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Hankook Kinergy PTH737

Kinergy PT H737

All-season Tire
The Hankook Kinergy PT H737 is made of a rubber that will keep dragging on the road till its last thread. This is one of the most durable tires for all-season road drivers to achieve reliable and safe rides with a comfortable experience all year round.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Snow Performance
Treadwear Durablity
Comfort & Noise
Handling & Road Feedback

Quick highlights

Tire type Standard Touring All-Season 
Price range$91-$266
Tread Warranty90000 Miles
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeCoupes, Sedans, Crossovers, and Minivans
Driving conditionsDry, Wet, and Snow

If you are an economical driver like me, the first thing you would always see is the treadwear life of the tire or the manufacturer’s warranty, and I am pretty sure most drivers finalize their tire choice based on this one factor. 

It is not wrong: however, it will not always satisfy you in the future. Some tires, even though they have a high treadwear warranty, would stop performing after half of their life, so make sure you make your decision on top of the driver’s experience as well. 

Let’s look at this Hankook Kinergy PT H737 tire. It comes with a very high treadwear warranty, but if there is no proof of that, the tire will be just like other failed tires that come with an 80 or 85K miles treadwear warranty. 

The reason drivers really trust this tire is that other drivers have real road experience with it, and it surely stands by its manufacturer’s words. 

The tire performs properly to its very last tread depths; just like any other tire,, the performance keeps dropping as the tread comes close to wear; still, there are very few tires in the current market that would come close to this tire in performance with the same tread reliability.  

By reading other reviews and customer experiences on the internet and in real life, you must have made up your mind now that it is a durable tire, but to decide whether it performs according to your needs is a real mystery to solve. 

To find out keep reading this review till the very end to get all your questions answered and be able to finally make a decision on whether this tire will be a great fit with your sedans, coupes, or crossovers in 2024. 


  • Durable tread life to achieve more than 6 years of drive
  • Smooth and comfortable ride, with a quiet and peaceful cabin experience
  • Excel Dry road traction, wet road grip, and snow terrains smooth rides
  • Drive through inclement weather all season without compromising on comfort
  • Responsive rides and short brakes for safe and sound rides
  • Eco-friendly tires for a safe environment and human-friendly rides


  • Gets noisy as the tire starts wearing off
  • Lose traction in deep and extreme winter terrains

Tread design and improvements

Tread design implemented computer technology to improve the performance and durability compared to the previous model

The carbon black compound is abrasion-resistant for eco-friendly rides and has low rolling resistance as well.

Optimized contact for noise reduction and even wear for longer miles drive in all-season conditions

Wide circumferential grooves with lateral notches and grooves channel the water and ice for hydroplaning resistance and proper wet traction.

Aqua slant sipes and center rib design help provide extra biting edges on snow and confident traction, grip, and brakes on dry roads. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingT-V(118-149)MPH
Load Index84(1102 lbs) – 109(2271 lbs)
Manufactured inUnited States
Wheel diameter14-19”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, Temperature860, A, A
Noise ReductionPitch sequencing

The treadwear rating of 860 is among the highest in standard touring tires, which is why this tire is also one of the most durable tires in the market. 

The load index speed rating, traction, and temperature ranks are also great as well. It is an overall great all-season touring tire for everyday smooth rides. 

The US-manufactured tire is great in quality, and with noise reduction design, it is a comfortable tire to drive as well. 

Performance of Hankook Kinergy PT H737

Dry City Roads, Pitted Roads, and Pavements

Dry roads are the most touched season by tires, especially if you live in Florida or other southern states. We tested this tire on dry city roads and highways, and it performs fairly well and is very competitive with top-rated tires in this category. 

Most tires have very irresponsible steering, but this tire has no problem with something like that. However, when it comes to gravel roads, the tire is not at its best, the comfort really drops, and the responsive handling is not as responsive as well. 

The gravel roads are considered off-road, so we can not judge this tire’s dry performance based on that. However, pitted roads or broken city roads are somewhere where this tire should be better. 

Although the comfortable and quiet ride is there, there is a lack of responsiveness, and it sometimes loses traction as well on potholes. Overall, this tire will be more than satisfactory in dry road conditions for an everyday driver unless you are a track driver. 

Wet and Rain Experience

This is the type of tire you would require if you want to tackle the storm and heavy rainfall. Due to grooves and shoulder design, the tire really supports wet traction and grip. 

Standing water at a fast pace, hydroplaning is not possible, and it confidently crosses water without losing grip or steering contact. 

