Michelin Latitude Tour HP Review In 2024| Performance After 10K Miles

Last updated on March 18th, 2024 at 09:29 pm


Michelin latitude tour hp

Latitude Tour HP

High-performance tire
The high-performance all-season tire for SUVs and crossovers, this Michelin Latitude Tour HP is one of the best tires for sports utility cars for superb traction and grip on wet, dry, and even on snow terrains with smooth handling and comfortable ride on the speed of highways.

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Ride Comfort
Road Noise
Steering & Cornering

Michelin latitude tour HP quick highlights

Tire category Performance tire
Price range $157-$334
Product of United States
Ply rating  4 ply
Run-flat tireNo
Terrain supportWet, dry, snow, and highways

Michelin is a brand that keeps on improving and growing with time. All of their advanced technologies and professionalism in manufacturing tires delegate customers, and with their customer service, they keep the bond of trust and reliability with their buyers. Michelin latitude tour HP lands on all the words it said about its performance; it provides great traction, grip, handling, brakes, and comfortable rides in all-season conditions. No questions regarding its durability and long-term performance, Michelin provides 55000 miles of treadwear warranty along with five years replacement warranty. Previous buyers still prefer Michelin Latitude Tour HP many years after its launch over new tires due to its performance and reliability in the all-season drives. 


  • High-performance and quiet tires for premium vehicles
  • Smooth handling and comfortable drive in all-season conditions
  • Excellent traction and grips on dry and wet roads with hydroplaning resistance
  • 55000 miles tread and 5-year replacement warranty
  • Improves fuel mileage by reducing rolling resistance


  • Expensive tires for this category
  • Early wear-off complaints
  • 55000 miles warranty is less at this price

Michelin latitude tour hp Features

When it comes to premium tires, Michelin offers the best performance and touring tires for luxury cars. The Michelin Latitude Tour HP is great, with performance and comfort to satisfy the drivers of sports SUVs and crossovers. Its comfort and performance are unmatched compared to cheap Chinese brand tires that may cost less but are worthless in the long run.

Basic characteristics of Michelin latitude tour hp

Many other premium brands may provide similar performance and comfort as Michelin, but they could never beat the value it delivers. Michelin Latitude Tour HP is not just a replacement tire, but it comes with brand new cars like Nissan, Porsche, and BMW. The only complaint it stands for is about its early wearing off of treads. Besides that, it has been appreciated for its hydroplaning resistance, excellent grip in wet terrains, smooth handling, traction, and comfortable ride on dry and highway terrains.

It may not be a run-flat tire, but because of Michelin technology, tires can still work for a few miles. Also, the tire improves the car’s fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance through its tread design and compounds. 

Tread pattern and design

The tread design and patterns describe tire performance and durability, and also this is the area where brands put most of their time into researching methods to make it advanced and better than their previous models. Similarly, Michelin latitude tour HP has improved a lot compared to its previous model. The introduction of 2D active sipes improves tire performance in wet and dry terrains by providing better traction and handling and also by improving the fuel economy of the car. Also, the fitment of polyester and nylon aramid filaments inside the tire makes it more durable and improves handling on highway rides. 

Assurance and warranty

Michelin Latitude Tour HP comes with a 30000-55000 miles treadwear warranty dependent on the size. However, there are complaints from some customers that it wears off after 30000 miles. It could happen due to their driving style because there are also appreciations from many buyers that it lasts far longer than the given warranty; even some users drove it for more than 80000 miles then replaced it. If you are still uncertain about its durability, Michelin also provides a five-year replacement warranty if the tire blew out or got some other damage.    

Michelin latitude tour hp Specification

Before hitting the market, every tire went through some quality and performance test generated by vehicle and road departments; based on that, tires issued index numbers and ratings. Michelin latitude tour HP is four-ply rated with an SL-XL load range and H-W speed range based on the tire size. It is graded A in temperature and traction, which is best for all-season performance tires. This model of latitude tour is not a run-flat, but you can go with the zero pressure model, which is a run-flat model and a little more expensive. 

Michelin latitude tour hp Performance

Many brands guarantee that their all-season tires will drive smoothly in any condition. But when you use those tires, they won’t even be driveable in wet and snow conditions, and all the money goes to waste. 

The Michelin latitude tour HP is best for its performance and is also appreciated by users worldwide. It provides great traction and grip in the dry season along with great stability, handling, and brakes. The tire could also outperform some of the top summer tires in the dry season performance.  

It is also great on wet roads; the 2D active sipes provide hydroplaning resistance on wet roads along with grip and controlled handling. It can also give a comfortable and noiseless drive at maximum speed in light snow and highways. The tire is a beast of its category, though the price is high, it will save a lot on gas due to its improved fuel economy technology.  

Why Michelin latitude tour hp Is Not For You

No matter how good any tire would be, it just can not fulfill the needs of every other buyer. Similarly, Michelin latitude Tour HP is perfect for all-season drivers, but no one would recommend these tires if you are an off-road driver. There are many options for off-road driving to choose from all-terrain or terrain-specific categories because these tires are built to serve the needs of terrain-specific drivers. So, avoiding this tire and going with all-terrain tires is better.  

Also, if you like long-lasting performance and drive only in one specific season, you should buy season-specific tires, such as summer or winter tires. Otherwise, this tire can not provide the performance that those tires will provide if running on their specific terrains. 

Michelin Latitude Tour HP is the perfect tire for all-season drivers who want one solution tire for all-season driving worries. That is where you have to think about your priorities: you want an average-high performance all season or the best performance in one specific season. 

Final words

It is a no-brainer that we would not recommend these tires to anyone looking for all-season tires, but you can decide for yourself after reading this article whether you want this tire or not. 

We conclude this article on the note that the article you read was based on unbiased opinions, research, and following some test results. So if you like this article, then comment below, and also, if you are a user of these tires, then share your experience with us; that will be beneficial for new tire buyers. 

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