3 Different Tire Categories: Which One Should You Pick

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:48 am

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There are three main tire categories in the tire industry: touring, performance, and winter tires. Each of them offers a different value with a price difference and a performance variance. It depends on the buyers which type of performance they desire from their tires, and depending on that, we recommend to them which tire categories they should look into for new tires.  

Touring tire categories

There is a reason why some cars come with a touring tire, and others come with performance tires. However there is not as big of a difference if you want a comfortable and smooth ride and if you are a normal driver. But if you have the knowledge and some information about tires’ performance and movement, you can easily differentiate between these tires’ performances. 

Touring tires are usually preferred by everyday drivers who want a comfortable ride and smooth handling on highways and city roads. The good thing about touring tires is that; they are more durable than performance tires and deliver better fuel economy and a quiet ride. 

Difference between grand and standard touring tires

There is further categorization in the touring tire category, which is grand touring and standard touring tires. Standard touring tires are normal touring tires that are mainly used for comfortable and smooth rides on highways and city roads with more durable treadwear. The grand touring tires are not any different in quality and features. However, grand touring tires are far more comfortable than standard touring tires, with lower treadwear durability.

Grand Touring tires deliver better handling, speed, and comfortability than standard touring tires; other than that, there is no other difference between both tires. With quite better performance, grand touring tires also cost more than ordinary ones. So if you are not that crazy about comfortable and quiet rides and want to save money, standard touring tires will also be enough to give you a comfortable ride.  

Performance tire categories

Not every driver wants the most comfortable drive; some prefer the speed and better cornering and traction. That is where performance tires play their part. Although it is not mainly the only purpose of performance tires, they also give a comfortable and smooth all-year-round performance but it rated lower on comfortability and more on cornering and speed than touring tires. 

Performance tires are preferred by speed enthusiasts and sports cars or luxury car drivers to achieve the maximum performance and speed of their cars. However, performance tires are sometimes pricier than touring tires due to their thick sidewalls and tread depths. 

Extreme performance And Max performance tires 

So the difference between extreme and max performance tires is that one is more toward everyday street driving, and max performance tires are focused on more speed racing track driving. While they both are usable on streets and tracks simultaneously people prefer extreme performance tires for everyday city rides and max performance tires for sporty track drives. 

Extreme performance tires give you the best traction and grip on city roads with great cornering and brakes. On the other hand, max-performance tires might lack traction and grip, but the high-speed cornering and brakes are phenomenal. It is up to you to decide which feature and quality ride you desire most. 

Ultra high-performance And High-performance tires

The previous two tires were summer tires, and similar to them, these two tires are used competitively on all-season roads. One is better at something, and the other is better at another. With that being said, ultra-high performance tires give better street rides with better traction and grip, along with better winter and wet drive. 

On the other hand, high-performance tires are better at cornering, handling, and braking in all-season track conditions. Similar to summer tires, both of these tires are good at tracks and streets, but one performs better at one terrain and the other at another terrain. So we leave it up to you to decide whichever feature and what type of drive you desire from your car. 

Winter tire categories

As performance and touring tires are not available for the extreme winter season, that is why winter tires have their specific category. The tires under this category are only driven in winter and snow conditions and are not preferred to drive in summer and hot conditions. 

Winter tires are perfect for snow and ice traction and grip because all-season and touring tires are not as good in harsh winter conditions. That is why people use winter tires in severe snow and ice conditions to get the best winter performance. 

Studded winter And Studless winter tires

The difference between studded and studless winter tires is that studded tires have hundreds of small metallic studs installed on them that deliver better snow and ice performance. Also, studded winter tires improve the car’s overall traction, grip, and braking capabilities on harsh snow and ice-covered roads. 

On the other hand, studless tires are similar to ordinary tires. But they have deeper tread depth and stronger sidewalls to deal with severe snow conditions of the snow. The things that are not so likable about winter tires are that, they do not perform in dry and hot conditions, and also, winter tires have no treadwear warranty. 


These are some of the tire categories that people have to decide between when buying new tires. Nobody can tell you which category to go after until and unless they have an idea about your preference and the value that you desire. That is why it is up to you to decide which tire categories will give you the most satisfaction. That is it from our side; if you have any quarry regarding this topic, you can leave them in the comment section below. 

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