Pirelli Cinturato Winter Review 2024

Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 08:56 pm

Falling temperatures might make you worry about your driving conditions, but not with these Pirelli Cinturato Winter tires. These tires are designed to deliver smooth performance in any season and can handle high snow-covered roads and slick ice roads without sticking for any moment. 

Quick highlights

Tire type Winter Tire
Price range$87-$160
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeSedans, and Coupes
Driving conditionsDry, Wet, and Snow

These Pirelli Cinturato Winter tires are not something new and not the best winter tires for new cars, however for someone looking for extreme winter terrain rides, by saving some buck on winter tires, for, these tires will be perfect. Because the performance compared to a new tire is not so bad of this tire, however, the difference in price range is quite big. 

Pirelli is one of the most popular tire manufacturers in the world, from F1 Racing tires to comfortable and smooth passenger-car touring tires, Pirelli is in everything. Due to their large team, advanced technology, and big teams, Pirelli tires keep improving after every new model of tires. The same goes with these winter tires, the newer model, the Pirelli Cinturato Winter 2 has better performance and delivers smoother rides in winter terrains, however, the availability of this tire in the United States is out of stock yet. 

This Pirelli Cinturato Winter is an excellent winter/ snow terrain tire for the drivers of medium-sized cars like Toyota Carolla and Honda Civic. The tire delivers confident traction and grip in dry and wet conditions and confident traction, grip, handling, and brakes in extreme winter conditions. This tire is perfect for passenger car drivers looking to tackle the small season of winter with a comfortable ride and not spending too much money on it. 


  • Capable of handling harsh winter conditions without wearing off unevenly
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet, snow, and icy conditions
  • A smooth and comfortable ride in all seasons dry and wet roads
  • 3PMSF-certified tire for extreme winter terrain rides
  • Proper handling and quick brakes for a safe and sound ride all year around


  • No treadwear warranty and early wear off on extreme conditions
  • Not to drive too long in hot temperatures

Tread design and improvements

The winter tires have deeper tread blocks, with biting edges and sipes to improve winter terrain performance. Similarly, this tire consists of similar things. The Pirelli Cinturato Winter tire has a winter tread compound that consists of a directional tread pattern designed to contact evenly on harsh winter terrain while delivering a smoother ride in all seasons.

The close tread pitch sequence and dense sipes on tread blocks provide responsive handling and brakes and also deliver extra biting edges on winter terrains. Along with that, the circumferential and lateral grooves channel the water and slash from the tire when moving to resist hydroplaning and improve snow and water traction and grip. 

Durability and road life

The winter tire category is known to have no treadwear warranty tires, not only do small brands not provide any warranty, but premium brands do that too. Only a few tires in the current market come with a treadwear warranty, including Michelin X-Ice Snow. those tires that come with a warranty are not so good in winter conditions and more toward comfort and all-season rides. 

No treadwear warranty also backs this Pirelli Cinturato Winter because sometimes the winter conditions are so severe that no winter tires can handle the situation and wear off unevenly. However, this winter tire is great for extreme winter conditions and is estimated to deliver more than 20K miles of rides in harsh conditions. If driven on low snow terrains, the tire can give more than 30K miles of rides, with a smooth and comfortable ride as well. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingT-H(118-130)MPH
Load Index81(1019 lbs) – 98(1653 lbs)
Origin ofRussia
Wheel diameter15-17”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, TemperatureN/A
Noise ReductionNo

To understand each spec, you can read the article on it. This winter tire has great speed range and weight-carrying ability compared to other enter tires. As winter tires mostly have a slower speed range due to the conditions in which they have to drive. The tire size is the real problem of this tire nowadays, so check before buying these tiers if the correct size is available for your car wheels. 

Performance of Pirelli Cinturato Winter

Winter/ Snow terrain Performance

The winter terrain tire is supposed to be good in winter and snow conditions. This Pirelli Cinturato Winter tire does, with proper traction, grip, and cornering on snow, slush, and icy roads, fulfill the needs of every driver looking for winter tires for extreme winter conditions.

Wet Road performance

Wet conditions are quite similar to icy roads, especially if they are melting. That is why this tire is also good in wet conditions. The grooves and tread design play an important role in attaining confident traction and grip without losing the comfort of tires. With a quiet and stable ride, this tire is also great on wet roads. 

Dry Road performance

Even though winter tires are not to drive for too long in dry conditions, this winter tire is great in dry conditions as well. With dense sipes and direction tread, the tire contacts the ground properly, so if you want to drive a little faster, the tire will balance it and deliver a stable and comfortable ride on dry roads as well. 

Comfort and Handling

Comfort in winter terrain and all season is above average in this tire, it is not like all-season tires, but not so bad as off-road tires. Similarly, the handling response is great and brakes are quicker too so that you can drive your car with a confident and safer ride all year around. 

Comparison with Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is also a studless winter terrain tire that is good for extreme winter conditions, with dry and wet conditions having moderate performance as well. Compared to the Pirelli Cinturato Winter, this tire is newer and has proper driving experience as well. This Bridgestone tire is quite expensive; however, for dealing with extreme winter terrain, this tire should be your priority.

On the other hand, Pirelli Cinturato Winter may not be as good as Blizzak WS90 in extreme winter conditions, however, the treadwear durability and comfort of the Pirelli tire are far superior even in harsh winter terrains. So pick your tires based on your preference and driving conditions. 

When Pirelli Cinturato Winter Is Not Prefered

In winter terrains, moderately dry and wet conditions, this Pirelli Cinturato Winter tire will be great however, in conditions like mud terrain and off-terrain situations other than snow, this tire will not be efficient and loses the tread quicker than its limit. For driving in multiple conditions and terrains, all-terrain tires will be a better option.

Also, if you only drive briefly in snowy terrains and the winter season is not so harsh, all-season tires will be a better option, such as Michelin CrossClimate2 or Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3. These tires will be more durable, provide better all-season performance, and also handle snow quite efficiently. 

Final words

The Pirelli Cinturato Winter is an excellent tire for sedans and coupes drivers looking for an affordable and effective winter tire. The tire handles extreme winter conditions without providing uncomfortable rides or wearing off unevenly. The comfortable drive in dry, wet, and snow conditions, is the reason why this tire is still in demand in 2024. 

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