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Last updated on January 26th, 2024 at 06:04 pm


Vredestein Sprint Classic

Sprint Classic

Summer Tire
The Vredestein Sprint Classic is a summer tire for classic small cars to experience dry and wet road conditions comfortably. The responsive ride and confident control make it one of the top tires in this category to drive in 2024.

Quick highlights

Tire type Summer Grand Touring Tire
Price range$143-$308
Tread WarrantyNone
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeClassic sedans and passenger cars
Driving conditionsDry and Wet

The Summer Grand touring tire category is not very popular due to the all-season tires. As summer tires are not recommended for use on winter terrains, drivers go with all-season tires that can be driven on winter terrain while also achieving more miles. 

The good thing about summer tires is that they are far more responsive than all-season tires. Similarly, this Vredestein Sprint Classic achieves superb cornering and traction in dry road conditions. 

Vredestein Tire is not very popular in the US market; however, Vredestein Tire might have limited tires, but they have the top quality tires in every category that compete with brands like Michelin and Bridgestone while being less expensive tires. 

This Sprint Classic is an example of that; the tire comes at a lower price range as there is not much competition in the classic car tires category, and this tire is the best tire nowadays. 

This Vredestein tire is durable, achieves a smooth driving experience, has responsive brakes and handling, and also provides quiet and comfortable rides in dry and wet conditions. That’s why almost every other driver who drives vintage cars goes with this tire if they find the correct size. 

To understand how this tire performs in the real world, read this review till the end to learn all about this tire’s performance and compare it with other top tires. 

Tread design and improvements

Summer compound features a symmetrical pattern with continuous tread ribs for proper handling, comfort, and brakes in dry and wet conditions.

Solid ribs with closed shoulders improved cornering traction, brakes, and response on fast tracks and highways. 

Dense sipes on tread ribs and circumferential grooves improve traction in wet and dry conditions while resisting hydroplaning on deep-standing water. 

Sequenced pitch reduces noise, while even contact makes it a comfortable tire to drive in summer seasons. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingS-W(112-168)MPH
Load Index70(739 lbs) – 98(1653 lbs)
Manufactured inNetherland
Wheel diameter13-16”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Treadwear, Traction, Temperature220, A, B
Noise ReductionNo

Summer tires always have low treadwear ratings because of their slick design, which improves response and control in dry conditions. On average, summer touring tires cover around 30-40K miles, and this tire can easily achieve that many miles in warm weather. 

With that, the speed rating and load index of this tire are great as well. The tire has a high-speed rating which is required on summer tracks and fast roads. The low load index makes it a lighter tire that accelerates quickly and stops faster as well. 

Performance of Vredestein Sprint Classic

Wet and Rain Experience

This tire might be an old tire for classic cars, but it performs like any modern summer tire in wet conditions. 

Due to the dense sipes on the tread and shoulder blocks, the tire handles water properly, and the confident traction and grip on the water make it a safe tire to drive in rainy situations.

With that, the hydroplaning resistance is also achievable due to the circumferential grooves; the water channels through the tread properly without losing response and control over steering. 

At a fast pace, this tire might lose grip on deep-standing water, so make sure to drive at a normal pace when the conditions are not favorable. 

Overall, it is a great and safe tire to drive in wet conditions while providing comfortable and quiet rides. 

Dry Conditions 

This summer tire is perfect for dry road rides, whether on highways, city roads, or construction sites. This tire delivers in any dry road situation. 

On fast highway roads, Sprint Classic delivers very responsive rides with a comfortable and quiet experience. Along with that, the balance and stable rides on the highway make it a proper summer tire for dry road conditions. 

On city streets, the response and comfortable rides make it a worthy tire to spend that much money on. With proper grip and traction, you can take your classic car to the peak of its height. 

On unbalanced and damaged roads, this tire also achieves stable rides without distorting the comfortable experience. 

Overall, it is a great summer tire to drive in wet and dry road conditions while achieving smooth and comfortable rides, with a safe and sound experience.  

Handling Response and Brakes

Summer tires require to have more responsive and controlled handling than all-season tires, which is something that makes summer tires more enjoyable to drive. 

Similarly, this Vredestein tire has responsive handling and a stable and controlled drive, which enable drivers to achieve more spirited rides in dry and wet conditions. 

With responsive and hard steering, the tire also has proper brakes, which take far less time than other competitive tires to stop at a higher pace, which also makes it a safe tire to drive in the summer season.

It is a proper grand touring summer tire that delivers responsive rides, stable contact, and comfortable and quiet rides in warm and wet seasons. 

Treadwear Performance and Durability

Even though this tire has a low treadwear rating, it has durable treadwear, which can easily compete with top summer tires’ treadwear. 

This tire does not come with any treadwear warranty, which is not quite impressive; however, this tire, on average, can achieve more than 40K miles even if you drive roughly with this tire. 

The treadwear [erfromace with durability al is great. With proper care and rotation, this tire can easily go above 50K miles, which is more than enough for any summer tires. 

If you are looking for performance, durability, and the quietest rides, then this tire will be the perfect choice for you this summer due to its high-quality performance. 

Comparison with Michelin XPS Rib

Dry Conditions Michelin XPS ribs
Steering Response & Feedback 0.00%
Cornering Stability on Curves 2.25%
Dry Traction & Grip 6.67%
Results 8.91%
Wet Conditions
Hydroplaning Resistance 0.00%
Wet Traction & Grip -2.38%
Results -2.38%
Ride Quality
Cabin Comfort -8.79%
Road Noise 2.22%
Results -6.57%
195/55R16 (87V)
Price N/A

The results are based on test results and subjective views, which could differ based on different cars, conditions, and drivers’ preferences.

Michelin XPS Rib is the top tire in the summer tires category with this Vredestein Sprint Classic tire. Both of these tires are a little better in one of the metrics. 

As you can see in the test results, the Michelin tire is better in dry road conditions when it comes to proper traction and response; however, the Vredestein tire has better performance when it comes to comfortable and quality rides. 

As both of these tires are not available in similar sizes, that’s why the price comparison was not possible, however, if any time soon there will be the same size available for both these tires, the Michelin tire will be more expensive. 

Final words

The Vredestein Sprint Classic is an excellent tire to achieve stable and comfortable rides in summer dry and wet conditions. The tire has durable treadwear that makes it move for many years while delivering responsive and safe rides all year round. The lack of availability in modern car tire sizes makes it a niche tire for vintage and classic cars to achieve proper rides in 2024.

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