Comfort and quiet rides are also achievable on wet roads and highways; however, they reduce with time as the tire starts wearing off. We tested a new set of tires and one that had already driven for 45K miles.

 The difference in drive is quite significant; it feels like both of these are different tires. This tire performs very well when it is brand-new; however, after half of its life, it loses control in quite every aspect. 

Light Snow, Deep Snow, and Ice

In light snow near 4 to 5 inches of snow, the tire can handle snow terrains properly, and the traction, grip, brakes, and response are all available. The comfort and smooth ride are also achievable on light snow terrains. 

However, as you move beyond that, the performance reduction is quite noticeable one by one; all of the performance metrics that are available in light snow terrains vanish on deep snow terrains. 

First of all, the response totally disappears and requires a hard touch to control the handling. Similarly, drivers can face long brakes and lost traction and grip; the reason for that is the absence of a 3PMSF certificate and 3D sipes, which are usually found in top grand touring tires. 

The performance on ice is very similar to deep snow performance, which loses traction and has low-responsive rides. Overall, it will justify your money if you don’t face heavy snowfall in a year unless it is one of the regretful decisions of your life. 

Durability and road life

This tire takes full marks in durable rides; the treadwear is made of high-quality rubber, and the tread compound also ensures that it will last until the end of its life. 

The tire is backed by 90K miles which are among the highest treadwear warranties in any category of tires, and it really lasts as its treadwear warranty claims. 

With proper care and periodic rotations, many drivers are able to take this tire to above 100K miles and replace it before the 2/32 tread depth, so treadwear durability is something that you should not be worried about with this tire. 

But there is a big but in it: as the tire progresses and starts wearing off, you might see a change in performance compared to when it was new; keep in mind that you will not achieve similar performance for all of this tire’s life. 

Comfort and Responsiveness

The durable tread of this tire is quite a blessing; however, it is not the only thing that the tire should have. If the comfort in the drive is not achievable with a certain tire, it won’t matter how durable its tread life is; most buyers will still not buy it. 

And this tire is equipped with both of these features, the comfort of dry roads, wet streets, and snow terrains is achievable with the tire. With that, the quiet ride, low cabin noise, and vibration are something that is really worth buying this tire. 

At the start, it all feels like heaven with this tire, but as time goes on, and its tread comes near 5/32, the performance really shadows, and you will leave with just some ordinary tires. As of this market stats, if the tire performs fairly well for 60K miles, it is an excellent tire anyway. 

The responsiveness, if compared to performance tires, is far behind; however, compared to top touring tires, it is great. The handling is good, the brakes are proper and short, and slow-pace cornering is also achievable. But if you want sporty rides, then this is the wrong tire you are reading about. 

Comparison with Continental TrueContact Tour

Dry Conditions Continental TrueContact Tour
Steering Response & Feedback 5.26%
Cornering Stability on Curves 3.67%
Dry Traction & Grip 3.33%
Shortest Dry Brakes 5.02%
Results 17.28%
Wet Conditions
Steering Response & Feedback -0.43%
Cornering Stability on Curves -1.94%
Wet Traction & Grip 6.02%
Shortest Wet Brakes -2.38%
Results 1.28%
Winter Conditions
Deep Snow Traction 5.33%
Light Snow Traction 6.25%
Thick Ice Traction 0.00%
Results 11.58%
Ride Quality
Cabin Comfort 2.41%
Road Noise 2.03%
Results 4.44%
175/65R15 (84H)
Price 11.02%

The results are based on test results and subjective views, it could differ based on different cars, conditions, and driver’s preferences.

The Continental TrueContact Tour, as of this date, is the best touring tire in all season categories, and the test result between Hankook Kinergy PT H737 and Continental TrueContact Tour also assures that. 

The continental tire is better at each and every aspect of performance, whether it is dry, wet, snow, or comfort and ride quality. However, there are possibilities where Hankook tires might fit better for some drivers. 

The Hankook Kinergy PT has more durable tread that lasts 5-10K miles longer, and also, this tire comes at a lower price range, so if durability and budget are your basic needs, then Hankook Tire will be a better option for you. 

Final words

Hankook Kinergy PT H737 is an excellent all-season tire for the most durable rides at budget-friendly rates. The tire delivers performance in dry, wet, and light snow conditions with comfortable and quiet rides all year round. If you are after durability and a smooth ride, then this tire will be the perfect choice for your passenger car in 2024.

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