Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Review & Comparison 2024

Last updated on February 25th, 2024 at 08:11 am

Want to explore your car’s maximum performance, install these Pirelli P Zero Nero GT max performance tires to reach the highest level of driving. Feel the joy of your ride on summer tracks with your sports sedans and coupes with a comfortable ride. 

Quick highlights

Tire type Max Performance Summer
Price range$118-$505
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeSports Sedans, and Coupes
Driving conditionsDry and Wet

The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT is one of the most famous max-performance tires of the last decade. The tire was launched more than 10 years ago however, in 2020, the tire was reproduced by Pirelli with some small improvements. This tire is still popular with track drivers or sports cars enthusiast who wants a max-performing ride out of their car. 

Pirelli is one of the best manufacturers in the performance tires category, this is the reason why Pirelli P Zero tires are the only tires that are used on Formula One and other races. Other than that, this Pirelli P Zero series is one of the biggest reasons for the Pirelli tire’s popularity in the tire industry, and after performance tire expertise, Pirelli tires are also improving in other categories of tires.

The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT is an excellent tire for the drivers of sports cars looking for a summer track fast and responsive ride. Other than summer fast-track conditions, this tire is not great. Due to its low treadwear limit and expensive price, not an average budget driver would appreciate this tire, that is why install these tires only for the premium summer track performance if you don’t care about the durability and prices of the tires. 


  • Excellent summer traction and grip, with the most responsive handling compared to other tires
  • Along with sportier rides with noise-reduction tread, you can enjoy a comfortable ride as well.
  • Low rolling resistance compound for improving fuel mileage, even at high speed
  • With the same tire sizes on all axles, the tire doesn’t wear off unevenly which improves the tire performance for life long. 


  • No treadwear warranty and low tread life
  • A very expensive price which requires replacement after 1 or 1.5 years

Tread design and improvements

The summer tires required low silica compound for extreme performance and a wide shallow tread design for a proper response on fast tracks. However, low silica compounds will not be good in wet conditions and will wear off earlier than 5K miles. If you want tires that deliver performance like F1 Tires do, then go with the slick design and low silica tires. 

This Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tire contains average silica compound not so high and not so low, to deliver sportier rides on dry tracks, as well as wear resistance and proper performance on wet tracks. The asymmetric tread design of this tire is wider, which helps in achieving confident handling and even contact for a stable ride at high speed. Shoulder notches and circumferential grooves help in improving cornering and reducing hydroplaning in wet conditions. The tread design is deeply analyzed and designed to deliver performance rides on wet and dry terrains and tracks. 

Durability and road life

The reason for manufacturing summer tires is to deliver a performance ride that other tires can not provide on summer tracks. If someone wants to buy a durable tire, then they can go with touring or UHP summer tires, which have higher durability and lower performance compared to max-performance tires. The reason why drivers purchase max performance tires is because of their sporty rides, which their tires can not attain with any other tires.

The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT is a perfect tire for achieving maximum performance also, due to balanced silica content, the tire has somewhat durability as well, compared to a low silica content compound. The tire is good for 2 years of a sportier ride with your sports car, and after that, for sure they will require replacement. In miles, the tire can be driven for 20-25k miles, so if you drive more or less in a year, then estimate your tire’s durability based on that. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingV-Y(149-186)MPH
Load Index87(1201 lbs) – 105(2039 lbs)
Origin ofItaly and US
Wheel diameter17-22”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, Temperature280, A, A
Noise ReductionYes

You can read about all these specs in detail if you want to. Tire specifications are very important in the case of max performance and UHP tires, especially if you are looking for low-weight and high-speed tires. This Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tire has a maximum speed of 186 miles which is the highest right now around any tire. Also, it has a great UTQG score which is the reason why it delivers great traction and handles the hot temperature fairly well. 

Performance of Pirelli P Zero Nero GT

Dry Track Performance

The main ground of summer tires is dry track and roads, if summer tires don’t perform in these conditions, then they will fail. This Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tire is excellent in achieving summer track traction and grip even at high speed. Align with that, the tire delivers a smooth and stable ride experience and perfect cornering confidence at high-speed corners as well. 

Wet Track Performance

All summer tires lack a little performance on wet tracks; they can not match the dry performance with wet tracks. Similarly, this tire lacks a little bit of wet conditions; however, the performance is quite explicit compared to other performance tires. The tire grips and resists hydroplaning which improves the wet conditions track and cornering at high speed. Also, with the help of circumferential grooves, this tire also delivers confidence at high-speed wet tracks. 

Comfort and Noise

This tire is moderately comfortable and makes less noise in dry and wet conditions. Due to stability and even contact, the tread requires less effort to move the car, which improves the tread performance and also improves fuel efficiency. The wider tread design is another factor that helps in delivering a comfortable and quiet ride in wet and dry conditions.

Handling and Brakes

The handling response of this Pirelli P Zero Nero GT is exceptional and one of the reasons why this tire is still winning in the max performance category. Sportier handling and steering feedback make it a more joyful tire to drive your car with. With great acceleration, the tire has quick and shorter brake time to deliver a safe and sound ride all year. 

Comparison with Michelin Pilot Sport 5

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is a new tire and a continuance of the most popular Pilot Sport 4 tires. This Michelin tire is also a max performance tire for summer tracks and has somewhat the same UTQG ratings and speed ratings. However, both of these tires have a difference in performance when it comes to dry and wet conditions rides. 

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is a tire that is great in handling response, traction, and grip; however, the comfort and durability of this tire are far superior to those of the Pirelli P Zero Nero GT. 

One of the reasons for that is that the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is a newer tire and has high silica content compared to the Pirelli tire, and also Michelin tire is more expensive. On the other hand, the Pirelli P Zero Nero GT’s handling response and road feedback are far better than the Michelin Pilot Sport 5, which is why this tire is more loved by most sportier drivers who want performance more than comfort. 

When Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Is Not Prefered

In any condition other than the summer season, this tire is not a good tire to buy. Even on summer tracks, only buy this tire if you want a high-performance ride because there are other categories of tires, like touring summer tires and UHP summer tires which will be good to drive on summer tracks and also last far longer than these max performance summer tires. 

Never buy this tire if you have to face a low-temperature ride, especially below 40 Fahrenheit. The tire won’t be able to control the temperature and will wear off far earlier than estimated. Similarly, mud terrains, off-road, and winter terrain are some examples of where this tire can not be driven. The only purpose of this tire is to deliver sportier rides to sports car drivers on dry and wet tracks. 

Final words

The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT is an excellent max-performance tire for someone looking for a sportier ride in dry and wet conditions. It is good to drive for 2-3 years, depending on the driving conditions and frequency; with its comfortable treadwear and low rolling resistance tread, this tire is also great for comfortable and economical rides in the summer seasons. With this tire, the road feedback and steering response improve immensely, which is the most exciting thing for sports car drivers. 

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