Best Tires For Tesla Model 3 In 2024| All season, Summer, Winter Tires

Last updated on April 4th, 2024 at 11:57 am

tires for tesla model 3

To find the best tires for your Tesla Model 3, you must know the category of tires that you want for your car. The most common and most useful categories of tires that work with the Tesla Model 3 are performance tires, touring tires, and summer and winter tires. 

We separate each category of tires so that you can easily choose tires according to your desire. So, let’s dive into the best tire for the Tesla Model 3 list without wasting any time.  

Performance Tires For Tesla Model 3


Ultra high-performance all-season


If you have been driving model 3 on standard tires, which were Michelin’s primacy MXM4, then you have an idea that those were not as great performing tires as other Michelin tires. This Michelin PILOT SPORT ALL-SEASON 4 tire is a far better ultra-high-performance tire for an all-season drive. 

With the olive oil feature, it can handle low snow terrains without hurting its tread and build. Although it is an expensive tire, the value it provides is worth it. Also, model 3 drivers have praised this tire a lot and noted that the drive has changed a lot since they switched to this Michelin tire.


  • Ultra high-performance tire for a confident high-speed drive
  • Excellent traction, grip, and cornering in wet and dry conditions
  • Olive oil features improve its stability in cold weather
  • Hydroplaning resistance at wet roads
  • Long-performing tire with 6 years and 45000 miles tread warranty


  • Expensive tire
  • After Every 6000 miles, rotation is required for better performance.


Ultra high-performance all-season


Another ultra-high-performance tire choice for the Tesla Model 3 drivers. If you would go and ask your mechanic or tire specialist, they would recommend out of these two tires Because both of these tires work exceptionally well with Model 3, and there is not as big of a difference in features.

The good thing about Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PLUS is that its sidewall has indicators that indicate the remaining life of the tire, which is very helpful if you want to observe the performance of the tire. 

The big difference between Michelin Pilot Sports All Season 4 and Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus is that Michelin’s tire is a better-performing tire with speed cornering and traction. In contrast, Continental’s tire is better in terms of comfort and smooth handling. So you better decide for yourself which of these factors you want the most. 


  • Ultra high-performance tire for sports and luxury cars
  • Excellent traction, grip, cornering, and handling at wet and dry conditions with hydroplaning resistance
  • Smooth and comfortable in all seasons and all-weather ride
  • Alignment indicators for keeping track of a tire
  • A more durable tire with 6 years and a 50000 tread warranty


  • Less expensive than Michelin’s tires but still expensive tires
  • It is not compatible with all model 3 tire sizes, so make sure the size matches your rims

Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect

Ultra High-Performance All-Season EV Tire

Pirelli P Zero AS Plus Elect

Everyone would agree that there is a big difference in driving electric and BEVs compared to gas-consuming vehicles, so would it not be better if EVs had separate tires that are just made to fulfill the demand of EV drivers?

For that, this Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect is made up for. This tire fulfills the desire of EV drivers by delivering the quietest and most comfortable rides in all-season conditions. The performance on fast tracks, and city streets is nothing less than any other high-performance tire delivers. However, this tire’s comfort and quiet ride make it a superior option for the Tesla Model 3.


  • Quietest tire for achieving smooth and comfortable rides
  • Proper traction and grip in wet and dry road conditions
  • Fast speed cornering control and balance rides on highways
  • 50K miles treadwear warranty for durable rides all year round
  • Hydroplaning resistance and smooth, light snow rides.


  • New tires, so the prices are much higher
  • Not so great in extreme wintery conditions


Max Performance summer 

pirelli p zero nero GT

If you only drive in summer conditions or your town’s temperature does not go below 40F/7C degrees, then you can always enjoy the ride of max performance summer tires. The Pirelli P ZERO NERO GT will improve your Tesla Model 3 performance by providing extra confident cornering and smooth handling in wet and dry conditions. 

The good thing with the Pirelli P ZERO NERO GT is that you can drive with them on tracks and high-speed terrains, and due to its fast brakes and acceleration, you will enjoy every moment of your high-speed summer drive. That is why it is the best option for tracks and terrains hybrid drive. 


  • Max performance tire for a high-performance summer ride
  • Smooth handling and confident handling due to the contact patch
  • Excellent traction and grip in all-season, hydroplaning resistance on wet roads
  • Wide rib tread design for increasing the rigidity of the tread


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Not driveable below 45F/7C

Firestone FIREHAWK INDY 500 

Ultra-high performance summer

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Every driver has an enthusiast and race car driver inside them and looking to come anytime. So, if you want to fulfill your track, fast-speed ride desires, then you should look at this Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tire. The primary purpose of ultra-high-performance summer tires is to give high-speed cornering and grip at racing and high-speed tracks. 

Similar to max performance summer tires, it can not be driveable below 45F/7C due to its tread build and tire design. If that is not the problem in your case, then you can have these tires installed in your Tesla Model 3 to achieve high performance for your car. 


