever did with other performance tires
  • Excellent traction, grip, cornering with quick brakes, acceleration, and handling the response to achieve safe and spirited performance at the same time
  • It improves in performance once it gets warm, so after two or three laps on tracks, the performance gradually increases.
  • Even contact for low rolling resistance, even wear, and proper handling.
  • Glued grip, cornering grip, and a drag grip can all be achieved by this tire to win races at the top levels.


  • No treadwear warranty and a very low tread life
  • Noisy tires with less comfortable rides
  • Not the best in standing water

Tread design and improvements

The summer track or even summer performance tires have a slicker tread design, which helps in increasing road performance while reducing handling stiffness for a sportier ride in the summer seasons. Similarly, this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R has an asymmetrical slick tread design of 6/32 tread depth, which will surely wear off earlier than 11/32 tread depth tires. 

Along with that, the tread compound features polymer and resins that only uses in racing tires, to deliver the performance just like race tires produce. The low void outboard shoulder with a slick design provides a sticky cornering grip even at high speed. With that, the rigid center ribs feature circumferential grooves and notch sipes that provide steering response center grip and a great performance in wet conditions as well. 

Durability and road life

The one and only reason why drivers hesitate to buy these performance tires is due to their low treadwear life. Because performance and durability are counterparts one can not be achieved together, because the tire depth increases, the performance will get low, and durability increases, and vice versa. 

Similarly, to deliver aggressive track performance the tire features a slick design with fewer sipes, that improves grips and reduces tread life. This tire is not good for everyday drivers looking for a durable and comfortable ride. However compared to Pirelli performance tires, this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is more durable, the tire can be driven on highways and fast tracks for more than 10K miles with proper rotation and care. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingY(186)MPH
Load Index91(1356 lbs) – 103(1929 lbs)
Origin ofUnited States
Wheel diameter15-20”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, Temperature100, AA, A
Noise ReductionNo

The 100 treadwear rating is the reason why you can just by looking at it say that it is not a durable tire. Other than that every other spec tell that this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is excellent for tracks and street rides. The AA traction rating is perfect for achieving traction and grip, similarly, the fast speed rating tires, are great for proper acceleration and achieving max speed with your sports cars and Chevy Camaro ZL1.

Performance of Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R

Dry Track & Street Performance

This Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is made for dry conditions, which is why drive it only in dry conditions unless you have got somewhere important to go. The tire grips properly on dry tracks and streets, and the traction, and cornering are just on the mark if you talk about the dry and warm conditions ride. Also, the tire keeps improving its performance as hot as it gets, which is why after a few minutes of the ride, the tire shows its real capability. 

Wet Track & Street Performance

The tire is not at all driveable in snow or winter terrains, just keep that in mind. Other than that, in wet conditions, the performance is average. The tire loses traction and grip at a fast speed if the water is standing on the road. The brakes and acceleration are fine in wet conditions, however, the loose grip makes it uncomfortable and unsafe to drive in wet conditions.

Brakes & Acceleration

The tire delivers short brakes and quick acceleration anywhere in dry and wet conditions. Because there are two important things if you want to win the race, that is why the tire provides it. Also, this Y-rated tire is great to achieve maximum speed with your sports cars. 

Handling Response & Comfort

The noise and comfort are something that will annoy the touring tires drivers, however, the road noise is a joy for sports car drivers. As most sports cars have their own high noise, the tire noise doesn’t matter to them. With that, the great handling response makes this tire more enjoyable to reach the maximum height of performance on tracks. 

Comparison with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP

Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear are the top players in producing track performance and racing tires in the market. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP is one of the best tires in this street/ track tires category, due to its drive-on dry conditions. The tire provides the most grippier cornering and traction is at its best. That is why compared to this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R, this Michelin tire is better for achieving sportier drive and a more comfortable ride. 

However, the performance in wet conditions, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is a little better. The difference is not as big, that is we would recommend if you are not a driver of a Chevy Camaro ZL1, and you find the right size tires in Michelin. Then go with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP, which will deliver more spirited rides on summer tracks and comfortable rides on streets. 

When Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R Is Not Prefered

The tire is not preferred drivers other than the track drivers. Because in comfort, the touring summer tires will be better, in on-road performance, high performance or UHP tires will be better, and for most spirited rides, max performance tires will be a better option. And all of these tires will be more comfortable, more durable, and more economical. That is why this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R will only be a great option if you have plans to drive your cars on track. 

Other than that, if you are looking for track performance tires and your requirement is to drive on wet tracks as well, for that wet track performance will be better. Just like that, there are drag racing tires and only track tires with their benefits and driving conditions, so choose the tire best fits your driving conditions and delivers the performance you desire from your vehicle. 

Final words

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is an excellent tire for street and track hybrid performance. The tire delivers proper handling response, traction, grip, and cornering, with quick brakes and handling, which makes it a proper tire to drive on fast tracks and win races. The wet traction of this Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R is not at its fines, but at a normal pace, you can easily drive the car. This DOT-rated tire is a safe and proper tire to drive and achieve the results you always wanted from your sports cars.

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