Goodyear Eagle Touring Review | Are They All-season Tires? 

The Goodyear Eagle Touring is an old tire launched back in 2014. It comes with new vehicles due to its low rolling resistance and affordable rates. The tire still sold well in 2024, as driver usually replace their OE tires with the same tire if they are still available. It is a grand touring all-season tire that can fit with Sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. the preferred driving conditions for this tire are wet, dry, and light snow terrains, however, it might not be the greatest performer in any of these situations. So, let’s talk about why this tire is negatively reviewed by the drivers. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is an affordable original equipment tire that comes with new Honda and Toyota vehicles, with no treadwear warranty. 
  • The tire is only good in dry road conditions and summer seasons. 
  • The treadwear of the tire is famously criticised and expecting more than 15K miles is unreal.

Performance of Goodyear Eagle Touring

Dry roads

Usually, cars drive in dry conditions and moderate summer weather, so all-season tires must be good in these conditions. This Goodyear Eagle Touring is an okay performer in dry conditions. You may get a good grip, traction, and cornering when the tire is new, however as the tread drops a little, the performance goes with it too. When it comes to comfort, considering it is a grand touring tire, it is not comparatively good to newer tires in the same price range. So overall dry road rides, are not so great, and dry conditions are this tire’s best-performing areas, so don’t expect much on other conditions. 

Wet conditions

When it comes to wet conditions, the tire performs depending on the variation of the water. If there is normal rain, and the tread is new, this will be able to drive through water dominantly. However, if there is heavy rainfall or the tread is not so deep, this tire will lose grip and control in wet conditions. Even though the tire has a good amount of deep grooves, the absence of sipes makes it struggle to grip water and other slippery slopes. 

Snow and winter terrains

Moving on to snow conditions, this Goodyear tire sometimes fails badly there. With new and full tread, you might get fair performance however after 5-10K miles, the tire will be shimmying all over the place. The contact, control, and response will all be on the sack of the roads, and you might lose control of the steering completely. In light snow, you might not find it so bad, however, if there is deep snow or heavy snowfall, the tire will struggle a lot. 

Tread and Specs

Tread pattern and design

The tire has a symmetrical tread pattern with three ribs and 2 shoulder blocks. The tread block features biting edges on the center ribs to properly grip wet and dry road conditions. On intermediate ribs, smaller blocks are designed to create wider contact for comfortable and cheaper rides. With that, there are four circumferential grooves for channeling water and mud through the tire, and open shoulders help reduce discomfort and unresponsiveness in wet and slippery conditions. 

Treadwear and Life

The tire comes with no treadwear warranty and is rated 560 in treadwear indexes. Although this index is good, but the treadwear performance is not so good. Usually, grand touring tires have a mileage of at least 40-50K miles; however, this tire is far below this range. At most, you can expect 30K miles, which is nothing more than that. Even when the treadwear is above 2/32 inches after 30K miles, the tire won’t be driveable due to failing performance. So, it is a negatively criticized area of this tire, which Goodyear should have worked on. 

Ratings and indexes

The tire comes with a speed rating of H to W, which is 130 to 168 mph speed limit, and a load index of 94 to 114 which is 1477 to 2601 lbs. Along with that, the tire comes with an A rating for traction and temperature. All of these ratings are fair however the tire does not comply with these ratings, as it does not have A-rated performance when it comes to traction and grip. 

Performance Comparison

Goodyear Eagle Touring VS. Goodyear Eagle Sport

The Goodyear Eagle sport is in the same branch of tires as Goodyear Eagle Touring. The main difference between both of these tires is that one comes in the touring tires category and the second comes in the high-performance tires category. Usually, high-performance tires are not so durable and comfortable but have better dry and wet tractions. However, compared to this Goodyear Eagle Touring the Sport version is better in all the metrics. It might be a little low on comfortable rides, other than that the Goodyear EAgle Sport all-season is overall a better choice.

Goodyear Eagle Touring VS. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Goodyear Eagle Touring is a nearly decade-old tire, and this Michelin Crosscliamte 2 was launched just 3 years ago. Similarly, the Michelin tire is miles ahead in terms of technology and performance metrics. It is better in dry, wet, snow, traction, cornering, and grip. In every aspect of the tire performance test, the Michelin Crossclimate 2 is far superior and far more durable than the Goodyear tire. The only difference is that the CrossClimate 2 is not a run-flat tire and is a lot more expensive than the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire. 

Goodyear Eagle Touring VS. Goodyear Assurance Maxlife

Another competitor of Goodyear Eagle Touring is another Goodyear tire, the Assurance Maxlife. The Goodyear Assurance Maxlife is a standard touring tire and one of the most well-known tires in the Goodyear. Compared to Eagle Touring, this Assurance maxlife tire is 3 times more durable and still performs better than new Eagle touring tires. Comparing all season and winter terrain performance, the Goodyear Assurance Maxlife is also a greater contestant among the two of them. The same least favorable point of Assuracne Maxlife is its higher price and non-run flat compounds, other than that the Goodyear Assuracne Maxlife is far better than Goodyear Eagle Touring.

Final Words

Examining Goodyear Eagle Touring tire, we can say that the tire has its time in the past when the technology was not as developed, however, in this age, this tire is not the most reliable and best use of your money. Instead, in the same price range you can get other brand tires that will outperform this tire and might be less expensive.

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