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Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 05:53 pm


michelin defender t+h

Defender T+H

best all-season tire
Michelin Defender T+H is an all-season tire with excellent grip and traction on wet and dry terrains. It provides a comfortable and smooth driving experience along with an 80000-mile treadwear warranty. The best warranty anyone offers in this category.

Quick Highlights

Tire type Touring All-Season
Hydroplaning ResistanceYes
Tire ConstructRadial
Vehicles typeMinivans, Crossovers, And Sedans

Michelin Defender T+H is the best tire in the all-season tires category. The tire is comfortable and provides a quality drive for a longer period. It is among the most durable tires in the current market. It is the best package for crossover, sedan, and minivan car drivers. 


  • An all-season radial tire with perfect control on wet/dry terrains
  • Smooth and comfortable drive in any condition
  • Perfect wet and dry traction
  • Strong sidewalls for sharp stones
  • 80000 Miles treadwear warranty
  • Fast brakes and good handling on wet roads
  • Noiseless quality drive even on max speed


  • The price is a bit expensive
  • Not a good choice for off-roaders
  • Light trucks and SUV sizes are not available.

Michelin Defender T+H is among the top-class premium tires for touring and passenger cars. It launched in 2017, and since then, it has been the most demanded tire for all-season terrains. Other competitive brands have also launched tires in this category, but none of them has gained as much appreciation as Michelin Defender T+H. 

It provides the most comfortable driving experience with the most durable lifetime experience. Being a premium tire, the price is quite expensive, but compared to the quality and safety it delivers, it is absolutely admirable. Compared to the cheap brand’s tires, it runs for twice the number of miles with a far better driving experience. 

It commonly uses original equipment (OE) tires with many known brands of passenger cars. All-year-round performance on highways with a quiet driving experience. Capable of fighting the dryness of the terrains and keeping the treadwear protected for the longest period. 

Michelin Defender T+H Design

Tire design and tread block patterns play an important role in tire performance. Different seasonal tires have different patterns and blocks. The Michelin Defender T+H is manufactured using advanced technology and professional engineering. The comfort control technology provides a comfortable and noiseless driving experience in all-season terrains. Also, with the help of wide longitudinal grooves, the tire performs superbly on wet roads by resisting hydroplaning and stops 31 feet shorter than other tires. Every single shape and design is built with the focus and thought in mind to bring safety and durability along with a comfortable ride. 

Michelin Defender T+H Tread Block 

Tread blocks are built differently for every other terrain. All-season tires are built with a combination of summer tread blocks and winter. Same with Michelin Defender T+H, tread blocks in it are not so deep nor straight, the combination of both involved. The ever-tread compounds increase stability and maintain the tire flat on uneven surfaces. Also, the Intelli sipe technology increases biting edges to give better cornering and traction on wet and dry road conditions. The sidewall compartment is strong enough to face the wilderness of tire-damaging material without harming tire tread wear, which is why it runs longer than any other premium tire in the current market.  

Michelin Defender T+H Warranty

Offering warranties is an indicator of the companies’ assurance of their product. The Michelin Defender T+H is covered by an 80000-mile treadwear warranty, which is far higher than other competing brands’ offers. Not only does the tire rarely miss the given miles most of the time, but it also lasts longer than the given period. In case of any damage, Michelin also offers a 6-year warranty after the purchase date of the tire. It is one of the most durable tires in the market for passenger cars and minivans, also with the most comfortable and quiet drive. 

Reasons To Buy 

Every driver prefers a different driving experience tires for their vehicles. Michelin Defender T+H is an all-season tire for the driver who drives on roads every day. So if you are a driver looking for a comfortable, soundless handling wet and dry traction-controlled tire, then it will be the best choice for you. Also, the tire is 20% more durable than any other competitor’s tire in the market in 2024. Although the price is high, performance-wise, no one can beat this tire’s performance and life. 

Reasons To Avoid This Tire

Just like any other tire, the Michelin Defender T+H can not be useful for every kind of driver. First of all, it is not suitable for sports car drivers because sports cars require the thickest sidewalls for better cornering and grip, and Michelin is more geared toward comfort driving.

Also, if you are an off-road driver, it won’t work for you too. Michelin Defender T+H is an all-season tire for on-road drivers with minimal off-road driving; running them off-road will damage tire treads and make its life shorter than its potential life also, the performance won’t be as good as off-terrain tires will provide. Other than that, if you want a long, comfortable drive on the roads, then it is the perfect option for you.


Michelin Defender T+H is a very well-known tire by a very well-known brand. The tire is still popular in 2024, which was launched in 2017. Also, the satisfied customer reviews and reviewer appreciation make it a reliable tire for every driver looking for all-season tires. 

We deliver the review without any biases and consider everybody to get complete knowledge about the tire before buying it. So, if you like this article, then please share your thoughts with us it will be helpful for us to grow, and it will be helpful for other readers.

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