Michelin X-ice Xi3 Review: How Is It In 2024

Last updated on March 18th, 2024 at 09:34 pm


michelin x-ice xi3

X-Ice XI3

Winter Tire
Don’t just cross the snow with panic; enjoy your ride in winter with this Michelin X-ice Xi3 tire. It is everything you need to get a comfortable drive with improved traction, grip, and handling even in the harshest snow conditions. Along with performance, X-ice Xi3 also improves fuel economy with durable tread life.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Snow Traction & Grip
Ride noise
Steering & Cornering

Michelin X-ice Xi3 quick highlights

Tire type Touring Tire
Price range$86-$248
Run-flat Yes
Ply rating 4 ply rated
Vehicles typeCoupes, Sedans, Crossovers
Terrain support Snow, Wet, and Dry

Michelin is one of the top snow tire manufacturers in the world; over time, they have launched 3 tires under X-ice for different vehicle types. X-ice Xi3 is a passenger car touring tire for small crossovers, sedans, and coupes. It is the pioneer tire of the X series and one of the most popular among other tires they manufacture. Michelin X-ice Xi3 is an excellent tire for harsh winter conditions; it will provide smooth handling, traction, grip, and brakes in snow, wet, and dry conditions.

The durable and strong sidewalls keep the tire exactly the same as new for more than 40000 miles. it is recommended not to drive this tire above the temperature of 45F/7C to get a longer and better tread life. 


  • Excellent winter touring tire for passenger cars
  • Improved tread pattern with micro-pumps for traction and grip
  • 3PMSF certificate for harshest winter driving
  • 40000 miles tread warranty for the quiet, comfortable, and durable drive
  • Low rolling resistance for less fuel consumption and emission of CO2 gases
  • A run-flat tire with a directional tread pattern for hydroplaning resistance


  • Little expensive tires
  • Not good for summer or mud terrains
  • Not the best cornering and steering in wet and dry conditions

Michelin X-ice Xi3 Features

Not all snow tires have distinctive features that provide the best snow traction while being driveable in dry and wet conditions. This Michelin X-ice Xi3 is the top performer in winter’s harshest conditions while providing better fuel consumption and a quiet and comfortable drive. All the features related to the rating, including indexing, warranty, and specification, will be discussed below in the article. So, stick till the end to learn all about Michelin X-ice Xi3. 

Basic characteristics of Michelin X-ice Xi3

The reason for being so pricey is that it gives more satisfaction to buyers than any other tire cannot give. Not only is this Michelin tire great for winter performance, but it is also one of the most durable tires in this category; with strong sidewalls, it can defend against heavy storms without any problems.

With run-flat technology, there is no stopping even if the tire has a puncture or bad valve. Also, run-flat tires provide relief from the unpredictable burst of a tire. It is also a great performer in the rain and wet conditions; due to the micro pumps, it provides hydroplaning resistance that is important for wet-condition rides. With all these features combined, it is a proper winter touring tire for all-year performance.     

Tread pattern and design

The tread pattern is also important to notice in winter tires because the deeper the grooves, the better the tires will perform in harsh winter conditions. The Michelin X-ice Xi3 has an excellent and advanced tread design to tackle the most difficult situations of winter terrains. A directional tread block with cross Z sipes on the shoulder provides excellent traction and grip in winter and wet conditions. 

It is required to clean the tread pattern from snow to keep providing traction for the complete ride. The micropumps qualify to deal with that situation while providing extra biting edges for a better snow drive. 

Assurance and warranty

Most winter tires do not provide any warranty due to the harsh conditions of winter terrain, things could get messy sometimes without any warning. However, due to advanced technology and years of research, the Michelin X-ice Xi3 comforts its buyers with 40,000 treads and 6 years of replacement warranty. It means that you will have these tires for more than 6 years which is far more than any cheap winter tire could offer. The best way to improve its tread life and durable performance by avoid driving this tire in the summer season due to the less cooling function, it might blow out if the weather is too hot. 

Michelin X-ice Xi3 Specification

The tread rating and other ratings related to speed and load play an important role when deciding if that tire will certainly fulfill your driving demands. This Michelin tire is A and B rated in treadwear and temperature along with H rated in speed which means that it can reach a maximum speed of 130Mph/210Kph with a 4-ply rating to handle harsh conditions. it will also be great with weight even on high-speed terrains. All of these ratings are graded after the tests set up by the government to rank the tires in different positions. 

Michelin X-ice Xi3 Performance

Each tire is different and performs differently in every other situation, one tire can not be perfect in every condition. This Michelin X-ice Xi3 provides excellent performance in winter conditions with thousands of biting edges and cross Z sipes that clean up tire treads while also providing brilliant traction and grip in harsh snow terrains. 

When it comes to wet and rain rides it is likewise phenomenal in the water, with the micro-pumps and deep grooves, it provides hydroplaning resistance with impressive handling and brakes along with traction and grip in these wet conditions. 

It may not be the best performer in dry conditions but you can get all the essential performance that any dry conditions require. also, It provides moderate traction and grip in dry conditions while lacking a little in cornering and handling in hot highway conditions. It is better not to drive this tire above the temperature of 45F/7C for longer winter performance. 

When Michelin X-ice Xi3 Is Not Good

It is important to know when to avoid these tires; as we mentioned above, not every tire can outperform in all driving conditions. So, if you drive only on dry roads or highways, there are many other touring all-season tires that you can get in less than this price range with more warranty and longer performance.  

Similarly, it won’t perform better in mud terrain or off-road driving; off-road driving requires deeper grooves with the strongest built to tackle the harshness of the unbalanced terrain. So, if you have a habit of hitting off-roads, we recommend not going with these Michelin X-ice Xi3 tires. Although it is best to buy for winter or wet driving conditions, it lacks performance in some other terrain and seasons. 

Final words

 Michelin X-ice Xi3 is by far the best winter tire for passenger car drivers demanding better performance than their old winter tires. Thanks to advanced technology and improvised tread patterns, it can handle any winter condition without damaging treadwear and continue to provide excellence for longer. 

These are some of the important information you may require before making any decision regarding its purchase. If you want to learn anything about this tire you can always ask us in the comment section, or if you are using this tire then also share your experience, it will be helpful for other buyers.

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