Goodyear EcoReady Review | Sustainable EVs Tire

The new Goodyear EcoReady tire is made for Hybrid, EVs, and PHEVs light trucks. It only comes in 18 and 19-inch rimm diameters and only a few sizes are available for this tire. Goodyear represents commitment toward sustainable manufacturing, as this tire is produced from 70% recycled materials.  

It is a high-performance all-season tire. It is quite more expensive than ordinary high-performance tires, however, its sustainable impact on the environment can justify its price. It aligns with the purpose of EVs, which is to release less emissions and deliver comfortable and quiet rides. 

With all that being said, now let’s talk about the most important thing about a tire: its performance. 

Performance of Goodyear EcoReady

As it is an eco-friendly tire, the performance compared to ordinary tires might be a little low, however, when combined with electric vehicles, these tires will shine better than the normal tires. 

Dry Roads

When it comes to dry and hot conditions, this tire is perfect for driving your EVs. The tire provides excellent traction, grip, and cornering on summer dry roads, and as high-performance tires are usually great at fast turns, this tire does that too perfectly. Regarding response and handling control, this tire is great, but not as good as top high-performance tires in an all-season category, the response is like an ordinary touring tire, and the sporty feel is absent with this tire. 

Wet Conditions

The wet conditions require grips, traction, and resistance to hydroplaning, and this Goodyear EcoReady tire can do all that, even in heavy rain. The response and brakes are not as good as they are in dry conditions, but in wet conditions, the tire does not drop much and keeps delivering safer and more reliable rides. Multiple groove channels and sipes help this tire achieve greater results in wet and rainy situations. 

Winter Terrains

In lighter snow, the tire performs well. Everything except sporty response is available on this tire. The thing with high-performance tires is that they’re not so good in winter terrains, as they are more focused on dry and wet road conditions, still being an eco-friendly tire, this Goodyear EcoReady is great for light snow conditions. The difference in performance in winter terrain is not so big compared to normal high-quality UHP tires. 

Tread and Specs

Tread Pattern and Design

This is an asymmetrical tire, which means you can not put it from any direction, it has to be correctly seated on the wheel to deliver performance. The tread design features similar outside and center ribs and curvy blocks inside ribs, which help corner and balance the tire at a faster pace. The cutting edges, sipes, and grooves deliver the results needed for resisting hydroplaning and achieving safer rides in wet and wintery conditions. 

Internal Structure and Sustainability

Instead of petroleum-based oil, this Goodyear EcoReady tire utilized soybean oil, which is environmentally friendly and sustainable to acquire. With that, the silica, which improves the tire’s grip and fuel economy, is made from rice husk. Acquiring silica from rice husk ash is far cheaper and more environmentally friendly than from traditional sources. 

Treadwear and Life

As you know, the tire is made with sustainable materials, so its durability is a little compromised. Compared to unsustainable tires, this tire might be 10% less durable. That said, compared to the 50-60K miles treadwear warranty of normal high-performance tires, this tire does not come with any treadwear warranty, however, there is a 60-day satisfaction warranty. So, overall, the tread life of this tire is not the best, and since it is so expensive, you have to be morally upright to buy it. 

Specs and Ratings

The tire does not come in many sizes and variants. So it has very limited vehicles that it can fit. The speed rating of this tire is Wm, which means it is at maximum speed. It can go for 168mph and the load index of this tire is 98 and 104, which means it can carry 1653 lbs and 1984 lbs. With that, a rating on wet traction is AA, it is perfect for any tire. The treadwear rating is 500, which is above average in the performance tires category. So overall all ratings and standards of this tire are great. 

Pros and Cons of Goodyear EcoReady Comparision

Higher Mileage

The tire is designed to deliver higher mileage, as the main purpose of EVs and this tire is to avoid fuel or energy emissions. This low-rolling resistance tire is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly to your pockets. 

Environmental Friendly

Recycled materials, sustainable and low rolling resistance drive, and reusable materials make it a perfect tire in this quickly changing climate conditions. Innovations like this in the automobile industry are our only chance to save our environment from further damage. 


Another great feature of this tire is its quiet and comfortable ride in all-season conditions, as it is far quieter and smoother than ordinary high-performance tires. It perfectly aligns with the EVs as they are the quietest and smoother car available in this age.

Low Tread Life

Compared to nonsustainable tires, these eco-friendly tires have lower treadwear life and wear off earlier. This is one of the disadvantages of these tires. however, with time, it is possible that these will become more durable and more sustainable. 

Expensive Rates

The 18-inch tire price is $280 which is expensive, although it is a new tire, and built with advanced technologies, still at this high price you can easily get run-flat tires. Another disadvantage of this tire is that its prices are higher than those of ordinary performance tires.

Low Performance

This Goodyear tire is not the best regarding sporty response and control. It is not too bad as well, still being a newer tire it should be better than older high-performance tires. Wet grip and traction, are also similar to the previous tire, no improvements can be seen in this tire. 

The Goodyear EcoReady is not a revolutionary tire when it comes to all-season performance, however, due to its 70% sustainable materials, it is an evolution toward eco-friendly drive and manufacturing of a tire. This tire is an early result of Goodyear’s commitment toward sustainability, and surely, with time, they will get better and deliver much more high-quality tires and greener tires to improve the world’s pollution problems. 

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