  • Ultra high-performance summer tires for maximum track and street speed ride
  • Confident cornering and wet grip even at high-speed drive
  • Fast brakes and acceleration control for a proper track ride
  • Perfect tire for both street and track confident ride


  • Expensive tires
  • Not driveable in cold conditions

Grand touring all-season tires for Tesla Model 3


Michelin Cross Climate 2

The big difference between performance and touring tires is that touring tires are more comfortable and widely used as all-year-round tires; on the other hand, performance tires are better in cornering and traction with louder noise and low tread life.

The Michelin CrossClimate 2 is a one-time solution for your all-season drive requirement. It is one of the best all-season touring tires of 2024; since its launch, the tire has gathered the attention of new buyers with every feature and modern technology that drivers desire. 

The positive user reviews have also improved the credibility of this tire, with appreciation regarding its performance in all-season conditions. So, if you desire the most comfortable ride of your Tesla Model 3 car, then give this Michelin tire a try; we promise that you won’t regret your decision after buying this tire. 


  • All-season grand touring tire for all-year-round performance
  • Excellent traction and grip in all-season conditions
  • A durable tire with 6 years and 60000 tread warranty
  • Smooth ride with 56 feet shorter brakes than other premium tires
  • 3PMSF symbol for harsh snow conditions
  • V-shaped tread design for even wear with hydroplaning resistance.


  • Expensive tire
  • Not for the off-road driving
  • B rated in traction

Vredestein QUATRAC PRO

vredestein quadrac pro

The Grand touring tire with better traction and grip in all-season conditions compared to Michelin crossclimate 2. However, you may not find it as comfortable as Michelin’s Tire for your Tesla Model 3 car. It is not like it is an uncomfortable tire at all, but nobody in the industry can reach the comfort and durability standards of Michelin’s tires. 

If you would like to save 200-250 bucks on a pair of 4 new tires, then you should go with Vredestein QUATRAC PRO tires because by spending less money, you will get better traction and grip while making a little compromise on other features that Michelin tire provide. In our opinion, it is not a bad choice at all. 


  • Grand touring tire for excellent all-season performance
  • Better traction and grip in wet, dry, and snow conditions
  • 8 years and 50000 miles tread warranty
  • Hydroplaning resistance in the rain and wet roads
  • The economic price for this category of tires


  • Not a good tire for mud driving
  • Lower treadwear rating than Michelin’s

Bridgestone Turanza EV

Bridgestone Turanza EV

Another EV-friendly tire just like Pirelli’s. This Bridgestone Turanza EV is a grand touring all-season tire made specifically for EVs and BEVs. The tire’s friendliness, quiet, and comfortable rides are exemplary to make it an excellent tire for electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3.

The tire provides reliable and smooth all-season rides on city streets, highways, and fast tracks. The bio-based materials are perfect for recycling purposes. With that, a quiet, smooth response to wet and dry road rides makes it an overall perfect tire for both performance and sustainable rides.


  • Quietest grand touring tire for real smooth and comfortable rides
  • Responsive handling, brakes, and control on highways
  • Durable tire with 50K miles treadwear warranty
  • Reliable rides in light snow conditions
  • Never hydroplane in deep-standing water.


  • Very expensive tire
  • Not so responsive on deep snow terrains

General ALTIMAX RT43

general altimax rt43

With a better treadwear rating and warranty than previous tires, this General ALTIMAX RT43 tire is a complete game-changer for budget-oriented Tesla Model 3 drivers. However, there is a difference between its number and its actual performance. Though we are not criticizing this tire, it is also an excellent tire for your Model 3 car. But it’s better to know in advance that it may not provide you as much comfort as the top two tires will provide. 

You may face early wear off than its warranty, and it starts making noise and becomes bubbly after 20k-30k miles, depending on your driving style. But it is an excellent touring tire that saves a lot of money and gives you a moderate all-season performance with a huge treadwear warranty.


  • Affordable grand touring tire for all-season performance
  • Advanced technology with strong tire design
  • 75000 miles treadwear warranty for durability
  • Indicators for a tire alignment and its health
  • Comfortable and quiet drive with smooth handling and brakes


  • Not so good with wet traction
  • Cannot stick in snow terrains

Winter tires for Tesla Model 3


Studdable winter 

general altimax arctic 12

If you live somewhere where usually the temperature is below 40F/7C degrees, then winter tires are perfect for your Tesla Model 3. The benefit of using winter tires in snow and icy conditions is that they provide durability and better traction and grip than all-season tires, and the snow does not hurt its tread and warranty.

For maximum winter performance in the harshest winter conditions, you should look up to the studdable winter tire because they improve its winter performance, and tires with studs provide better handling and a smooth ride along with confident brakes and acceleration.

General Altimax Arctic 12 is the best choice for the Tesla Model 3 winter drive because it delivers the performance that Model 3 drivers require by providing comfort and proper traction and grip in winter and in high snow conditions. With studdable tread design, you can modify its performance depending on the road and weather conditions. 


