Blackhawk Tire Review In 2023

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blackhawk tires

Blackhawk Tires, previously known as a black lion, Sailun Tire group is the parent company and manufacturer of Blackhawk tires. It is one of America’s best Chinese tire brands with worldwide tire selling facilities. Black hawk is famously known for manufacturing passenger car tires and commercial vehicle tires with their wheels. Since the name change, Blackhawk has introduced more advanced quality tires from their previous tires and started their operation in the most competitive market of the USA. Most Chinese brands have a bad reputation in the US market due to their cheap quality and bad treadwear. However, Blackhawk has maintained a good relationship with its customers by providing the finest quality tires. 

Blackhawk tires highlights

Type of Tirespassenger car/truck tires and Commercial vehicle tires
Parent brand Sailun and Jinyu group
Manufacturing and originVietnam and china 
Average warranty30000-35000 Miles
Tire categoriesAll season, All-terrain, winter
Price range$69 – $600
Ply rating2 – 16
Rebuy percentage75%

The reason why most of the mechanics and tires professionals recommend Blackhawk tires is due to their competitive performance as premium brands tires like Michelin and Bridgestone by saving you 30-40% on cash. The reason for selling tires at a very low price is that it costs them far less to manufacture tires due to their manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam. That is why Blackhawk has similar quality with a big price difference compared to other tires that manufacture their tires in costly countries. 

Pros & Cons Of Blackhawk Tires 

Blackhawk Tires Quality

Blackhawk, as mentioned above, has great quality in tires when it comes to different conditions, comfort, and durability. Back when they were BLACKLION, Blackhawk delivered advanced quality tires due to the highly qualified engineers and workers in Vietnam. With commercial vehicle tires, there are sometimes no warranty or very low warranty promised by the manufacturer. However, passenger car Blackhawk tires have an average of about 35-40 thousand miles treadwear warranty which is very promising considering the price of these tires. Blackhawk has high-quality treadwear with unique design and features for an all-season comfortable and smooth ride at dry and wet conditions. Along with that, they put stronger sidewalls in all-terrain tires to handle the harsh conditions of off-road conditions. 

Blackhawk Tires Pricing 

Most of the Chinese brands are known to have a lower price than expensive french and American tires. Because Chinese brands primarily built their manufacturing plant at cheap and industrialists countries like China and African countries for lower labor costs and utilities. Most of the materials that Blackhawk put in their tires are made in China. Due to the technological advancement of China, the material and spare parts of tires are cheaper than that are available in the united states. These are some of the factors that lower the manufacturing cost of Blackhawk and blacklion tires that help them compete in the American tire industry with a competitive advantage of a lower price than other tires. 

Blackhawk Tires Competitors

Giti tires, Trazano tires, and goodride tires are some of the closest competitors of Blackhawk tires. All of these tires are Chinese tire manufacturing with an outstanding market share in the US market. Although these brands have larger operations and manufacturing plants than black hawk tires, still Blackhawk tires are giving a tough time to them when it comes to customer leads and satisfaction. There are many other Chinese brands that are performing very well and ready to take a market share in the united states market; that is why Blackhawk tires are developing and improving their tire and its quality for the long run hold of the market.

Costumer’s Reviews About BlackHawk Tires

Around the world, customers have appreciated the performance and quality of Blackhawk tires. On average, 75% of their customers voted to buy Blackhawk tires if they have to buy a new tire in the future. Due to their high-quality tires, the customer gets more than what they expected from these tires at very affordable rates. Here are some of the reviews that we have collected from Blackhawk tires customers:

Best BlackHawk Tires 

Street H-HH01

Hiscend H-HT01

Cilero BH15

Blackhawk Street-H HH01 Touring Tire

smooth ride

excellent traction

Durable tire

Blackhawk Hiscend-H HT01 Highway Tire

longer treadlife

confident traction

driving comfort

Blacklion Cilerro BH15 Touring Tire

All season tire

enhanced control

comfortable ride

These are some of the top tires that Blackhawk has launched in the market due to their unique treadwear and quality ride; these tires have made quite a name in the market if you are going to buy tires for your passenger cars. If you have any plans to buy Blackhawk tires in the near future, then we would recommend buying tires out of these, all three of these tires have proven their quality, and if they match your wheel size, then it will be a good choice for your car. 

Blackhawk Underperforming Tires


Voracio A/T BA80


Blackhawk BDR28SP  (16 Ply) Highway Tire

sidewall protection

on/off road grip

V. expensive tire

Blacklion Voracio H/T Highway Tires

All-terrain tire

10 ply rated

noisy tire

Blacklion BLR01 Tires

Heavy tire

16 ply rated

Expensive tire

Check Price

The reason for their underperforming result is not because of their quality and performance but due to their prices, specifications, and features. If you have planned to buy these tires, then you can go with these tires too; there is nothing wrong with these tires just because they have higher prices and fewer tire sizes, they did not sell as much as other tires of this Brand do. Otherwise, all of these tires have good ratings and positive customer reviews. 

Frequently Asked Question About Blackhawk Tires

How good is the treadwear of this brand?

Most Blackhawk tires are ranked and rated significantly higher on the treadwear index. Also, their tires receive good words from their customers about their treadwear and durability. That is why this brand is so popular among people because of its excellent performance and durability at affordable rates. 

How comfortable and quiet are these tires?

When it comes to comfort, Blackhawk tires are not the most comfortable, but it is not anywhere near the bad. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride if you want a moderate driving experience. However, Blackhawk tires are not as comfortable as Michelin and Pirelli tires. if you take every short detail into consideration only then you may recognize the difference; otherwise, it will be hard for you to differentiate between these tires. 

Why are these tires cheap?

As it is mentioned in the review, Blackhawk manufactures their tires in Vietnam and China, and these are relative to the USA, less expensive countries. Also, the parts and materials are also cheaply available in china which other brands would buy for lots of money. One other reason for their low-cost manufacturing is that china has lower taxes and duties as compared to American countries. 

What is their competitive strategy?

The main focus of Blackhawk tires is to provide safe and quality tire at very affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy the ride they deserve. Also, they try to maintain a close relationship with their customers and deal with their problems as efficiently as they can. 

Do we recommend buying these tires?

If you are looking for a tire that delivers a quality ride at affordable rates and at least lasts for more than 2-3 years, then we will absolutely recommend you to try Blackhawk tires. You will get everything that you desire with these tires. However, if you want a premium quality tire for your luxury car that at least lasts for five years, then Blackhawk will not be the best option according to your requirement. 

Final words

Blackhawk tires are noticeably one of the finest Chinese brands that are operating in the united states. Due to their tire’s performance, quality, comfort, and long tread life, they have been able to attract buyers who are looking for the best tires at a very affordable price. And by serving their customers well, more and more people are recommending Blackhawk tires in the market. 

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