Pirelli Scorpion MS Review | Stock Tesla Model Y Tires In 2024

The new Pirelli Scorpion MS is a touring all-season tire for crossovers and SUVs. it is an O.E. tire for most of the new electric vehicles like, the Tesla Model Y and Maserati Grecale Folgore. The tire features technology from Pirellis high performance and touring tires to create a hybrid effect of comfort and performance. 

It also features elect technology, which is Pirelli’s commitment toward sustainable manufacturing for better environmental effects. It’s manufactured with recycled and reuseable materials so it won’t end up in landfills and reduce emission releases. 

The prestigious value of this tire makes it very selective to a few vehicles, which is why it is only available in 4-rim diameters and 3 sizes, as of now, the number might increase in the future. 

On paper, the tire is great, with reliability, performance, and safety features. Now, let’s talk about how it is in different weather and winter conditions. 

Performance of Pirelli Scorpion MS

Dry Roads

The performance of Pirelli Scorpion MS is best compared to other conditions. 

  • This successor of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde grips better in dry conditions than its predecessor. The traction and control on fast corners are also exceptional. 
  • The overall comfort and control of dry road conditions are also great, and this noiseless tire improves the aesthetic and performance of EVs. 
  • Steering response compared to high performance is not great, however, it is better than any tire which is as comfortable and quiet. 

In dry conditions and summer weather, this tire is excellent. It grips, makes proper contact, uniformly wears, and reduces cabin noise for a peaceful and luxurious driving experience. 

Wet and rainy situations

The tire is designed to tackle wet conditions, there are grooves, sipes, and cutting edges all to provide proper experience in rainy situations. 

  • The deep grooves channel the water through the tire to resist hydroplaning on deep-standing water. This results in safe and reliable driving in wet conditions. 
  • Proper traction and grip are attainable through tread sipes and design, and the tire never slips or loses control even at normal to high speed. 
  • The noiseless experience and controlled response through steering make it both, a safer and peaceful tire to drive. 

Overall, in all-season conditions of dry and wet, this tire is great, in both of these conditions, the tire does not lack response, never loses grip, and delivers quiet and comfortable rides. 

Winter and snow Terrains

When it comes to winter terrains, this tire is not the best option for driving in snowy conditions. 

  • In light snow conditions, the tire is good; it grips well, stops quickly, and preserves response. The noise and comfort are also great in lighter winter weather. 
  • When it comes to deep snow, ice, or slash the tire is not the best thing. A little high on pace and it will lose traction, it might be dorky on brakes and steering response. 
  • Though it is marked MS (mud and snow) it is not really a friendly tire for off-road conditions. For normal off-road, it might be fair, however on extreme conditions, you better avoid it to attain full value out of this tire. 

As long as the winter is below 4 inches, this tire will be great, however going above that it won’t be a great tire to drive, even sometimes not a safe option as well. 

Tread and Specs

Tread design and pattern

The asymmetrical tread is designed to tackle the all-season conditions and deliver a comfortable and quiet ride all year round. 

  • The tire features a continuous center rib with cutting edges, which improves the grip and contact on the ground.
  • The intermediate ribs are also continuous and are disproportional to each other, so the tire could make contact with water while channelling water properly to avoid irresponsive handling. 
  • Multiple sipes and deep groove channels are essential in improving dry and wet traction, while also resisting hydroplaning on standing water. 

Internal structure and sustainability

The tire comes with either an elect technology or without elect technology, which is beneficial for electric car drivers but not so helpful for fuel vehicles. 

  • The tire features sustainable materials to reduce gas emissions, and the lightweight carcass also reduces the weight of the tire, resulting in low rolling resistance. 
  • The uniform contact patch resists longitudinal and lateral forces, which improves tire life. 
  • The pitch sequencing and optimized compound are present to reduce tread noise and deliver more responsive all-season rides. 
  • Seal Inside anti-puncture system keeps the tire rolling even at zero pressure. 

Treadwear durability

It is a touring all-season tire and usually new tires come in this category have a mileage of around 50-60K miles. 

  • This Pirelli Scorpion MS comes with no treadwear warranty except Chekin’s 60-day warranty. 
  • The tread life of this tire is not optimal, as it lacks strong belts and casing. As you can see in this example, although the result was due to the driver’s mistake, it is still not the most durable touring tire. 
  • The tire will in my opinion give a good driving experience for 30K miles and will be driveable till 40K miles. 

Pros and Cons of Pirelli Scorpion MS

Low rolling resistance

  • It is a low rolling resistance tire, so there is a greater chance that you will see 2-3 more miles per gallon after installing these tires.
  • This high-mileage tire saves you and the world a lot by releasing fewer emissions, which is a need at this time. 

Noise and comfort

  • The pitch sequencing and tread design really improve the comfort and stability of the ride, which also results in uniform wear and better tread life. 
  • The noiseless cabin experience relives the feel of luxurious rides with your prestigious electric vehicles. 

Environmental friendly

  • The tire is marked with elect technology, which is environmentally friendly and prioritizes eco-friendliness over cost. 
  • The sustainable recycled and reusable materials are utilized in this tire to minimize environmental effects, which is also the primary purpose of this tire. 

High prices

  • This Pirelli Scorpion MS is far more expensive than any premium brand tire. The reason is that it is a run-flat tire and eco-friendly. 
  • One set of this tire is closer to the 2 sets of Michelin Crossclimate 2 tires, so that is why people are hesitant to buy this tire. 

Low tread life

  • Compared to the premium price, the tread value is not so great. 
  • The tire will reach hardly 50K miles. If forgotten about all other features, the tread mileage of this tire is similar to a tire that costs 4 times less than this tire, 

Low snow performance

  • Another bad point of this tire is its performance in deep snow conditions. The tire loses traction and brakes control over heavy snow. 
  • The tread life is also compromised on snowy terrains; even though it is marked MS tire, it is not purely a beast on winter terrains. 

Overall, the Pirelli Scorpion MS is perfect, there are not many bad points to discuss about it except the biggest one is its pricing. It is a revolutionary tire toward sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly driving. With time, Pirelli will keep on improving and will also mange to reduce the cost of these tires as well. 

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