  • Studdable tire for high performance on snow
  • Excellent traction and grip in wet, dry, and snow conditions
  • 3PMSF symbol for the harshest winter snow
  • A durable and strong tire with a polyester casing


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Noisy tires, especially when studded


Studless winter

continental vikingcontact 7

Generally, studless tires are more comfortable and less noisy than studded tires. The same goes with the Continental VikingContact 7; due to its tread design and sidewall blocks, it provides better snow performance if you are looking for a comfortable and confident handling drive. But when it comes to traction and grip, the General Altimax Arctic 12 studded tire performs better in these features.

There is also a difference in dry and wet conditions; in dry and wet conditions, you may find studless tires better with traction and grip along with a comfortable ride. On the other hand, studded tires are only beneficial in harsh winter conditions. Although it provides similar performance in wet conditions, it is not as good in dry conditions as the studless Continental VikingContact 7 winter tire.


  • Studless winter tire for a quiet and comfortable snow ride
  • Excellent traction and grip in snow and avoid hydroplaning on wet roads
  • 3PMSF symbol for harsh winter conditions
  • Utilizes canola oil for flexibility and snow control


  • No treadwear warranty
  • It cannot provide as good traction as studded tires.


Performance winter


Performance winter tires are all about all-year-round performance for drivers who face all weather, from dry to extreme winter conditions. Similarly, Pirelli Winter SottoZero 3 will give you all year-round performance in any season, along with the harsh winter and snow ride. 

The benefit of buying performance winter tires instead of other winter tire variants is that you can drive them in harsh winter conditions and also enjoy the all-season smooth ride. So, if you are a driver of a Tesla Model 3 and face different weathers/seasons with extreme snow roads, then consider this Pirelli Winter SottoZero 3 for your luxurious Model 3 car. 


  • Performance winter tire for all-year-round and all-season performance
  • Better traction and grip in wet and dry conditions than other winter tires
  • Faster brakes and proper handling
  • Best choice for drivers who want to handle all seasons and harsh winter conditions with one set of tires


  • Expensive winter tires
  • No treadwear warranty

Best tires for Tesla Model 3 Buyer’s guide

Having information about tires’ specs and their features helps in making a good buying decision when buying new tires. Also, it gives you an idea about what type of performance you desire from tires and which one can provide your preferred performance. It is hard to decide out of thousands of tires which will give the performance that is best for your kind of driving style; that is why, in this section, we will try to help you understand the tire’s insight by which you can decide the best tire for yourself. 

Best category of tires for Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 has the ability to drive with any tire on; however, the best category for these types of mid-sized sedans is an all-season tire. Most of the drivers of Tesla drive their cars on city roads or highways; for that reason, all-season tires are the best option due to their ability to be moved during any season. Also, if you drive more on snow low-temperature or high-temperature zones, then you can go with either winter or summer tires. All of them will fit well with the Tesla Model 3. It’s totally up to you to decide what driving conditions you are going to face in the future. 

Things to look at when buying tires for the Tesla Model 3

Several things need to be looked at when buying new tires, including the comfortability and durability of the tire. These two things are the most important things to get a smooth and long-running drive in the future; along with that, you should know about the specifications of the tires, their weight ratings, and speed index so that if any of these things matter to you, you can get the desired tire that is good with these features. Customer reviews and ratings are also important if it has been in the market for more than one year. These things will make you a well-researched buyer, which will be helpful for you in the future. 

When to change the tires of Tesla Model 3

The OEM tires for the Tesla Model 3 are Michelin primacy MXM4, which has a lifetime of about 45000-50000 miles. So, if you have crossed that limit, then it’s good to change your tire with a new pair of tires. Sometimes bad maintenance and bad driving conditions damage the treadwear, so if your treadwear is less than 2/32, it means that your tires are not in a good condition and require quick replacement.

It is essential to do a maintenance check of tires once or twice a year because there are so many obstacles that can damage the tire without letting you know which can damage your car wheels and axle. To be protective, you should closely examine the condition of your car tires.  

The best tire for Tesla Model 3

Michelin crosslimate2 is the best tire for the Tesla Model 3 due to its advanced and unique design, which is durable and provides a comfortable ride in the long run. Not only is it good for the Tesla Model 3, but it is also one of the best tires until now in 2024 for any car that can be fitted due to its all-season adaptability with comfortability in any road conditions.  The reason for choosing this tire as the best is because it delivers a confident ride along with durable treadwear at a perfect price, which other tires are not capable of.


As the Tesla Model 3 comes in a sports and luxury vehicles category, these are the categories of tires that work with it. All of these tires we listed above are available in many different sizes, so if you have some aftermarket rim attached to your model 3, you can search for the tire size and attach it. 

That is it from our side now. If you want to share your experience with the tires listed above or some other tires, then please share it with us so that other buyers can take advantage of it and consider buying it or not. Also, share which one of these would you prefer as the best tires for the Tesla Model 3.

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