Michelin Primacy 4 Plus Review In 2023

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 02:14 pm


Michelin Primacy 4 plus

Primacy 4 Plus

Grand Touring Summer Tire
For the drivers of Coupes, Sedan, Or SUVs who want performance with comfort on summer tracks. The Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is a grand touring summer tire for durable performance in the summer season with a quiet and smooth ride all year long

Dry Traction & Grip
Wet Traction & Grip
Ride Comfort
Road Noise
Steering & Handling

Quick highlights

Tire type Grand touring tire
Price rangeN/A
Run-flat No
Vehicles typeSedans,Coupes, & SUVs
Driving conditionsDry And Wet

The Michelin’s Primacy series is very successful to this day in 2023 in grand touring tires. The reason behind that is that their tires not only perform well in all seasons and summer terrains but, they have the finest treadwear that lasts more than other competitive tires in the market. That is the reason why most car manufacturers use Michelin Primacy 4 Plus tires as OE tires with their new vehicles. 

This Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is an excellent tire for someone who is looking for durable summer tires. As most of the summer track tires have problems that they wear off early, although their performance is out of this world, still they don’t last for as many miles as all-season or all-terrain tires do. Bringing the change in the summer tire category, this Michelin’s summer tire will last longer while providing a smooth and confident ride on faster tracks. 

Not only it is a comfortable and durable tire, but it is also a good performer on dry tracks, it delivers confident traction and grip while driving fast, with quick acceleration and brakes, and this tire is good for any race tracks as well. Along with that, to enjoy the fullest on summer terrains, it delivers confident handling and cornering so you can drive safely while breaking all the records on the track. 


  • Delivers the most comfortable and quietest ride on fast and normal summer roads
  • Responsive handling with quick brakes for controlled summer track drive
  • Excellent traction and grip on wet and dry tracks
  • Hydroplaning resistant due to the circumferential grooves
  • One of the most durable summer tires with 35k miles treadwear warranty


  • Not a good steering response as other premium summer tires
  • Not so resistant to sharp materials

Tread design and improvements

Compared to its previous models there are no such changes in its tread design and internal compounds, however, the performance has increased a lot due to the utilization of more advanced technology in designing sipes and grooves. The shoulder and center sipes are designed in a way to deliver smooth and confident traction and grip on dry terrains. With circumferential and lateral grooves, hydroplaning resistance is possible with proper handling, brakes, and grip on wet and slippery roads. 

The durability and comfort level has also improved due to the directional tread pattern that contacts the ground evenly so that you can enjoy the quiet and comfortable ride for longer summer track rides. 

Durability and road life

This Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is one of the most durable tires in the passenger car grand touring summer tires category. The purpose of designing this tire was to be more durable rather than competing with other summer tires on track cornering and handling performance on fast tracks. And in our opinion, this tire has done a great job, and most drivers are very satisfied with its long-lasting tread and track performance as well. 

Specifications & Features

Speed ratingT-Y(118-186)mph
Load index81(1019 lbs) – 112(2469 lbs)
Origin ofChina
Wheel diameter16-20”
Ply rating4 ply rated
Noise ReductionYes

Performance of Michelin Primacy 4 Plus

Dry Conditions

The Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is an excellent tire for dry traction and grip. It delivers a confident grip on fast tracks, without losing the grip on steering. Along with that, the traction on hot summer terrains is also great, due to the sipes on the tread, the tire lock with the ground to not break any balance on the track. 

Wet Conditions

When it comes to wet, this tire is not as good as it is in dry conditions. The hydroplaning resistance is fine, and sometimes tires lose grip when going too fast. Also, the traction is minimal on wet and slippery surfaces, losing grip and traction also makes it a less comfortable tire on wet tracks. 

Winter/Snow Conditions

As it is a summer touring tire, it is not recommended to drive below 0-degree Celsius,  however in case of an emergency, if you drive this tire for too long on snow terrains, the tire may wear off early and unevenly, and the performance won’t be any good. That is why always keep extra pair of winter tires in your car to avoid any misfortune. 

Handling and acceleration

As it is a summer tire, it must have great acceleration. And this tire has excellent acceleration on dry and wet roads. The tire also grips well at the start of the push so the car won’t get unbalanced. With that, the handling response compared to other summer tires is not so good, still, it is enjoyable to ride your car with this tire at a fast and normal speed. 

Cornering and brakes

It also rated good on cornering and brakes. With fast speed, the tire must have excellent brakes to gain a safe and secure ride, and with its confident gripping, cornering, and brakes, it assures you that you can drive your car safely with this tire. Even at a fast speed, you don’t need to be afraid of losing grip or brakes. 

Comparison with Michelin pilot sport 5

Although both of these tires are from the same brand, however, Both are different in their cases. The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is a performance summer tire that is more focused on sporty summer track ride, which is why you will get better sportier handling, aggressive cornering, proper brakes, and acceleration, all of these things are better in Michelin Pilot Sport 5 compared to Michelin Primacy 4 Plus. 

On the other hand, Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is a grand touring summer tire, that is more focused on comfort and durability. That is why with this tire, you will get a more comfortable and quiet ride with durable treadwear and low rolling resistance tires. So whichever type of ride you prefer the most, choose the tire based on its features. 

When Michelin Primacy 4 Plus Is No Prefered

As the season of this tire is summer, most of the seasonal tires have weaker treadwear compared to all-season and all-terrain tires. That is why driving this tire instead of its preferred season, the tread will wear off far earlier than its small treadwear warranty. As we discussed above, driving it on snow is not recommended at all, unless there is an emergency. 

Similarly, driving this tire on mud terrains, or off-road tracks, is also not suitable for this tire. Off-road tracks required a robust tire with a strong sidewall and strong tread compound, if you take this Michelin Primacy 4 Plus on off-terrains, the tire could get damaged from sharp rocks or bumps, which will not be a good thing for you. 

Final words

The Michelin Primacy 4 Plus is an excellent summer grand touring tire for the drivers of sporty or luxurious cars. This tire is an improved version of its previous tire which has also been great for many years. The tire is excellent to drive on dry tracks with proper cornering, traction, and grip, however, the performance on wet tracks is not that good. With its durable tread and comfortable ride, this tire will be an excellent investment for the coming 4-5 years. 

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